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Published: Tuesday, March 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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CJ +30

Allthat means is he was out there when everyone else was playing well and doing their job,He did ZERO


Come on people, what would have been the greatest waste was to see Boozer or Williams get injured while the Jazz were up by 30 points against the Wizards.

They had just played their guts out over a 4 game road trip then to be playing at that stage of the game seems like gambling to me. Williams did in fact go down, then Sloan hurried and took him out.

The debate about CJ will go on by people who do not understand the NBA. SLC is a small market and the the number of NBA teams lined up to get a non-starter from a small marekt are really not that many.

That means if Jazz traded CJ to another NBA team wthey could get, lets see....that is right, just about nobody. So in all honesty they should never say CJ and the word trade in the same sentence.

CJ does provide the JAzz with an athletic guy who although is currently inconsistent has to be covered by the opponent. They do not know if he will be hitting that night or not. With Brewer there was no dobt he would not hit.

CJ may yet surprise us.

No More Diaper Boy Drafts

Management please forget these diaper baby's in future drafts. None have ever worked. Make a trade with your pick or get at least a college junior or senior!


I`m the original CJ blaster..and I say he didn`t shoot well,but he did some other things that help and that`s the important thing,I don`t really think CJ is that great of a shooter,very steaky,but if he plays an all around solid game and he can contribute

todd to jazz cop

I am saying Fesenko who got about 15 minutes last night should be getting that EVERY NIGHT AND not just in blowouts

Doug, spare us on "the small market" speech. It is old and boring


Rick, Jazz Cop, Todd, The Mailman.

Wow. That is all I got to say.

The Jazz are working with Fes. Yesterday on 1320 - they were talking about the pregame drill Jeff was doing with Fes where he would get the ball on the block and Jeff would slap him on his wrist as he shot and then he would go shoot free throws. Apparently, his wrist had red marks. Right now Fes is the 4 best big player.

I watched the OKC game. The Jazz were not a better defensively team with Fes. Or Interior defensive is not better with Fez.

Yes one on one (because of his size) he can play Duncun/Gasol well, but so can Okur. This is probably Boozer and Millsap weakness against taller players. But the problem is he does not rotate quick enough. He is still too slow defensively. And he went 2 of 8 at the line.

I have blasted CJ - but he played within the game. The baffling part is the Jazz set multiple picks for Miles yesterday to get him open, but we never set picks for AK to create mismatches so he can take it to the rim.


@Purple: Hold on, you complain that all CJ does is shoot. Did you forget he had 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals (the whole team had 11) and 1 incredible block? He must have done something right, he played 33 minutes. If I recall, he was +30 last night and the Jazz won easily. OH I forgot, you just like to complain like the rest of them to try and get me going. Even Houdini gave some love to CJ, maybe you should try!!


Chris is totally wrong about young players coming into NBA.Alot of colleges DON'T teach their players basic fundamentals.My best friend's nephew is Pena, center @ Villanova.I watch all his games & I see so many minor flaws in his game.Last year I believe that Heat rookie freaked out & said he wasn't taught anything at the college level & he's not preparred for the NBA at this time.An NBA coach should recognize this & give extra attention to developing that player; just don't give up on the kid because they drafted poorly.If a college kid never went to basketball camps & played in the school grounds all thru high school, he just played on his natural abilities until the reality of the NBA hits him in the face & he doesn't even know the basics; it's happening...Finally cowboys, you are SO wrong.Eaton played when LA had one of the BEST teams in NBA history.LA went to finals 8 or 9 times in the 80's; yet Jazz played them tuff in '88 W.C.F.'s.Jazz had great teams during his time;just fell short many yrs.


RE: Miles @ 9:42 am, it's fine to play great defense once in awhile, but consistent offense does you more for staying with a team. I don't fault Miles for his defense, just his inconsistent shooting. He needs to fix that.

Missing shots is how other teams make runs on you.


Concerning the Jazz current roster...

To win a championship, you need the following:

1. Superstar (or near-superstar)---Utah doesn't currently have the superstar, but does have one or more near-superstars.
2. Two supporting great players (just under superstar status, or being near-superstars)---Utah has those.
3. Two more supporting starters that can keep the top three players from being double-teamed all the time---Utah has those.
4. An effective bench, meaning you don't go from 10+ to 10- while they're in---Utah has those.

So, to win a championship, the Jazz are either one superstar short, or maybe good enough to do it without one.

