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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good!! Yes, he should have served jail time. Those that make our law, must also live by the law!

Robert - St. George

Utah is so humorous to me. What is it with Davis County? Is it that bad up there? It just seems so incredible that all of these religious politicians are such liars. Do as I say, not as I do. Mormons in the Utah Legislature are so critical to people with different lifestyles, such as gays, yet they live in secret against their Church. What is up with that? Why is being gay so much worse than being a hetero 28 year old man raping a 15 year old Sunday School student? Oh yah, its hetero so its considered a normal reaction unlike that unhealthy gay lifestyle. So incredible. 2010 should be the year of a total Non Mormon sweep of the legislature. Lets go. I am glad Garn resigned. He needs help.

Just The Beginning

He would never have been allowed to run for office if the Dnews would of done their job in the first place, he would already of been history.

Now for those who applauded, do the right thing. This scandle is NOT over.


The Deseret News should be ashamed of covering up this story for over eight years. It's one thing to demonstrate bias against liberals and democrats, it's another to abandon journalistic ethics entirely. Is the Deseret News now the Fox News of Utah?

Ka ching

Did any of the $150,000 hush money come from campaign contributions? Of course in Utah that money can be used for most anything - even a brief encounter in a hot tub. Sorry, no briefs were involved.

Good First Step

It was absolutely sickening watching the Utah legislature give Garn a standing ovation for his "admissions." For governor Herbert to give this guy a hug is disgusting.

This is a black mark on Utah.


I want to know what Mr Garn did to earn the applause and standing ovation from his colleagues. That implies respect. Does he really deserve that? Shame on all of you legislators.

Resignation was the

Only correct choice Mr. Garn could make! Indications upon his revelation were he would not resign. I am still amazed that there were Utah residents defending his actions! And for him to receive a standing ovation in the House upon completion of his confession speech is disgusting. “Some” of those applauding are the same lawmakers that have passed numerous laws vilifying offenders, many of which took responsibility for their offenses, paid the criminal and financial price for their crimes, and moved on with life. Mr. Garn should be completely investigated for criminal and election law violations and he should pay the price just as any other regular citizen. If lawmakers choose to look the other way, then my respect for those ignorant lawmakers looking the other way is absolutely zero.


But these stories are just out of the norm. I mean, most Republican politicians aren't like that in this state.

We know that, because they never speak highly of or give standing ovations to the true hypocrites who drive drunk and seduce teenage girls, right?


I'm absolutely loving the ruling elite in this state (and those who support them) being revealed for what they truly are. Keep it coming!

he's hiding

from reality through his words of hypocrasy and gets the standing O and they meet behind closed doors...making deals , tell me it isn't so!!

By their friuts, ye shall know t

And some how, being a Democrat (D)quantifies one as being evil?


Hey, the guy had no choice but to resign. He got caught in his own mouse trap.

Poor abused little mouse, boo hoo. Although don't waste him because there are many starving snakes out there waiting to take his place. Indigestion intended.

To just saying | 11:21 a.m.

Yeah, it was just the News. How about the Tribune, KTVX, KUTV, KSL. They should stay just as classy, right? Right.


Bet the $150,000 is what ruined her life. If incidents like this cause a person to spiral downward and turn to drugs and whatever else then probably 90% of the population would be in the loony bin ... lots of stuff happens to teens - its called experimentation. Good grief!

anon, too

he made the mistake by making the mistake...

Where much is given

much is required. I have to think that these men were capable of so much good that the temptation to be brought down was equal to their positive sides. As much as I feel that they did wrong, I know that I am not perfect and hope to never be tempted as much as they were. Good luck to all of them and their families.

RE: Now

Nope. He can't bail that easy. There's the matter of the bribe...maybe the FEC needs to nose around that. And, there might have been some sort of cover up on the part of the church; if not cover up then negligent, willful ignorance. Plus, it's not just his situation. It's hers, too. Yeah, he deserves a private life, but quite a bit of this issue is no longer restricted to him.

What's next?

Maybe if Brian David Mitchell would admit what he did to Elizabeth Smart, the legislature would applaud him... or create a state holiday in his honor!

right thing

He's now starting to do the right things to recover.

right move

Thank you for resigning. I'm confused though. The DNews keeps reporting that he was 28 at the time of the incident and that it happened 25 years ago. He's 55 now. Which is it? 28 or 30 years old? Nevertheless, he was wrong and the resignation is probably only a step in a long process to heal his actions.

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