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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Public reaction

How about the public reaction to the debacle of bookended scandals surrounding the Republican legislature? It is time for change!


Maybe now Utah conservatives will finally realize that Republican politicians have been using religion as a weapon against Democrats and are in reality no more rightous than their opponents. But I doubt it, since Chris Butters (Who is vieing for the title of the most morally despicable politician in the US) will most likely get reelected on the grounds that he's a righteous Republican.

Go Utah politics!!!


Please....teach your children how detect and to say NO to victimizers!


Kevin Garn is now doing what should have been done long ago. Resigning. Long over due. For once he is making a correct decision.


typical good old republican mormon


Mistakes do have a way of catching up with us and we pay the price; however, what disturbs me most here is that the woman took a lot of money and made a promise to keep silent. How is she going to pay for what she has now done? Mr. Garn was foolish to give her money, but I think she should be punished in some way for breaking the agreement. She is not an innocent victim here...she is a very cunning, dishonest person.


when clinton said i did not inhail the pot. he did not touch her in the tub.

NO leniency

For the Legislature to give this man applause is unconsionable and everyone of them who did should lose his/her job. The Police are working very hard on sting operations to bring sexual predators to justice. They get the book thrown at them. This man not only admits his guilty by being a party to extortion, but did this with a child in the first place? He and any others who condone his behavior (it doesn't matter how much he "repents") are as guilty. These are two acts against the law and he was a willing participation in both: Lewdness in the presence of a child and extortion! He deserves no sympathy or leniency. Shame on the legislature for applauding him because he came clean ONLY when he was cornered like a rat. Disgusting. Ask other predators if they think it's fair they're in jail, or going to court and he isn't. They didn't have 150K to pay now did they? Do you???


Garn should just fade away - stay out of the public eye.

As long as you demonize

a segment of the population that has less political power, say those of a different race, religion, or sexual orientation, you decrease the probability that the public eye will focus on you, as a politician.

When our legislators start talking about morality and the "homosexual agenda", you can bet they've got some skeletons in their closet.

"Hey, look how evil that group is over there! See them, over there?"

The only thing that makes

Democrats look moral are Republicans.


applause? holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is despicable. Shows a serious lack of judgement and integrity for even a 28 year old. But not just for Garn but the Woman also--umm does anyone it else consider it vile to extort money. And there she is smiling for the cameras. Where's the shame?

clearing the air

It wasn't extortion, it was them leaving it open ended when they left NH. *Not doing what they said and her being left in the dark again.* She felt he was sincere and apologized while in NH, but when he got home and lost election... Read the emails at cityweekly.net Her ex-husband really helped the money issue come to pass. It should have all played out in the courts, however, she didn't want to hurt him, because as victims do, they care very deeply for the perpetrators. She is now free of him and the ex now. She was under much diress to sign that paper. Remember who was the victim here people. Many times these girls aren't able to let go of the feelings they have for the perpetrators. I am glad she can do it now.

clear the air

Those are her facebook photos, not her posing for the cameras. She was under diress when signing those papers. Kevin even said that he knew that. Please people, remember who the victim is here. Many times these girls don't know how to let go of their feelings for their perpetrator. Now she is able to do it and that is why she came forward. I just pray she can heal now.

Use Your Brain - Please

I am continually shocked when people make decisions based simply on the ideology of a political party or religion. A particular idea or belief of a political party or religion may truly resonate with you after AFTER evaluating it with the combination of your God-given spirit, reason, common sense, and life experiences. But so many people think, act, believe and literally make every life decision based only on what is contained within a particular party or religion.

It should be repulsive to us as individuals to do or believe something only because it is a part of a political party platform or because a particular church leader said you should do it or because it is contained in the LDS Church Handbook. Please tell me I am not alone in my amazement of how little it appears people actually make decisions using their own judgement rather than just following whatever script or direction from whatever group they happen to affiliate with!!


Let us not forget that this man and most of the Legislature are also priests, even bishops. Sound familiar? And please don't let us hear that it's not as bad because at least the girl wasn't a boy, or that it's her fault because she took the money offered by the tempter, or it's best we just forget about him and not tell anyone because it might reflect badly on our culture, or he can't be the devil because he's in our club, such a nice man, and pays his tithe.

Oh, wait, what's that whispering? Indeed, these are Mormonism's darkest thoughts. Having them calls for a confessional, not applause. Shame!

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