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Published: Tuesday, March 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Oh yeah...

I think people just like talking about CJ because that is such a cool name and easy to type.


For all you CJ haters. Weren't you the ones that wanted the Jazz to sign Morris Peterson a few years ago to 8 million a year? Are you going to tell me Morris is better than CJ and CJ is half the money?

Chuck Nunn

Blauch, the Thunder scored eight points in the paint during the time that Fesenko was in, and 40 when he wasn't. And he played 15 minutes. OKC's guards are very good at getting to the rim, but the rate of scoring in the paint did slow down when Fess was in. Folks expect him to go for several games without playing and then give a 20-10 on the rare instance he does get minutes. The big man battled against OKC and he did against the Wiz. they weren't his best performances of the season, but he went out and played hard. If he had been getting minutes in the rotation all along, we'd see more consistency out of him.

Same goes for CJ as to playing hard and battling. His shooting was off, but he was doing other things defensively that made a big difference. He's getting minutes, and I think that his consistency will come. We'll still need AK to start at the 3, but CJ is a good reserve who contributes well in his role one way or the other.


Good post rick, you obviously know basketball and the importance of defending the painted area. Good info on the Layden and Dantley rift. I will look forward to reading future posts.

Back when Fes was getting more minutes when Memo was out, his confidence was up and he played better, shot free throws better. With some playing time this kid will improve greatly. His confidence will go up, his play on the floor will improve rapidly and so will his free throw percentage. If he sits all the time like he has been he will regress. We need him to play enough each game to give Memo a good breather. Then Memo can be rested enough to have his legs in the 4th quarter. Then we can see Memo hit some money balls. Then we will have a big man ready to come in and contribute during the playoffs.


@ Chuck Nunn

Great post Chuck! You see things out there on the court that most people don't notice. Important things. Things that make a difference in the game. Then you have a good way of putting what you see into words that all can understand. You should be a sports writer for a major news paper or sports publication. Keep up the good work. Glad I found the Jazz Oracle! Very immpressive!


Whoops, my spelling is not very "impressive" though.


CJ will NOT be LBJ or Kobe, so do not expect him to take over the NBA after HS.

The reality is...he turns 23 on March 18th. In other words, he is equivalent in age to a rookie (who spent 4 yrs in college) this year.

Think of your maturity level at 23 yrs old...I know I did some pretty dumb stuff...I think we will be happy to have him in a year or two. Remember...the poorer he plays now...the cheaper he might be when we really do want him.

I apologize if his age was brought up earlier, as I could not read all 40 something posts.


Good posts from Chuck, Miles, BR, The Truth,: I couldn't agree more, Fes will only get better with time, I just want it to happen sooner, rather than later and that is why I too, continue to cry for more playing time for Fes.
As far as CJ is concerned, I have come to the realization that we are just going to have to be patient. He shows good potential and has good games every so often but consistency is a problem. Hopefully, because he is young he will come to understand what it is going to take to reach his potential & become the player he can be.
AK needs to get healthy, when he is playing well he is the biggest difference maker on the team.
Mathews has been playing well lately and hopefully he will continue that level of play. As a rookie, that may not happen though.
Schedule wise the Jazz may have a good chance to finish in the top 4 in the west and get a home court advantage.
I still think Fes needs to be able to contribute if we are going to be able to complete with the Lakers, Nuggets,Mavs etc.

todd from santa ana

Cl and the Boys; unfortunate news..It seems like after a season of inconsistency, Andrew Bynum has played very well the last several games for the Lakers. Tonight a 20-10 game. Him, and Gasol were lethal. Odom was not so hot tonight, but these 3 are why no one is likely to beat them. If Nene in Denver was couple inches taller, same for Martin they could challenge more seriously.

Fes of course is not the total answer to stop these 3, if this organization though had played Fes and brought in another big even in a minor deal, the Jaaa would have had a much better chance.

Greg knew all the Jazz had to do was win 50 and the playoffs were gravy as the town would accept anything he and O connor fed us

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