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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Wow. This makes me wonder what all the other legislators are up to (?) His conduct was an is a disgrace. He "confessed" only when facing exposure. That isn't exactly a sign of real remorse and I don't think that really deserves much sympathy. Maybe it is right up there with death-bed repentance. I don't care what party this guy belongs to ... this conduct was and is outrageous, from the nude hot-tubbing with a 15 year old girl (how sick is that) to the hush money. The fact that his family and Bishop seemed to play a part in it all makes me sick.


He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

Ok, fancy pants

I was not a democrat when old Clinton had an affair with a woman, and he did not have sex with a child as Garn has done. Although I'm sure Clinton's devious sex act wasn't the first nor the last for that fat old toad, nor do I believe this was the only time for Garn. This kind of male person are power seekers who think they are gods, and gods special gift to all woman kind in their fancy toad suits. They all need to be castrated as far as I'm concerned. No woman deserves one of them unless she is the same sort of sex seeker. However, they do come in both sizes Female and Male.


For all those who want to label SEX CRIMES as imperfections and mistakes and poor choices... GET REAL. The laws define crimes and it isn't just a mistake! Crimes are public information.

For those who want to talk about WITHOUT SIN... GET YOUR BIBLES OUT AND READ ABOUT MILLSTONES. I don't care about Garn. I do care about a public that somehow keeps defending perpetrators with "he who is without sin" nonsense. Quick responses that make this seem like nothing happened and nothing should be reported keep victims embarrassed and ashamed to come forward.


So the whole legal system should just go out the window because everyone has sinned? Absurd. Turning this into a partisan fight? Absurd. The D-news not doing their job??? Absolutely maddening. What else are they willing to sit on?


"The big difference is that by a wide margin when a Republican does something bone headed they resign"

That is so far from the truth that it shouldn't require a response, but there are probably a few people out there who actually believe that nonsense.

#1, it is absolutely false on the face of it. Democrats Spitzer and Massa resigned. Clinton's relations were with a consenting adult and broke no laws. Republicans Sanford, Vitter, Ensign (and 25 others in similar situations) have NOT resigned.

#2, The problem is the hypocrisy, not the sex. In general, Democrats do not pontificate to the rest of us about how their morality is superior. Republicans do. It is genetic, I think.


Psychobabble wrote: "For all those who want to label SEX CRIMES as imperfections and mistakes and poor choices... GET REAL. The laws define crimes and it isn't just a mistake! Crimes are public information."

From what I can tell, that would be true in about 47 states, but in Utah, it appears this does not fall under the statutory rape laws. It seems only "sexual intercourse" (that man-and-woman thing these Republicans are always talking about) is prohibited. Getting naked in a hot tub with a 15-year-old seems to be legal in Utah.


I was a democrat yesterday, and now I am a SOCIALIST


Why don't you all just go ahead and join the Communist Party of America. They support many of Obama's and the Democrats policies. If you don't believe this just Google CPUSA and read for yourself.


...and the GOP continues to go down in FLAMES!

Psychobabble to DoubleFelix

The sex crimes I'm referring to at this point are indecent exposure, lewdness, etc. Enough hasn't been disclosed for further crimes. My point is these are still crimes and need to be regarded as such.


The so called victim extorted $150,000. in 2002. She may have been a minor when the incident in the hot tub happened but she extorted money out of Garn when she was an adult. She was then 32 years old. Extortion is a crime. They are both guilty of serious crimes and I say a pox on both their houses.

better than thou

The Savior reminds us that he who is without sin may cast the first stone.

No one has ever watched internet pornography,
have they?

John Pack Lambert

To John Shaw,
Mr. Garn has NEVER been a state senator. Being a state representative does not absolve him from guilt, and he seems to be more guilty every time we turn, but get his position right.
If you do not even know what position he holds, that may explain why shady politicians abound, no one cares enough to look into their backgrounds.
Also the Deseret News did not interview Garn. They had him come into their office giving a tearful confession and claiming to be truly penitent. There is a big difference. Also, hindsight is always 20/20.

Snaggle waggle

Ya know folks, I don't trust anyone in our government any longer. It seems to be run by evil do nothings who are paid to do nothing. As long as they are running their personal show and ruining the lives of others they are happy and do not care who they hurt or destroy in this world.

John Pack Lambert

To DW,
The Salt Lake Tribune was also contacted and did not publish.
The Editor-in-Chief of the news at the time, who was one of the people who decided not to run the story, is and was not a Latter-day Saint.
In respnse to some other observations. The pay out was 8 years ago, not 20 years ago.
It is quite possible that 25 years is used as a nice round number, and so the incident happened in 1984. Is Garn 55 or will he turn 55 this year? In reality I do not think it matters, nor would it even if the girl was 16.
There is no strong evidence that anyone besides Garn and the girl knew about the incident before 2002.
On the other hand, if Garn did confess this incident to his bishop at the time it ocured, I am not sure the bishop would have been allowed to reprot it. Generaly sins disclosed to an eccesiastical leader by the sinner are not to be publicly anounced. The nature of the 2002 incidents migth be different.


These comments show we have a lot of pure people on here. They have never done anything wrong. Oh, they only consider a 15 year old as wrong. Sorry.

No one on here had premarital sex?? I hope not. Anyone on here have sex at or before 15 years old? I hope not.

So if you have had sex of any kind don't run for a government office. Its not required.

Re: "Better Than Thou" @ 8:12

Viewing Internet pornography of consenting adults is completely different than jumping naked in a hot tub with nude FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS!!!!

I have every right to judge someone who violates a positions of trust (take your pick of employer-employee, Sunday School teacher-student, or parent-baby sitter) to engage in lewdness by stripping naked in a hot tub with a "MINOR" (and I put "minor" in quotes depending on whether he was 28 or 30 at the time - it's convenient that he said 28 in his speech on the House floor to an embarrassing standing ovation but that would make her 13 at the time and a statutory child so now his story is that he was 30). It's not only probably legally wrong, it is morally repugnant and disgusting.

I'll be the first to cast a stone. And I'm sure there are many of my fellow Mormons who will line up right behind me.


It is just disappointing to me to see how many people in positions of leadership mess up big. The only way to good is through complete truth. I just hope Mr. Garn can be completely truthful now to others, and most importantly, to himself.

To Viking

You better go back and read all the articles a bit better. What you wrote is total nonsense. He paid this woman money, so as to keep her mouth shut, and Garns wife was with him when he did. That is called tampering with evidence---just in case you don't know the difference.

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