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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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The whole situation is disgraceful, but I have to wonder why the victim is taking this approach now. She reported to Des News and SL Trib in 2002 that she had been hot tubbing with Garn, nothing more. Why add to her story now, unless she's run out of money with her pill habit? His behavior is shameful, but she sounds like she's after a pound of flesh and shame from the whole family.
I can understand why Des News brushed her off in 2002, since they said she seemed like an inconsistent flake, especially in light of the fact that she came forward a week before election, with little time for corroboration. When they contacted her weeks later, she said she had rec'd an apology from Garn, which was all she wanted. I'd say she wanted an apology, a whole lot of money, and who knows what else.
Hopefully this'll be a lesson for Garn and anyone else out there that wants to do something stupid, illegal, and immoral.

With all due respect.

Mr. Garn was in a position of authority in regards to that fifteen year old girl. He broke that trust not she. Whether or not she has issues now or if she has ulterior motives now. Who knows? The point is he needed to take ownership long before this. Governor Herbert appearing not to have problem or feeling a need to ask his resignation. I claim no allegiance to either party. It was wrong with Bill Clinton it was wrong with Kevin Garn. This is the problem going on all over the country. Corruption and an apparent lack of honor. One of my reasons against John McCain was because he had failed to honor his marriage vows to his first wife. If a man can't honor his wife why would he honor his country ? When any entity turns a blind eye they become part of the problem and an enabler. I have more respect for Jenny Sandford for not standing by her man than I do for Hilary Clinton for standing by hers.

John Pack Lambert

A few thoughts.
First, is anyone now going to apologize for claiming that Garn would not resign, or are similar attacks going to be lobbed the next time a Republican is in a compromising situation?
Second, why did the members of the state house applaud at the end of Garn's speach? I think people are too into applauding. Only applaud things that deserve it.
Third, I am glad Garn did the right thing now, but I wish he had done the right thing in 1985 and admited and faced up to the consequences then.


I'm going to be hated for this, but...
I don't think the hot tub thing was that big of a deal. They didn't have sex, right? I mean, when I was fifteen I did some stupid things. That doesn't make it anyone's fault but my own. I don't believe this crap about it ruining her life. People get naked sometimes. Sure, it was inappropriate and we all know why he did it, but I don't think it should ruin his life.

I think his big mistake was paying her.


Regardless of the woman's mental history now she was still a minor when this occurred. Recovering from sexual violation can take a lifetime. Who can say how this has changed her life ? He was a leader how has that action affected her perpection of the church ? What was the consequence to her testimony ? When someone has that position of authority it will mess you up mentally regardless of your prior mental status. My question with any case of abuse where are the adults in her life looking out for her ?

RE: Jake

A NO party system would be best. Let us vote for each candidate based on his or her positions on issues, instead of based on what party he or she is from.

Typical Men in UT

Re: turned on


Can someone please tell me where in the heck they are getting the idea that the Deseret News knew about this before Garn admitted it in the legislative session? Because I don't see that evidence anywhere. Thanks.


So the paper owned by the LDS church decided to not run the story in 2002 at who's behest one wonders? And of course you would NEVER do that again would you Desert News? I was always a bit dubious about the slant your paper takes but this pretty much proves my suspicions correct about where your marching orders come from and how far you will go. You have ZERO credibility with me this point and I'm sure you will never regain it. Just stick to letting people know when conference is and which movies you don't like,,,,you couldn't possibly botch that could you???

Jennie Richards

Good to see the Deseret News be exposed for such a stunning lack of journalistic ethics. Heads should roll over this. Instead, someone will just say, "I guess we got caught."


Some thoughts. Those who are saying that he didn't break the law, try going up to a 15 year old child and stripping naked. See if that will land you in jail. If they only sat naked in the hot tub--which I personally doubt is all that happened--it's still against the law.
Also, if it's true that he didn't suffer any church discipline, then positions that he held were done with an unclean spirit. That's unfair to the members that he served. He really needs to be excommunicated.
Finally, his fellow legislators should never have applauded IF they knew the details that we all now know. Not sure if they did, but a more appropriate reaction would have been to run his butt out on rails.

Garn should thank the Des

Thanks to the Des News not reporting what they new in 02' Garn had 8 years holding a position he was unworthy to hold. Garns' constituents should be upset with what the Des News with not reporting the truth back in 02'.

Note to DES NEWS: anytime anyone pays off anyone especially when it concerns politics its NEWS and the story SHOULD RUN front page!

Henry Drummond

If a high school teacher was caught "hot-tubbing" naked with a fifteen year old girl would we think him fit to be teaching? Would a newspaper consider it something that was not newsworthy just because it happened 17 years previously? The Deseret News still has some explaining to do.

"Sectech Technology"

"Too many secrets."


I was a republican yesterday, but today I am now officially a DEMOCRAT.


Frolicking naked with a 15-year old is illegal in Utah?

I thought it was mandatory. Who knew?

Re: Perry

Hey let's go hot tubbing sometimes......LOL!!


If the governor proposed a 2% raise for public employees, Garn was the kind of legislator who would counter with a 1.5% raise just to show he was fiscally conservative. He always had to nickel and dime everything to death. He didn't care at all about public employees who were struggling to make ends meet.

He could do that because he was wealthy -wealthy enough that he could pay out $150,000 to cover up his indiscretions. No wonder he couldn't relate to public servants.

Re 3:28

We had a serving Bishop who did the same thing once, but with his secretary. It takes all kinds of Garns out there to sit on a high seat while deceiving everyone. I doubt these liars can ever be trusted again.


Okay fellow Utahns,

We need the names of every lawmaker that stood and applauded this guy so we can vote them out at the next election. They are embarrassing our great state of Utah.

Anyone with video coverage of the audience?
How 'bout the Deseret News?

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