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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Disgruntled Republican

We need deeper ethics reform, but that wouldn't have saved this situation when the big problem happened.

Ethics reform would make it more difficult for a politician to have an pay hush money.

Ethics reform wouldn't have protected the 15 year old girl from the 30 year old man who had been her primary teacher and would go on to be her Bishop.

Ethics reform won't heal the harm he did to her and her children.

I never heard of Garn before this week, and I hope I never hear of him again when this is through.


One incident occurred while an elected official, the other years before. That doesn't remove any wrong doing and the citizens of this state, and this country, have had enough We will not tolerated criminals, we will not tolerate a lack of ethics, we will not reelect those who are guity of corruption, crime, greed, and the list goes on. good luck to both men.

Where can I sign petition?

Where can I sign this petition? I'm astounded that the Republicans oppose it.

GOP Oppose Petition?

Boy, staying with the Republican party gets harder every day. I know I won't be voting for my Republican, Clark, here in St. George. I'll give "a hand" and some cash to anyone who will run against him.

Mr. Clark, I don't care how close of a friend you are to a person. If he/she states they broke laws with an underage person, it is NOT the time to applaud or thank them for anything!

You could have simply said, "Rep. Garn, your statement is acknowledged."

Cyril Noble

Mr. Noble has already filed to run for the House seat currently held by Speaker Clark. I'm sure that he would appreciate support, or even another candidate to enter the race who might have even more support.

Oppose Petition!!

Drunken driving - bad. Breaking moral ethics - bad. I wonder why we are spending so much time on an issue that happened 25 years ago. He admitted it, he resigned. Enough said. I cannot support the petition by a bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries. Laws and policy are already in place.


Can it be possible that Utahn's are finally opening up their eyes and seeing that when a party is allowed to grow too strong and runs unchecked for so long, that for all practical purposes, the powers that be assume an attitude of invincibility and believe that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

I am very happy to see many of our legislators deep dark secrets come to light. It is time to truly make Utah a 2 party state again. It is time to clean house at the state house.


The fact that elected officials have secrets in their past is what opens them up to extortion and blackmail by lobbyist and other politicians to make and change laws. It doesn't matter the secret, it's the fact that these skeletons in the closet can be used against them in their position of trust.

This is why the legislators of Utah do not like ethical and moral oversight. And this past session and their bleak attempt at ethics reform fell far short of any changes. The constitutional ethics changes they proposed only insures that the citizens cannot revolt or ask for any ethical laws. The constitutional change proposed by our legislators for citizens to vote on is another step in depriving citizens of accountability from our legislators. The secret in the proposed ethical commission is more legislative self protections so they don't have to disclose conflicts of interest or unethical behavior. I don't think our legislators even know the meaning of ethics and morality. They have been fighting it for 20+ years.

So please people of Utah, do not deprive ourselves of any more powers of the people and vote NO for this deceptive proposal.

Utah Resident

When the Utah House gave Garn a standing ovation after admitting to nude hot tubbing with a minor I wanted to hurl!

The House, lead by David Clark should be ashamed!

Applause... really?

-- it is NOT the time to applaud or thank them for anything! --

Agreed. A moment of silence to let him bask in his shame is appropriate for that kind of revelation. The ENTIRE time he was in office he was vulnerable (and therefore the community) to any type of corruption that wanted to use him as a political pawn. Good riddance to him and all those that are sure to be caught in future. Let the ethics reform commence.

Read the Proposal

Please read the proposal before signing the petition. Guilty until proven innocent? Any group of people from anywhere can file a complaint against you at any time? But even worse, if the two parties can't agree on the overseeing board (which can easily happen) then the people who wrote the proposal get to decide. Does this sound fair? There are so many things wrong with this that it should be obvious to everyone who reads it that this is a a bad idea.

And just think, we have a balanced budget. Sure, we have cuts but we still have rainy day funds left and we aren't sending out IOUs to everyone. Our legislature has done a great job (though I disagree with them on many issues). Do we need to punish all for the actions of a few? Don't make it more difficult for them to serve.

