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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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We need to absolutly clean house on both the State and Federal Level. If you have already served two terms... Go home and watch your family grow. If you serve one term and demonstrate your in it for yourself... You don't get two terms. "We the People" need to remind them who they work for.


Can you imagine the mess had he won a Congressional seat. The power structure and the newspaper have failed the people.


The Utah state legislature is a disgrace to American politics and to our armed forces who are fighting and dying on foreign soil to protect our nation and world democracy. Did we only defeat Sadam to harbor the same political sickness in our own house.


It's always a sad day when trusted people, especially public servants, violate the trust and moral character they have vowed to honor. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Isn't it touching that Maher has come forward to bare it all, again. I wonder what charity, other than herself, she donated the 150k to.



I'm glad to see he stepped down, as his actions clearly weren't worthy of the office or the good people of Utah.

Now will the rest of the legislature apologize for their applauding this criminal?

smarty pants

Kevin,darling lets be young again,lets write a book together so that we can help others like us.

Garn's Inconsistencies

in his statement, he said the incident happened 25 years ago when he was 28. He's now 55. Trying to use the same fuzzy math when he lured the 15 year old into the hottub? Glad he resigned. He should be held fully accountable for his actions. This is just one step though of many.

All hypocrites

I can't help but wonder how these legislators would have reacted to a female, Democrat, non-Mormon confessing a similar tale involving a 15-year-old child? My guess is, there wouldn't have been a standing ovation. My guess is someone would have asked, "If nothing sexual happened, why were you both naked?" My guess is someone would have asked, "Are you really trying to tell us you're a victim in all of this?"

Garn and his cohorts are pathetic.

Gosh Golly

He did the right thing, by resigning. It has really become a distraction. Now if he were a democrat, it wouldn't matter, (no standards - live and let live). We could just have a Pelosi wannabee in the legislature, come in and cover up the whole mess. Problem solved!

The attitude of UT

Utah needs to be investigated for all their sex crimes against women. The men of Utah all pat themselves on the back, than are politely excommunicated from their church for their mischievous behavior of women ( and blame the women ) and then they re-baptize these devious fellers tomorrow.
Of course, the old feller was just being a man. poor little guy.


Wise to leave. Will be a circus with all the wise people who have never made a mistake take there turn to feed on his poor judgment. I wish I was as free of making mistakes in my life that I could pass judgment as others are doing. He will pay for it the rest of his life, his family will be living in the shadow of what he has done but to listen to people so ready to pass judgment and the comments made they must be pure of heart and made no mistakes. Be nice to meet a person such as this. I don't condone what happened and feel bad for the woman who was involved but I wonder why she has now decided to tell all. Lot we don't know and I really don't care to know. The man has destroyed a part of his life as well others.
I for one can't pass judgment.


Yes, the old boys network is at it again. I'll be reading the DN with a bit of a jaundice eye.

RE: What's Next


Two Shoes

For all of you double dippers out there who were compared by this legislature to a toxic spill - stand united and have a good laugh. The people who called you that because you are a teacher or police officer have a very low standard for themselves - I give you a Standing O.


He made a mistake years ago which he has already cleaned up with his wife and family. Get over it. He has done great things for this state. The lady is clearly crazy and using this as an excuse for her behavior. The Legislature gave him a standing ovation of support, not condoning his actions 25 years ago. The desnews did the right thing, and in my opinion this shows they have ethics. This is old news people, move on and focus on the important things.


This is why a strong two party system is much better than Utah's one strong party system.


I hope he sues her for $150,000 which she probably doesn't have. How did he break the law? There was no sex involved according to him. There is no reason to believe this woman that there was more, when she clearly has a mental illness. She is a loon!

An incident would not cause her this much pain. Yes, he was wrong, but this should have been news years ago.


I'm glad he resigned.
The Utah State Legislature is little more than a joke. Self-serving, ethically-challenged, power-hungry politicians who, at least in the majority party, hold themselves up as pillars of morality and virtue. Sad that this is the best we can do.

Another one bites the dust

I don't trust any Mormon man and never have. They all are money hungry, lie, cheat, sneak around, and than try to look real impressive in their penguin suits on Sunday morning. Garn is one more of 100's of dozens of these control freaks lurking around out there in and around the UT valley.


For this the D News and Trib both deserve the economic havoc on their business models. This is exactly the type of story they should be reporting but didn't. They aren't performing their role as watchdogs, and can go bankrupt for all I care. People my age don't buy newspapers anyways.

I think it is wrong to blame the LDS church without knowing all the facts. Certainly the Bishop's actions are questionable. We can however all be ashamed at our state legislature and as an active Mormon would encourage all to take a close look at yourselves because I believe we get the government we deserve.

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