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Regulating vitamin D levels can help chronic issues, say researchers

Published: Tuesday, March 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Those who spend significant time in the sun (beach guards) often have 25(OH)D levels of 100 nanograms per millilitre.


The happiest months of my youth were spent during the inversions...




This is great research. It's wonderful to have a wonderful resource like this in our own backyard. Thanks for an informative article.


The picture accompanying this article says those people are developing vitamin D, but how can they, with no skin showing and their faces in the shade? Vitamin D is produced by the skin (not by clothing) when sunlight hits it!


I get upset every time I read or hear something reported about Vitamin D, because they just mess up the details. KSL's report on vitamin D was atrocious. Scaring people out of being in the sun because of fears of skin cancer is absurd. First, you only need about twenty minutes of sun on your head and arms, per day, to give you all the sun you need for vitamin D. Nobody's asking everybody to stand in the sun in their bathing suit for twelve ours a day--twenty minutes is all you need. A little yard work, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, pruning trees, just a little.

liberal larry

Interesting article, but everyone knows you can't trust scientists! I'm sure if you did a little digging you would discover that these evil eggheads are part of the world wide, climate change conspiracy. Some of them probably believe in evolution, and are closet DARWINISTS! If you can't believe them on global warming how can you possibly trust them on vitamin D? That's why I listen to AM radio, to get the REAL story.


So how do I get tested to see what my levels are and if I cant get sun exposure and if my levels are average or low, how much vitamin D should I be taking via supplements?

Great News !

Yes, this is encouraging news that we can increase our intake of Vitamin D.

So now, how do we establish the amount of Vitamin D we need to elevate our level to 43 nanograms per milliliter of lood or higher? Do I need to go to my doctor, or is there a way to establish on my own what my current level of Vitamin D is so I know if I need to increase my intake?

Again, good news, but it would have been helpful had the article gone a little further to have possibly helped readers know how they could use the information of the article.


An easy way to get the sun is just to take a walk on your break at work, it's amazing how sunshine can affect moods, and lack of it can cause depression---any correlation with Vitamin D?

Research also shows that

You should eat right and exercise.
You should also not smoke,
you should also not huff drugs,
you should not watch Glen Beck.

All, simple rules that will make you a better person.


Okay, Pete, now translate your numbers into something meaningful to the average person. This info is not new. IHC is way behind reputable supplement companies that have increased vitamin D dosages long before this article came out.


To Great News,
The article stated that you can raise your vitamin D either by a supplement or 5-30 minutes of sun exposure twice a week. There are supplements sold over the counter, but if you want a prescription or a blood test then you will need to go to the doctor.

Conservative Carl

I think this article is extremely important because we can now trace liberalism to low vitamin D levels. They aren't happy, want everyone else to be miserable and they become delusional with things like "global warming" which is a vast conspiracy of liberals to keep everyone inside so that they too become vitamin D deficient. You'll hear things like; "stay inside" "don't take vitamins" "it never freezes in Florida" to put fear in everyone. So just remember,,,go outside and get a little sun,,,just a little, and exercise and if you must go to the grocery store, get some vitamin D and always above all else...Just be HAPPY and you won't have to fear adult onset liberalism.

Try 1500 IU per day

There is a lot of mention in the scientific literature about the importance of vitamin D. Low vitamin D decreases the ability of our immune system to ward off colds, infections, etc. With proper nutrition and exercise, one shouldn't get colds at all. So, if you get colds, try to eat more fruits and veggies, less four-legged animal meat, get more exercise, such as walking, and take supplements to boost your Vitamin D level up to 1500-1800 IU per day. Sun exposure helps in the summer but doesn't do much in the winter. I run and take supplements, including vitamin D3, and I never get a cold unless I over train or get insufficient sleep. And, I'm 74.

this study was funded by

the company that sells Vitamin D.

Just another business trying to get your money,.

Yes, another Republican business owner that is
thinking of you and what he can do with your


10:39 a.m. - Come Back to Earth

to the post at 10:39 am|

This study was NOT funded by any outside entity.

Please check your facts before casting our inaccurate ans salacious accusations!

Vitamin D proficient

Low viatmin D linked to psychoses? Some of the delusional conservative wack jobs on here need to get out outside and quit listning to those AM radios kooks! GEESH...get a life!

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