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Published: Tuesday, March 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good Sense

The Jazz need to resign Korver to keep that outside threat alive. Matthews just isn't the answer! Korver is a team player and knows the game inside and out. He passes to the open man instead of always looking to glorify his name like Matthews does. Korver is by far the best pure shooter the Jazz have...If Korver had plays run for him he would outscore all of them.


about all these money post on Dwill, of course he still wants to get paid, there's no reason he shouldn't get paid for the skill he brings to a team. I'm saying it's apparent that he wants to win and doesn't mind sacrificing his Bird rights to go play somewhere else that will win. Look at Lebron, he is contemplating taking a hit in money, regardless of whether its still a max contract or not, to win a championship. Cleveland can offer him the most money, the reason he is not decided on whether he'll stay or not isn't the money obviously, it's winning.

The logic on athletes and how long the play is a dumb side note, of course the average player only plays that long, dwill isn't average, hence the Max contract, so don't be ignorant there. Dwill will get paid, utah can offer the most, but he said in the interview, "THAT'S WHY I ONLY SIGNED 3 YEARS" it's strange to me how people don't understand this concept, it's my 18 year old brother gets it, post 2:16 you can too


Maybe that is why Dwill signed for three years. But by signing for three years, he maximized his pay too. If the new CBA is the same as the current one, three years from now, he can sign a new maximum contract at a higher level than he would get by signing for 5 years. The max is not a fixed number, it is higher if you have been in the league for longer. Not that I mind, we all maximize our pay, but the more of the cap that goes to him, the less there is to go to other players.

Re 8:36

Everything being said about the new CBA implies that player salaries are going to take a big hit. Why do you think all the players who are able are opting out of their contracts (with LeBron leading the class).
Player salaries will be going down, contracts will be getting shorter, and less money will be guaranteed.
DWill will probably never get paid more than the 2012-13 season.


Let him go. He's just playing good this year to get a raise.


signing Boozer guarantees the jazz go will nowhere.

Booozer has been here several years,

exactly where have jazz gone?

but OUT of playoffs in the first round.

the only time the jazz got to the conference finals was by PURE luck,

(golden state beating the mavs)

PLEASE do not resign him!

(his character alone should be enough reason)

A few moves . . .

and Utah is a contender. There is no realistic equivalent for Boozer. If he'll stay, keep him. I don't think we need Millsap if Booz signs after this season. Also, I hope we can upgrade for CJ. Shooting guard is a real inconsistency for the Jazz. We don't need a better point guard: Boozer is a very good power forward: Okur is one of the better centers: AK was playing well, he's an above average forward. If we could get a very good shooting guard and some confidence, the Jazz would have a chance against anyone. LA has faltered since the break, they are not invulnerable. Avoiding injuries and making a few changes could be all we need. The Jazz management/owners will have to make their decisions this summer: I hope they land a surprise and let a few players go. Cross your fingers and GO JAZZ!!!


We have no idea what the new CBA will look like. But the reason that the max salary will go down is because it is based on a percentage of the salary cap, and the salary cap is going down. That will affect everyone on the max. I haven't heard any suggestions that the difference in the maximum for short timers and long timers will disappear, though it could happen. DWill and Chris Paul both took a risk that the new CBA would preserve that difference. Maybe they will be wrong. Maybe that is why DWill is now trying to justify signing a contract that may actually end up paying him less. But at the time he signed it, he was seeking to maximize his income, even if in the end his gamble doesn't pay off.

Let Booze go...

we can do just as well without him by making some adjustments. Some like to watch him...I do not. He angers me when he fails to defend, allowing points to opponents to offset his own. His job is to play both sides of the court, not just one. Let him go.

SC Jazz Fan

The Jazz will go through the formality of an offer, but Boozer will not be back. The Jazz are not going to pay the luxury tax again after this year. Yes the Jazz will be a bit worse without Boozer--when you lose any player that is in the rotation you get worse. The Jazz cannot afford Boozer or Bosh. I would guess that the Jazz will try to package the NY pick, the Brewer-trade pick and their own late 1st roung pick and move up in the draft like they did in 2005 to get DWill (unless the ping pong balls are very lucky already). Sloan seems to like Korver and I would guess they will try hard to re-sign him. Perhaps add a mid-level exemption guy and that will be the summer. Fes does not seem to be the answer--Sloan has been giving him some time and all he can manage is fouls and missed free-throws. I guess if you have to fill a roster spot you can keep hoping, but he does not look promising to be an NBA rotation player.

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