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Published: Tuesday, March 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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@ The whole thing is politics

Rich, when are you guys going to give up? When are you going to learn that the game isn't played on stat sheets, but the court? You can throw all your season wins & stats out the window come state tourny time. You claim Rich should have 5 players on the all state team, be happy with the Andersen boy as MVP, questionable, and the Calder boy on the 2nd team! Maybe if you guys could win a championship you might get more on the all state teams or at least mentioned! Yes you had a great season, but not a great tournament! If you were the best in a four day tourny, you would be champs!, but your not! Just be happy with placing,Again!

re:@ whole thing is political

Couldn't have been said better. If they were the best all year they would have been the best at the end of the year also. Third place isn't so bad, except that there are two better than you. That's how this year, Rich's seniors, will be remembered in basketball! Don't be too sad though, you'll always be remembered as a great 8th grade and Jr. High team!


I say congrats to Caden Anderson of rich. He is very deserving of the MVP. As a 1A coach it has been a great thing to watch him play the past four years. He is a roll model in rich, as well as in my town were I coach. He might not know that, but he has gave some of my younger players a vision of what they should excell to at the least. I have watced and coached against many of the great names listed above, but Caden is the MVP right where he should be. Congrats to the rest of the field of players. IT was a great year to be in 1A basketball.

1a fan

WA did choke with BV...With freshman 2 soph and 2 jun as a starting 5 so next year when all those " good " seniors will be gone who do you think will be one of the best ? Well season is over and coaches picked their picks. We all need to get ready for the next season.

RE: everyone

rich is still the awesomest


here we go tintic starting to talk it up again didnt you learn last time when you got beat by ics in baseball?


If Rich has ever played for a 1a championship and when?

miner fan

we didn't start that, we'll have the same chance as we've had and it will be a rough season, and is it not for everyone, im lookin forward to next year

re: wondering

I'm pretty sure Rich played for championship in 1998 and then again in either 2002 or 2003.


Rich just doesnt seem to have an answer for a region twenty team they have the team to win the title but in the end they just cant do it. Because those southern regions are just to good


won't ever take a state championship in basketball! If this years "Emaculate Conception Class" couldn't pull it off, the lesser talented boys of the future have no chance!

next year

Rich won't even be a top five school next year. This year was their chance and they failed. Next year will be fun with the majority of the top teams outside of region twenty and sixteen. My top five next year are...
1.Monticello - They bring back the big guy need I say more?
2.Liahona - Those two guards are special, especially if they can learn to distribute to their other two returning starters
3.Bryce Valley - Their returning the better of the two Roundy brothers, they'll have the experience.
4.Whitehorse - They're returning a point guard that is crazy good
5.Duchesne - They return practically everyone from a pretty good team this year.

Worth mentioning...
Milford, Wasatch Academy, Piute and Rich

re:next year

Good top five, I'd swap Milford for Duchesne and don't sleep on Wasatch Academy. Can someone schedule a Whitehorse v Liahona rematch! Martin and Dickson vs Facemyer and Nichols round 2! Facemyer and Dickson are two of the funnest kids to watch.

Miners Fan Baby

Why is Brayden Facemyer of lihoina on the 1a Second team, he is all about offense, he doesn't even play defense. But Brandon Nicholas Of Lihona Does deserve it (especially because he knows what Defense is)

re: miners fan baby

It's because all these all state teams are based 99.9999% on scoring! They are totally blind to the defense and the pass, steals, leadership roles ect... They really need to have a offensive team and defensive team!

RE: RE: everyone

rich is the awesomest, that is exactly why they did not play for the championship and lost to piute. good job RE: everyone, there isn't even an everyone to "RE:"

re: Miners fan baby

actually Facemyer averaged 4 steals and a block and a half a game. Nichols averaged 2 steals. They both are dynamic offensive players but I agree they need to work on their defense. They both deserved to be All-State, though.

Ball Fan

Look, rich might be the awesomest but not next year when all seniors will be gone.So rich for next year, 0 points.


So what is everyone's thoughts on Rich next year? Are they going to be any good? Who will they even have?

Ball Fan

Exactly.First smart person.

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