This is why I like the idea of keeping Boozer around. He's one of the three near-superstars that are needed. D-Will and the AK/Okur combo are the others.

To lose Boozer means that Utah would need to replace his equivalence, or pick up a superstar. Unlikely.


Re forty: Amen
Re Houdini, good post.
Re Blauch ; I disagree with you about Fes, he does effect the paint better than anyone else on the Jazz. When Okur is in, he can play one on one against the other teams big OK but he plays Matador defense on the driving guards, Fes is active and does try to block shots and does alter shots. Fes moves well for a big man and he is hustling and working hard. All he really needs is alot of PT to develop and learn. Good to hear they have Horny working with him. Some games he plays better than others, I didn't really think he played all that well last night. Sometimes he gets lost or maybe he is trying to hustle so much he gets out of position. Time will tell.
I remember complaining about Eaton and no offense from him but his D would be a welcome sight on this team. Fes has the potential to be a defensive stopper and eventually contribute on offense. Hopefully the coaches will keep working on him and help him reach his potential. It will make the Jazz better.

to purple people eater

the answer is the jazz are a superstar short..that is obvious..

they are a very good team with 2 very good players that will get you very good results ....but not the ultimate success of a championship or even the opportunity to play for a championship


I think the CJ haters need to ease up a bit. I've been critical of him too as of late, but he had a good game yesterday. Maybe didn't shoot well, but did things that AK usually does, steals rebs assists and a good block. I really think CJ could help us more if he took it inside more, he's got length and is very athletic and has made great moves in the past when attacking the rim, he just doesn't do it enough so he doesn't finish well, but like the put back monster dunk by boozer, he had a sweet reversal that just missed.
People are talking about Fes's offense, but it was quite apparent yesterday that Jerry is sitting him because of his defense as well. 5 fouls in 15 mins, millsap doesn't get good calls for him and it still takes him 30 mins to get as many fouls. Big men will just pump fake him and draw a foul. Yes, i agree he's a big body inside, but he needs to be better one on one and start boxing his opponents out.



I agree. Fes is huge and when he is guarding Duncan or someone else. I see how big he is. I understand how he can effect the game. I don't think his help defense is that great. OKC's (or any team where Fes is playing) guards are effective at getting to the rim

As far as help defense - rotating over to help a player. I would rank Millsap the best player by far.
Fes/Okur both do a good job
Boozer rotation is bad - very bad.

The Jazz are developing him. Hopefully they can get him ready - if Boozer leaves to back up Okur.

But this team is not better playing Fes when they have Okur, Millsap and Boozer.


The Jazz are a great team when everyone is healthy. Which is not very often these days. Dwill is banged up, AK out, Price out, Memo barely back, Its hard to win consistently when you are always shuffling the lineup. The Jazz seem to do better when AK is starting and CJ is coming off the bench. Matthews has proven to be worthy of replacing Brewer. Fes he is a headcase. How long has he been in the league?

Phil in AZ

Is anyone still SERIOUSLY upset that Brewer is gone? Wes is doing twice as much as Brewer with those minutes. Our outside shooting has been awesome the last month.

Phil in AZ (again)

To all the CJ haters:

Sloan is leaving him on the floor at the end of a LOT of close games. He must be doing something right. Yes, he's erratic - but he has an upside you cannot ignore. There is a reason we didn't let him go - there is a reason many teams call and ask if he's available. He's not worth what we're paying him now, but how many players on our team are? Give him a little more time (he's young yet).


Its the Wizards dont get too excited Jazz fans...


Happy to see a complete game from CJ. He didn't have an offensive outburst, but it's good to see him trying on D, getting rebounds, getting assists, and getting a block. That's the effort we need from him. If he keeps that effort up, his offense will come to him.

The Truth

I just don't get why everyone makes a big deal out of CJ...love him or hate him...for what CJ is paid compared to others on the team he is well worth his 4/5 million dollar salary. If CJ can make the difference in at least 6 to 10 games out of the year, then he is worth his salary.

If you are counting on CJ to win games every night you just aren't a very good team. D-will, Booz, Memo and AK have to carry this team. So far this season the Jazz are about on schedule with what most people thought they would be, not better or worse.

When it comes to Fess, it's not what you see now that is the issue, it's what he can develop into come the playoffs. In order to match, LA, Den, Dallas, Utah is going to need size. No Memo isn't going to get it done all by himself.

@blauch, you'd probably state the Jazz are developing KK as well? to the equivalent of 16 college games with the minutes he's played for two years? take the blinders off.

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