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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Judging to denounce abuse?

If it is judging to state my objections to child abuse then I am guilty. It doesn't seem that anything but public pressure open Garn's eyes to the resigning option.

Lesson for All of Us

Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely, and a One Party State is ultimately never a good thing. Vote them All Out when their term is up.

So many idiots

Many comments are inaccurate, quote incorrect facts, make faulty assumptions and come to wrong conclusions.

The applause was NOT for Kevin Garn's "confession" in front of the Legislature. AFTER Garn spoke, Dave Clark spoke (look it up and see who he is and what he had to say). THEN came the applause. It was in response to Clark's words, not as any appoval or even response to Garn. Are you people unable to read or do you just have zero comprehension? Read MORE than one article. The DesNews was not the only one Cheryl emailed with her story. Other news outlets including the SLTrib also received the emails. Who knows who all Cheryl told her story to. There is more to this story than ANY of us know. I might suggest avoiding JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS and CONDEMNING anyone and everything at least until you know the facts, if you ever do. In fact, how about we practice forgiveness rather than condemnation? The Garns and Mayer both have children. Why is Cheryly dragging all this out again so they will all have to suffer more?


So is there going to be a police investigation? Or does Mr. Garn escape with a little slap on his hand? If you or I, ordinary citizens, climbed naked into a hot tub with a 15-year-old we would be prosecuted and if convited, branded a sex offender for the rest of your life. But I guess as a Republican, LDS politician, the same rules won't apply.

So many? @ 1:04

No idiot here. I totally get it and don't thing you do. It is blatantly obvious that Clark rallied the troops to stand and support a person who had never before admitted to child abuse with law enforcement nor had he admitted to hushing it up. He gave him a public forum, piled on accolades, and then got the group clapping. TOTALLY WRONG IF YOU ASK ME AND MANY OTHER PEOPLE! Cheryl dragging this out again? Huh? If Garn had been a real man years ago 1. this wouldn't have happened when she was 15 2. this coverup wouldn't have happened because he would have come clean in 2002 3. this wouldn't have happened because he wouldn't have kept seeking public office. This is Garn and all of his supports. We the public get that!


You can fool some people Mr. Garn, you will not fool God and mock him with your spin job and omissions.


Just because there was not sex, sex abuse did occur and he needs to admit this. This was not happenstance, this is a classic case of child grooming that predators set up to prey on the vulnerable.

Garn should be prosecuted for his actions.


Repentance and forgiveness are important doctrines in almost all religions.

D&C 58:43
43 By this ye may know if a man repenteth of his sins–behold, he will confess them and forsake them."

Mr. Garn, when you try to cover up a sin, and bribe your victim to do it, then we can be confident you did not repent.

John Pack Lambert

To the 12:34 commentor,
Joseph Cannon was not the editor-in-chief in 2002 and had no knowledge of the discussions then. The editor-in-chief then was John Hughes, who has since left that position and the last I heard was a professor at BYU.
So we can not fire Joseph Cannon for the actions of his predecessor.
The managing editor is the same person, and you MIGHT make a credible case for going after him. However Joseph Cannon is in no way at fault.
However, we must remember that it is an open issue what was really divulged by Garn in 2002, who was present to hear it and so on. Did people know the girl was 15 at the time, or did no one bother to explain it involved a minor and an adult? Did Garn give full details, and has anyone faced up to the inplications of the statement of Garn's brother-in-law in Spangler's article about Garn that this guy thought when Garn told him "I just filed" that he had filed for divorce. That seems to be a really odd expectation unless the brother-in-law knew something.


I would hope that stories like this do not have people concluding that all Mormons find Garn's predatory behavior to be ok. As a Mormon I find his acts DESPICABLE AND DISGUSTING. I find the cover up and this lame announcement by him to be absolutely shameful. I find the excusing and accepting of CHILD ABUSE to be outrageous. There are MANY good LDS people that find this story and those of child abuse like it to be Horrendous.


These politicians are quick to point fingers and make laws that will put people in prison for having sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend. This man is no different, he needs to pay the same price as others. Registry, prison, sex offender treatment, probation fees, or parole fees. This is what happens to others that are placed on the registry, sometimes for less than what he did.


do you love my Jesus?

Dems, repubs, indep., etc. are all sinners. If that is so, if you believe that, then you should examine each candidate for what they will do for the people, and not vote like sheep because someone or some org. told you to.



I would need massive therapy if Garn exposed himself to me.


Some of you need to pull your heads out of the denial hole in the sand and realize what this man did is a sex crime.

There are people on the sex offender registry list that have committed this same crime against children.

Sharon Sullivan

As a long time resident of Utah living in Canada I have noticed that this type of behavior is very prevalent in Utah but hidden. Of course us women are always to blame for being seductive and tempting these so called rightous men. The double standard is alive and well in Utah where womens only purpose is to service mens needs. Women in Utah do not help or defend each other and instead put the blame on the victim. The whole thing makes me want to vomit!


I just wish my venial sins had been treated by the visible or unseen hand of Utah officialdom. I guess it's all in the behind doors connections

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