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Published: Tuesday, March 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Why CJ?

Seriously CJ is absolutely terrible One game in 15 is not worth it. He doesn't even have the 'intangibles.' Seriously he needs to hit the weight room, work on his shooting, EVERY aspect of his game is not bueno. PLEASE Jerry, stop the madness!

Dump CJ

Not Maynor & Brewer............Who is running the Jazz?

By what STANDARDS is the management measured?

This all very disheartening...Very SAD!

Is there any accountability in this organization?

Is there a plan?

Is there any semblence or order in the player development program???

Who is working with the BIG MEN?

There is a reason why...

C.J. is not a starter. He isn't consistent enough. That is why Andrei is the starter. Miles does just fine as a reserve.

CJ Miles

Another big night,way to go CJ,you`re really helping the team


Go OJ - play hard, work on your shot, make the team for the rest of the year. You can do it!

Best thing about the game was that we finally held a team under 90 points again. Let's hope that starts a trend.

The writer (as of this moment) has the Jazz record at 43-34. Let's hope that isn't a forecast! They're currently 43-24.

And speaking of CJ, it's fine (though not really) that he plays as a reserve. But why does he get more minutes than anyone else on the team? It didn't hurt tonight, but it certainly did last night in OKC. Not that we have too many other options, but this definitely has to be fixed for next year!

CJ is erratic and that

seems to have more to do with CJ than who is playing against him. He needs to redefine his game or the Jazz need to dump him. He is just as much of a liability as Brewer was but in a different way.

CJ defines himself as a designated 3 point shooter who occasionally rebounds and sometimes plays good defense. If he does not come up with a complete game, 3.7 mill a year will get a very good player in this economy.

It is not just CJ's poor shooting efficiency. His play in all aspects of the game is erratic and that is losing games on his bad nights.

The Jazz can get someone out of Europe or D-league to do what CJ is currently contributing for a whole lot less.

I am not a CJ hater. I liked Brewer but I realized he had to be replaced with someone who could shoot. Giving his minutes to CJ just created other problems just a serious as not being able to shoot.

CJ needs decide to consistently play a complete game especially on bad shooting nights or he needs to be replaced this summer.


Hey, Miles! Going 1-7 against weak competition isn't endearing to Sloan. It's not how you stay on an NBA team for very long.

Inconsistency ruins NBA careers. Miles needs to fix this if he wants to be relevant.


Sheesh. When Miles scores folks complain that that's all he does is. Tonight he played excellent defense, netting what 3 or 4 steals and a spectacular block, and people complain about it on a night when his scoring wasn't even needed?

He even went to the line 4 times, which is 4 more times than he had been going there for most of the season. There's nothing to whine about here.


I had posted a comment last nite which was not posted when all the FES bashers came out.I hope the person reading the blogs prints it tonite...The MAILMAN couldn't hit free throws to save his life his rookie year.Frank Layden got into it with Karl in practice about his misses & A.D. stepped up for the rookie (Karl) & went toe to toe with Mr. Layden (NEW YORK boy)..A.D. was fined a penny because Frank is Frank (cool)..If sloan was Karl's 1st coach, Karl would have went in a different direction (not for the better)..Jerry sat D-WIL almost whole 1st year.I think that's a horrible way to coach,it can get a kid down early in his career.Most of you don't remember seeing Mark Eaton play because you're too young.Utah got him from under a car while he was working as a mechanic.Utah gave Mark a jersey & his foot work was terrible & had no offense what so ever except a baby 6' hook or dunk.Mark became ALL DEFENSIVE PLAYER MANY YRS. ROME WASN'T BUILT OVER-NITE. GO FES !

Mr. Miller

I can't believe how many people rip on CJ. I thought tonight was a great game for him. He had steals, assists, rebounds. I think if he gives this much effort each night, he will be fine.

todd to rick

good post. Eaton is one of my heroes ever in whichever form of Jersey, Fes has better skills than Mark ever had, but Mark was huge. People forget the toughness. I can remember in those days we did pretty well on the road,. I remember winning games in many Eastern towns like New York and Philly and winning close ones. Mark at the end of games was the centerfield the vacuum of defense and is so unheralded to the Jazz success.

