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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: Now

You support that he should be able to handle this situation in a private manner? He broke the law. Now questions have been asked regarding election law violations and why he did not report the $150,000. Not to mention that the victim was 15 years old. He was a public servant. He is subject to the same laws he helped pass. This should be very public. He gets to pay the price like any other person committing a crime.

Pay now or later

Garn should have cleaned up this mess a long time ago. Too many people including the DNews were part of the coverup in the false belief that it was over.

"Pay me now or pay me later" when you make a deal with the devil.


How many more of these scoundrels are running around? I am becoming very distrustful of all leadership. Especially in Utah.

Garn should go to prison.


Under U.C.A. 76-8-509(1) Mr. Garn would probably be guilty of theft by extortion, not the child victim, due to his "attempts to induce an alleged victim of a crime to secure the dismissal of or to prevent the filing of a criminal complaint, indictment, or information. (2) "Victim," as used in this section, includes a child or other person under the care or custody of a parent or guardian."


The applause in the Legislature for this pedophile was appalling, but then it shows the character of half the goofballs who serve in this body (serve themselves, not the taxpayers who elect them). Killpack and Garn are a start. Now let's get rid of some of some of the other clowns like Buttars, Bramble, Hughes, Noel, and Wimmer.


the culture for sure!!


Did this woman Keep the 150? Does she have to give it back now because she didn't stay quite? How much did she try to extort this time. Not so sure she is innocent in this whole thing? Sounds like she was a 15 year old tramp.

Know Better

If we feel 15 and 16 year old kids are responsible enough to put behind the wheel of a 3,000 pound car then I think they should be old enough to know right from wrong. Both parties in this case are sick and wrong.

Magna Fred

Now that is something I would give a standing ovation for! Thank you Mr. Garn.

Deaer Government Man

Yes, all register as Democrats so we can get away from this One Party System (Republicans) so we can have a new one Party System (Democrats) Wow what a brilliant plan. Where were you when Bill Clinton ws denigrating the office of President of the United States with his philandering? Did you speak out so boldly then? I doubt it.

How about just voting out every single person who now holds a political office and start with a clean slate. Let them know what we expect and if they don't do it out they go in the next election.

Both parties have bad apples. We need to look at t his over a long period of time and you will see just as many dirty Demos as you do Republicans. Didn't one of the Demo House of Representatives just resign for sexual harrassment? Nope, you forgot that.

notice how

everybody also jumped on the wagon for the seminary guy too!! let me say POSITION OF TRUST not position of exploitation!!!


Wow, what lack of class. IF they wanted to congratulate him for his achievements as a legislator they should have done that privately. This make it look like they approve his past behavior. Sometimes politicials worry so much about their appearance that they miss the important picture, their behavior.


I too am appalled that legislators (perhaps an indicator of habitual decorum that is pointless and time-wasting in politics) would applaud such a dishonest man. But all this business of blaming the Deseret News is simply nonsense. Why not also blame the Salt Lake Tribune? They would have been more than happy to rid the state of another Republican, seeing that they have a huge axe to grind against the state GOP. But they didn't. So, stop this foolishness of blaming a newspaper for something that was kept under wraps for years.


150K for being nude in a hot tub with a minor. I'm thinking he's paying a lot for that because 1. he's feeling really guilty. 2. he's naive 3. He did something else that he isn't going to talk about (until it's found out) 4. He's covering up something 5. the girl is really good at extortion 6. the girl knows something else and is holding that over his head 7. he knows what the girl knows and thinks 150K is the right amount to keep her quiet 8. He's richer then he is smart and finally 9. so on and so on......


Will he get up in Fast and Testimony meeting next month a bare his testimony and whine and cry about it?


Wonder if he'll get his $150,000. buck back. At least give it to his wife. LOSERS! ALl of them!

Just a danged minute!

He didn't resign because he was sorry for what he'd done.

He resigned because his $150,000 cover-up didn't work.

And his peers in the legislature applauded him.

And we keep electing them.

I need a shower.



Public ovation

Shame on the Utah Legislature for giving Garn a standing ovation for waiting until the statute of limitations had run to reveal his crime and for paying an exorbitant amount of hush money. He committed, at the very least, the crimes of supplying alcohol to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Perhaps his crimes were much more serious, as his accuser states.

Garn has done the right thing in resigning. The Deseret News clearly did the wrong thing in being complicit in the cover up. Shame on the poor journalistic decision.

Citizen of Kaysville

For a citizen that was within his district, I too am amazed that legislators would applaud for a person that just told them about an incident that he hoped would lessen the impact by his public relations efforts. If these legislators who are voted to defend the law make a judgement to applaud for him without knowing the facts of the situation will probably vote the same way. A minor, an employee, and the other aspects of this case he told the legislators. There are people in prison for years where the girl was 13 and the guy was 28. How many decisions did Mr. Garn make that were impacted by his lifestyle. In 2002, that was the decision point that Mr. Garn chose to violate ethics and probably even the law. Some fault the victim. When the victim at the time of the occurence was only 14 or 15, he impacted her ability to make good judgements. She has part in the rehabilitation but Mr. Garn has his own rehabilitation. At least he has resigned and will not impact on District 16 for the short term.

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