Please at least READ the proposal before signing the petition.

liberal Larry

The amazing thing about, Garn's, story is the huge amount of aid he has been given, in carrying out his deception, by the local power structure. He was not "outed" by his bishop, his victim's, bishop, any of this family, or even the local NEWSPAPER! And when he received a standing ovation from his cronies in the legislature the experience was absolutely surreal.

LaRie Cutler

So, it's getting hard for legislators to "hide anything" in your fish-bowl at the legislature? Sad, indeed, that you would have anything to hide. Why do you think we want real legislative ethics reform? The truism that absolute power corrupts absolutely is demonstrated yearly by those we elect to govern our lives. Why is it so much to ask that they govern their own lives as well and do it with at least some kind of quantifiable ethics? Had people known 25 years ago about such conduct, shouldn't it have made a difference to them. The fact that the incidents this year were hidden (at least until one got arrested and the other exposed in the media) is itself alarming, though sadly, not surprising. What else would we learn if we had but the necessary tools to do so?

Tired of poor choices

Some day, we as the people of this State and Country will vote not for people who punt moral topics into the ring, but for people who are honest, hard working, who have successful lives and businesses and who do the best thing for us people and leave there own bias out of the picture. They waste our tax dollars and have no morals! I sure hope we can get some ethics reform and while we are at it, how about term limits. New people, new ideas, more effort for the people! Moral people don't get elected because of moral platforms. Moral people avoid politics, and we should change that.

Mr. Noble?

I am not sure people want Mr. Noble involved with state politics at a higher level. Check his support of non-public type schools and wanting nuclear power etc. in his involvement with other state politicians to get their goals met.


You can't legislate smarts, judgment or discretion. Hypocracy is a personal choice, not an accident. Certainly Garn had to go. Killpack might only have been forced to face the music, a tune that should be filled with sad notes. These guys let their families down, left their constituents puzzled and themselves in for a lot of trouble when they lost their smarts, judgment and sense of discretion. Buh-bye!


Boy, there shure a lot of people out there with a squeky clean past out there ready to pass judgement. Look at your past. I do not condone what mr Garn done but it is God who he has to answer to. I would still rather vote republican than vote democract because of the dispeciable values which the democracts stand for.

The definition of ethics

is not what Mr. Jenkins seems to think:

"There's no question, it's a black eye," Senate Majority Leader Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, said Saturday. "These are tough times. We, as legislators, live in a fishbowl down there. It's hard to hide anything."

Sadly, ethics is more than being clever enough to hide your sins and avoid getting caught.

I am very disappointed that this seems to be the level of understanding for ethics and morality portrayed by our legislators.

We trust these men and women who run for office to be people of character and worthy of the public's trust. Mr. Garn knew all along of this indiscretion in his past.

If you want to live the kind of life that Mr. Garn and so many others have chosen, then they need to be in another place besides governing.

We should hold our elected officials to the highest ethical standards, and if they don't want to live up to the high standards, they should not run. These things come out eventually, with our without hush money. By lying until getting caught, you have disgraced your family, your party and our state.


Based my private sector job related interaction with our elected officials and their self serving lobbyist friends; I have become quite turned-off by Utah politics. Many of these people seem to place thinly veiled personal agenda before public interest. The trick, it seems, is to get their personal agenda satisfied without the public catching on. Take a look at how many of these people have ownership interest in private businesses. Look at how chummy lobbyists are with our legislators. Look at how these people (lobbyists & elected officials) take full advantage of perks available. A bunch of arrogant, self serving schmoozers who have mastered the art of deception. . Try spending with a bunch of them…


The problem is that there is a one party system in Utah. The article didn't even mention the other party, which shows how bad things are. If you want to restore balance, responsibility and responsiveness to the voters, elect Democrats. Balance in power is the right way to govern, not a system that is similar to Putin's United Russia Party.

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