I have little to say beating garbage tonight. However, Okur did play a complete game and played well defensively. One sequence to start the 2nd half twice he made it hard with his effort for someone to score 5-6 feet with intimidation then got help from his teammates well on help

Jazz Score..even with Injuries

Thanks you for Win
Thank you Fans Who
Believe in them))

the Mailman

Good post rick. Very true what you say, very few are stars overnight, they need trust shown in them and above all encouragement. No matter what Sloan says, 99.999999999% of coaches will say you work with players to help them reach their full potential, not be inflexible and sit them after one mistake, or sometimes none at all.

Face it Sloan lovers, Jerry Sloan as coach of the Jazz equals never, ever ever wininng a ring. The proof is in the pudding, you want another 21 years before you come around?

the Mialman

C.J +30.

Why all the hate? I think some here are a bit hard on him, give the boy a bit of time before you run him out of time.

Is it because the Booze is playing so well you need someone to put down?


Teh key to athletes succeeding is up to teh athlete, not the coach. If Jerry were a bad coach, he wouldn't be coaching so long. Let see. His teams over produce, for the most part, but he isn't a good coach. When you arer drafting people, most of the time, who are at the end of the 1st round, or 2nd round, your choices of finding someone that can take off and go, are limited. So they do what they can, with what they have. Williams had to learn, Milsap understood the game, Mathews understands the game, and soem others. They could of burried their heads in the sand and whined in the corner, or they could come out, learn, and compete. Miles has shown that he can skip Summer workouts, not learn from his mistakes that he keeps making, and seems lost. The centers still don't have a clue. Mark Eaton still worked hard, ask Hakeem or Kareem how they felt in playing against him. They also had scoring forwards, so they didn't need a center to be the focal point. It's up to the athlete to develop.

Jazz Cop

@c33-mr. miller-
I agree, I thought cj had a pretty good game. He played with alot of effort, he didn't have to score a bunch. Cj has sparked this team to many comebacks, and his defense was pretty good. he's getting better, going to the hole, shooting, defense, passing, rythm. Its hard to see why so many people all over him, for no good reasons.
Theres a couple of things you can say about him, he's got alot of athelticism, and he's progressing. people overlook his development because its slow,but hes done some nice things for the team that have resulted in wins.

John Wicks

Miles should be assigned a seat on the end of the bench and never move. He has been given more than enough to grow up and produce. Talk about a waste. What Jerry sees in him befuddles me.

Jazz Cop

Re: Todd, are you saying you think the jazz should be playing fesenko or not?

I wouldn't have thought we would miss brewer this much, we gave up alot of athleticism on that trade. I don't think sloan is doing the right things, enough said. Its a different team now, but with some adjustments we could be better than we are.

It's easy to see that fesenko is worth developing. Against okc, the camera panned on collison going to the bench after being matched up with fesenko, and the look on collisons face said it all, he was getting handled on the physical level, not so much skill, but fes is a pure physical mismatch for most players, although he's horrible shooting the ball, he's basically good to go, he's quick enough on rotations and can pass out of most situations. i think he can get an offensive game that eaton never had. Eaton was just bigger than most everyone, and so is fesenko, eaton proved his toughness over the years, but fesenko looks like he can be tough too.

Cowboy Joe on Eaton

How far did the Jazz get with Eaton? Oh yeah no more success than this bunch. Eaton was good, but he was not the difference maker. He couldn't lead that team to the finals, just like Fes or whoever today can't lead this team to the promise land.

THe one constant is Slown. Get a new coach and maybe the Jazz can win something.


I think C J will end up a great player in the NBA. Remember, he came out of high school! Most players do not develop until after full college career, and several years in the NBA. C J has spent most of that time riding the pine. I didn't think Fez would amount to much. But he is slowly changing my mind. I too am old enough to remember the old days. I've had season tickets since the Jazz first came here. Although I was never a Eaton fan, he was a big body that was always in the way! And for all of you that moan over Fez and his free throws, I think he will be better than most at his position. His form is good! Most big men in the NBA shoot under 70 percent.

Remember, Sloan is notoriously slow at player development. Even Williams spent most of his first season on the bench! That is one reason the Jazz have been so unsuccessful with first round picks. So much hype, so much money, so little time on the floor!

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