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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I don't understand how Garn escaped any church discipline back then. As a married man (in the temple) his actions of providing alcohol to an underage girl and seducing her into getting naked with him in a hottub and whatever else happened then should have at least been a disfellowship or excommunication. Yet Garn had a very successful church life, serving as a Bishop and Stake President.


I hope that the Deseret News will live up to it's new mission statement published, I believe on 11 March 2010: "to be trusted voices of light and knowledge, reaching hundreds of millions of people worldwide."

They will have do a lot to recover from this. This lack of Integrity to the readers and citizens of Utah, even who don't read their newspaper, is a shame for our whole state and to the people that own and work at that newspaper.


This story has hit the national news. What a proud day for Utah. Not.
He was in a position of trust as her boss and Sunday School teacher. She was 15 - he was twice her age. That's illegal and should be prosecuted. The election money also looked at. It's bothersome to me that if this was the "isolated hot tub non sex incident" that they would meet up again twice - with him paying for her to go to a class reunion (?) as some news is reporting. There are people in Utah on the Sex Offender Registry for such actions with minors. He should face criminal charges. These types of actions cause such problems for the young victims lifelong. Most Predators would have to pay for restitution for counseling for the victim. That type of mental health intervention could reach $150,000. worth of treatment.
It's a sad situation and good that he stepped down. I'm always bothered by the good wife standing by her man. Any self respecting woman should grow a spine and run amid such scandal. Why on earth would the wife have gotten involved with e-mails and church leaders?


Any semi intelligent person knows there is a very big difference in emotional maturity and decision making abilities of a 15 year old child and a 28 year old man. Women also don't just take off their close and jump in a hot tub without a lot of charming and coaxing, and if he got her that far why in the heck would he have stopped at that. As a man, I don't buy that. He is 100% at fault for this and should be prosecuted and labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life if legal statutes permit it.


I agree with "Know Better". If you're looking for a good guy in this case, there isn't one. This woman is as sleazy as they come, and the legislator in question made one error after another. Often times, in these cases, we all want to have a good guy/bad guy story line.

That just isn't the case here.


Rep. did the right thing and I wish him well. Hopefully his resignation will set an example for news editors and reporters who ignored their responsibilities and conspired to keep his actions hidden from the citizens of Utah.

Cali Marty

Ok! He screwed up! So, why get a standing ovation?? Who does not like to jump in a hot tube? But, Come on, not with a minor! Duh!Hope he shapes up and moves on with his life!

Publicity stunt?

I bet Garn wishes he could just wake up from this nightmare, saying it was all just a stunt for the upcoming comedy movie Hot Tub Time Machine!


What is wrong with the front page picture, with the legislators in all their glory, applauding a fellow legislator for admiting to a sexual (doesn't have to be intercourse) encounter with an under age child - 15 years old? What are they applauding? He broke the law (it IS against the law to have any kind of sexual encounters with a child who is underage) and then to find that not only did he bride the girl into not telling, the Deseret Morning New breaks the law by not reporting a sexual encounter that was confessed to them by the perp! Several laws have been broken, yet the legislature applauds it! What a circus. God bless the victim(s).

Cover up?

I'm kind of curious, with all this coverage of Garn and his scandal, we haven't heard too much about what they did in the legislative session, I wonder if that's a coincidence....

The Truth

After such a long period of time and after taking $150k upon her demand, one would wonder just what her motives are by bringing this matter up after 20 somthing years. If her motives are as she claimes why didn't she bring this forward much earlier - perhaps she just ran out of money?

If she accepted his apology years ago and forgave him by her ill gotten gaians - why destroy a man and his family . Discretions of years past to just remain that IN THE PAST. forgive and forget>>

Turned off

Yeah, he made a mistake. But she was 15, not 5. She got into the tub with him, and participated in whatever happened. She didn't scream and call the police. She extorted $150,000 from him. One can't defend what he did, but neither can one defend her.

Be Honest

Come on, who of us really believes nothing happened in that hot tub?! Sitting there naked after drinking alcohol?

Also, how terribly sad and tragic this is for Cheryl Maher. I think he still has a long way to go before I will applaud him.

As disgusted as I am by this, I hope he can come completely clean and try to do whatever is possible to help Cheryl Maher heal from his mistakes. He needs to quit lying for starters.


At least he did the right thing and pulled the plug. What about the toady self righteous members of the legislature? What a show for the ages...self congratulation multiplied by self importance.

George W (thats Washington)

Our founding fathers would turn over in their graves. Politicians are all alike. I think there is something in their makeup -the same thing that drives them into politics is the same thing that drives them in other less than favorable conduct.
It's too bad, and it's ironic that the democrats are piling on, concidering their past and past leaders. This sort of thing is beyond party lines.


I also can't believe that this guy is being applauded. It's disgusting that he 'got away with it' for so long. It's about time that this was made public and people can see him for what he is. What other secrets does he have hidden away I wonder.


Wise decision on Garn's part. While I'm not convinced that his decision was based on some benevolent concern for the people of Utah, at least he can see that the writing on the wall say's that this won't turn out well.

Now, while Garn is doing the smart thing (notice how I didn't say the "right" thing), let's hope that the Distric Attorney's office doesn't overlook this matter. We have a public confession of a serious crime, an allegation from the victim that there was more involved than what has been publicly acknowledged. Apologies are a good start, but letting this "good" man off the hook without a reasonable investigation is irresponsible and dangerous. Under the circumstances we can't take Garn at his word that this incident involved no sexual contact, nor that this was an isolated incident. Dear law enforcement, etc, think Jaycee Duggard. Let's not drop the ball again.


What a cover-up. This guy pays $150,000.00, twenty years ago. How much is that in today's $$$$. And for a responsible newpaper to say it was not a news worthy story...........what crap. And this legislator, giving him a standing ovation. What fools. Only in Utah do we have such cover-up; between religion/politics, and now the newpapers. Creepy, creepy group of people.............

Re: reader & really

Are you the kind of fellow citizens that would have been participating in his standing ovation? According to his own confession, he committed a crime, possible lewdness for being unclothed in a hot tub and definitely contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Yup, convicts are in prison for the same offenses. And while he cleaned it up with his wife and family, he has not cleaned it up with law enforcement and obviously hid this from his constituents. He gets everything coming to him and should be on an offender registry. Not to mention the issues that still get to be investigated with the FEC. And stop blaming the victim. I do not know if she is clinically crazy and I also might imagine if she is, partying with a man twice her age might have contributed to that, if, in fact,she is.


Let me guess. Let's see. A Republican from Utah. Would I be far off the mark if I assumed the gentleman spent much of the past 25 year preaching morality to the rest of us? I doubt it is possible to rise to the top of the GOP in Utah without continuously hating on gays and other morally inferior beings. The sin is not hot tubbing with a 15-year-old (although that is pretty stupid). The sin is hypocrisy.

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