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Published: Tuesday, March 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'd love to see Boozer spend the rest of his career in Utah. With Boozer, DWill, and a decent supporting cast, Jazz have a shot every year. But I can't help but think that the front office will put salary cap considerations first. Easiest way to get under the cap is to let Boozer and Korver go, leaving the Jazz with the cheaper Millsap and CJ Miles to replace them. I doubt that is a contending team.


No, no. Boozer needs to go. Let him go.


Bring him back!!!!

Jazz Cop

Boozer isn't superhuman like malone, but he's pretty good and it would be cool to see his jersey hanging in the rafters, for sure. Besides, the jazz don't have a chance with out him. I think the jazz might be able to clear some space through trades over the summer, its possible, and be able to sign boozer and stay under the cap. AK is coming into the last year of his millstone and chain contract. With ak now, Ak could be used better, he needs to touch the ball more on offense, he's a good passer and he can shoot or drive with a little space. Dwills assist numbers go down when he passes to ak, so thats probably why he freezes out ak, it's probably about 2 to 3 assists a night that ak takes away from dwill. however, dwills job is so much easier that way, and ak makes dwill more effective that way, and not like this dwill now, who's injured and always griping at the officials. still, the jazz can contend without ak, without boozer though, this team isn't contending, like anonymous said.


I'm fine with Boozer going elsewhere if that means we get an equivalent player in return.
Unfortunately, there are only two other all-star quality PF in the league who will be free agents this year: Bosh and Amare. Neither of these players will play for the Jazz, and I'd rather have Boozer over Amare any day.

Without Boozer we'd be lucky to make the playoffs. DWill and Boozer should be our foundation.

Lets hope last night starts another big win streak to get us 2nd in the west.

Be Careful-Be Careful

I prefer not to resign this primma-donna but if you do and think you have to management, make sure you sign him to a tradeable contract. Leopards don't shed their spots, and this guy has shown a side to him 2 times here and in Cleveland that repulses fans and other teams managers. A sign and trade in my mind would be best.


Boozer is an animal this zoo can't do without.

Boozer still loves this game, loves to win and is a fan favorite because when it comes to the end of a game he has ice water in his veins. Is willing to take the shot and most of the time makes them.

He also knows the Dwill makes him look good and if they can talk KOC into one more great draft pick or spending some more dollars they can attract one more really good player then the JAzz compete with the Lakers.

Millsap is no comparison to Boozer. As of late he stands around gets 6-10 points and his 6 fouls and sits down. The Jazz need the Boozer scoring rebounding machine.

Keep Boozer!

I love his strong, powerful presence in the paint (particularly on the offensive end). I'd like to see the Jazz find a long, athletic interior defender. I guess every team wants that type of guy.


Millsap is not cheap. Portland raised the ante and the Jazz met it. I agree that without Boozer, bo playoffs. Since it is free agency, not likely to get anyone half as good. He seems to have settleed down in terms of his desire to go elesewhere. Keep him.

Boozer is

as Boozer does. Give him a long term contract and he takes all but the last year off. Look at him this year. A contract year and he's on fire. He gets hurt but comes back sooner. Give him a one year deal and he'll play like a wild man. Give him a multiyear and you can forget about him showing up until the last year. Boozer is as Boozer does!!

Don't forget

Milsap was killing it in the category of double doubles while Boozer was out. Milsap is not playing well because Boozer is back and there must be some bad blood there or something. I agree with the comments made by "Boozer is". Lete him go.


Bring him back. Jazz are one player away from being the best team in the NBA...


I don't see any future prospect on the horizon---draft or otherwise---that could replace Boozer. So, I see value in an effort to keep him.

Boozer's a team player who just wants to get the best deal he can on any team that might be able to win a championship with him on it. I don't fault him for wanting out of Utah after last year.

I hope they keep Koufos in the D-League the rest of the year. This kid just needs playing time to get confidence and work on his weaknesses. He came out of college too soon. Let Fes grow each time they need a big to sub.


BOOZER is: comment is 100% correct..Boozer gets only a few blocks a year, bad at free throws & has no game down low against bigger defender & shoots 15' fade away...You don't want your PF having a game like that.He has slow foot work & Amare ate him up last game in the Valley..There is absolutely no comparison btw. Booz & Amare as an earlier blogger said Booz is better ?? Amare beats him at ALL phases of the game; EVERY single facet !!!Plus Amare has tuffness & speed which you can't teach..I can't believe KOC is serious about re-signing Boozer.Boozer HATES contact & that's a MUST in the NBA.Amare would be that tuff presence in the middle until Fes or GREG MONROE (hopefully JAZZ 1st round pick this year)develope..The Jazz should look into a sign & trade with Suns & swap P.F.'s & Utah would become that much better..Again, there is no comparison btw. Amare/Booz; Amare wins hands down at all levels of the game !!!!! Amare wants alot of money for a few years, not sure Mr. Miller wants to spend that cash in these bad economic times ???


I suppose those of you who think Amare Stoudamire would ever come to Utah also think BYU can beat Florida on Thursday - am I right? You guys and your pipe dreams.


will be in New York with his old ball coach and another All Star. No! I don't mean McGrady!

die hard

The Jazz are not in a financial position to gamble on Boozer. A big contract for him almost guarantees a no show till the last lear of the contract, And he has proven that twice. 65% of his games on the current deal should tell someone what to expect on the next contract. He is crazy if he leaves by the way since the Jazz system is built for him.
I actually think he is a pretty great scorer and rebounder but he is the guy other teams always go at when they need a basket, POOR D!

Bosh is the answer at what ever price they have to pay and he will be a ALLSTAR in Jerry's system every year. Count on it..

Boozer and Milsap

I would keep Boozer and trade Milsap if the Jazz can get a decent player in the draft. I guess the question would be if another team would be willing to pick up Milsaps contract. I like Milsap, but he is just a good journeyman type player. Compare the number of player of the week awards between the two. Boozer is an outstanding scorer and rebounder and bad defensively. Milsap is just an average scorer and defender, but is popular because of his great attitude. Boozer also seems to get along with Sloan. I also think the Jazz need to keep Boozer if they want to keep Deron Williams.

Re:Boozer is:

If everyone can look past last year, remember Boozer was an all star putting up 20 and 10. Yes, he was worthless last year but he was injured. Millsap is good but not a go to guy. The Jazz are much better with Boozer.


In my opinion, Boozer would lose the best point guard companion in the NBA...He fits well into the Jazz system and Boozer could possible be the best power forward in the NBA....Sloan loves this guy.I think it is smart for all concerned for Boozer to stay.

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