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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Stew Morrill and USU are the class of the state. I hope the selection committee makes the right choice and puts them in. They always play hard and Stew is as good as there is. They run great stuff and play basketball like they should. The boys in Utah county should learn something from the Ag's and play a little team ball and maybe they could win a 1st round game. Go Aggies!

1975 USU Grad

A tough loss tonight! I hate losing to that program; it reminds me of losing to Tark’s “student athletes” in the PCAA days.

Before BYU fans load up our

message board let me steal one from something a BYU fan said following their loss, it can all be forgotten if we can get a first round win. We are a lock to get in and actually if you compare SOS with Gonzaga, BYU, Nothern Iowa and UTEP, the Aggies have all of those schools beat, with an RPI in the high 20's we are in, it can all be forgotten if we can win one in the tourney.

NOTE TO COUGAR FANS, go read your message board and see how many haters are from Logan? Salt Lake? Now ask yourselves what would Jesus do:)

I hope Not

You never know with the Big east teams. I think we have a good chance to get in still. Now we just wait and see.

Good points Jared

We very well could be snubbed, we do have a higher RPI and SOS than UTEP and the WAC is rated higher in RPI than C-USA but we have seen this movie before.

No excuses we lost to a team that simply beat us with great shots and defense that seemed to have us on our heels. They were aggressor and we were not.

Win in the tourney (if we get in) and it will all be forgotten.

Aggie Fan

This was a very tough fought game. New Mexico State has some real athletes. They are fast and they are physical and sometimes the shoot very well too. Tonight, the Utah Aggie were outplayed, though they played hard and have nothing to hang their head for. Quayle was phenomenal, but we have to expect something from everyone on the floor. Tonight a couple of our guys just didn't show up. Hopefully, we still get a NCAA tournament birth and that the seeding is fair. On most days the Aggies can compete with anyone. New Mexico State can compete with anybody some of the time. Good luck to both of these Aggie teams.

Ernest T Bass

Aggies looked tired. I will say this, NMSU was certainly the more athletic aggressive team tonight. USU could get snubbed, we shall see.

Ha Ha

New Mexico State!!!! Go NMSU AGGIES!!!


Thanks, Jared, for keeping us informed about what is going on with the Aggies. You do a great job. Win are lose, we will always be Aggie Fans. Now if the selection committee will just be fair we will still be in the NCAA tourney. This team has done themselves and the school proud. Go Ags!!!

Aggies are still in even BYU has

a LOWER SOS than USU, apparently the going isn't tougher in the MWC, or their SOS would be higher. There are many scenarios but all seem to include the Aggies, were in.

Spokane Aggie

Tough game to watch. No excuses, NMSU wanted it more and got the W. I just hope the Aggies aren't hosed like they were a couple years ago when they were ranked in the top 25 and had a 25-3 record and got jobed out of the tourney. I hope the Ags and Cougs get in and make some noise in the tourney

USU's still in, no sweat.

Not even worried-where is Ernest T Bass when we need him:)

Ags played tough

no doubt about it and now is not a time for excuses, get some rest, find out who we play in the NCAA's tomorrow and boom there you go, we're still dancing baby!!!

This year's team can certainly win a first round game but tonight's loss will dip us back to a 12 seed, it would have been nice to be a 10 or 11.

It is interesting to note our SOS is actually not as low as several teams considered in above us, BYU is one. And we beat them by 10 as well, I like our chances, even still.

Re:Ha Ha

Hello Cougar FAN:)

Coug Fan

I hope you guys get in. You had a great year and deserve it. Would be sad for the committee to ignore you again. Get in and do some damage.

Coug Fan

I hope you guys get in. You had a great year and deserve it. Would be sad for the committee to ignore you again. Get in and do some damage.



Top 10 Conferences

Mountain West - 7th best conference in the country according to Sagarin.

WAC - 10th best conference in the country according to Sagarin.

Mtn gets 4 teams.

WAC only gets one?

This just doesn't cut it.
My opinion here folks- the top 10 conferences deserve at least 2 teams.

Why? Obviously the competition is good if not great and with 32 conferences and over 300 D1 teams the top ten conferences should be represented by at least 2 teams. New Mexico State and Utah State should be dancing.

Again, my opinion.

BYU grad and cougar 100%

I sure hope Utah State gets into the big dance and not just the NIT. Utah State has a great program and a wonderful school - I love the Logan area and the sports fans there are great. Go well Utah State!!

sad to see

I'm a cougar fan but I'd love to see Utah State get into the dance. But it's silly to read the comments from Aggie posters trying to convince us (or themselves) that the Aggies will be selected because of such and such reason. It doesn't matter what you want or what you think -- you don't make the decisions. Just be pleasantly surprised if they are selected and don't be shocked if they aren't.

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