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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Out of State looking in

Well as an outsider looking in it seems that the Religion card has been used in your comments, the gay card, the political card, I did not see the black card but the women card was used.

He messed up and is paying for it. Stupid and uncalled for. He should quit.

So all of you people bashing him what’s in your past? If you were in the lime light what would they find about you? I guarantee there are few if any of you that does not have a skeleton in the closet so to speak.

A person that has made a mistake does not make that person bad. Has he done good things for your state? I am guessing he has. To applaud what he has done for Utah is right. They are not applauding his behavior 25 years ago. I have friends in high places that I know that have things that they would not want revealed. Some I am not so proud of either. Clinton was a dirtbag yet he did some very good things too. He was not man enough to quite like this Garn guy.

Hypocrisy is what I seeing.

Throw your stones.

Full Picture

I highly recommend that you read the email transcripts provided by the victim to City Weekly magazine, documenting the exchanges between Garn and the victim coming to a financial settlement. These emails show how unabashed some are to use Mormon Doctrine to escape the real life consequences of mistakes by claiming that the perpetrator (or their loved ones) have suffered too, and shaming others into submission through selective scripture. There must also be an investigation by the Church into the brokerage role that Church officers played as the go-between.

A disheartened Utahn

So, is Davis County where "Mormons in Name Only" live? First, Sheldon Killpack (LDS) the drinker and now Kevin Garn (LDS) the Hot-tubber. Only Mark Walker, the "you can keep your job if you don't run against me" from Sandy who apparently was hoping to move to Davis County.

Boo on Utah Republicans who are always preaching "do as we say and not as we do". And a standing ovation? Why?


The whole thing is creepy. Garn preying on a 15 year kid then paying her off to keep her quiet years later. Shameful! I am a conservative and find the whole incident discraceful. Garn's political life is finished at bit too late. The ovation was creepy too.


Now that she told I hope she'll give back the $150,000. That would be the ETHICAL thing to do.


Yea right Garn didn't touch or have intercourse, and Clinton "didn't inhale or have sex with that woman". Looks like stuff flows down both political aisle. The differance is that Garn did the RIGHT thing.


Hey outta stater...do you imagine that all the negative comments come from non-Mormons, democrats, and people who have done similar criminal things as Garn? Wonder what's in YOUR past. Wish I knew who you were so that I could hide my kids from you.

Davis County Republican

Garn - you are a disgrace to our party, to our county, to our faith.

For Roberto

"Yea right Garn didn't touch or have intercourse, and Clinton "didn't inhale or have sex with that woman". "

Have you ever heard of the concept of "consenting adults"?

In the rest of the country, a 15-year-old is not a consenting adult. Not so sure in Utah, where it seems a woman's consent may be assumed at birth.

Travis From New Mexico

All I have to say is "He or she without sin, cast the first stone".


"I have known Kevin Garn for over 10 years... He always treated me well, and I will always treat him well, especially when he is down."

Would you expect him to wear a lapel button advertising that he desires to, or has, hot-tubbed with a teen girl?


Hot-tubbing naked or otherwise with a teen girl is questionable. But paying out the $150,000 is nuts.

RE: Travis

It is so lame to make that without sin comment when there is a sex offense with law-defined minor. I think most adults have not committed such an offense. Read the rest of the Bible and find the "millstone around his neck" scripture, too.

In Awe!!!

You're kidding me right? This guys breaks the law by messing around with an under-age girl bad enough, but then he gets a standing ovation from his peers...unbelievable...what in world are they thinking?

@Ronald Fox

I suppose you intend your well meaning forget and forgive to apply to all the sex offenders out at the point of the mountain also, right. We can see what working with Garn has taught you.

Utahn, Repulican, Mormon

I'm a Utahn, Republican, and Momon. Garn's statement shows a degree of self-deception which equals if not exceeds his deception of the young girl and his constituents:

"I am proud to have worked with so many wonderful and talented public servants. I wish to thank those who entrusted me with this responsibility."

it was an honor and responsibility you did not deserve, sir. Hot tubbing with a 15 year olday be forgiven, but that act, especially combined with hiding it, forever disqualifies you from public trust.


@Clark 6:29

We know what you mean. Clinton got away with something similar almost without a hitch.


I wish I could comment on all the comments here but it is so difficult for intelligence to reason with stupidity.


Very partisan attacks here.

The clear difference in general between Republicans and Democrats is not poor decision making. Both parties have members that make really poor decisions.

The big difference is that by a wide margin when a Republican does something bone headed they resign. When a Democrat does it they almost always refuse to resign and insist its their right to what ever they want. Bill Clinton was the most obvious example, so many others to choose from.

Hold the stone

Let he or she without sin cast the first stone--and stop accusing all legislators and Mormons for the imperfections of those who have made mistakes. This should have been handled in private many years ago, yes, but don't condemn all men/women on the basis of others actions. Each individual has the right to choose his/her behavior. But that behavior doesn't cross over to all people with whom they are associated.

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