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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Lay off Garn - stop the frenzy

I guess I'm feeling for the man here. He has acknowledged the error to the world, and resigned his public office. What else can he do to make amends? He has paid the lady $170,000. She agreed to not bring it up again, and is now on some kind of an ego trip to spread more hurt by bringing more females into the picture that don't need to be. For heavens sake, this was 25 years ago.

Lay off --NO!

When Garn is charged in a court of law, when the national news stops running stories on applauding legistators, and when people saying "this is old news, leave him alone," I and others will stop. IT IS NOW NEWS and GARN MADE IT NEWS IN A VERY PUBLIC WAY. He didn't want this quiet.

Lay off, are you kidding?

This is one of the worst PR scandals to come out of Utah is years! Garn's act and the deal he brokered for silence are criminal. He didn't act sorry. He acted angry and went into victim mode to deflect from his actions. Caught off guard, our legislators applauded!


It is interesting to see how some relish in the fall of LDS church members. Truth is that he is a sick man with a big problem he needs to work out. There is nothing about the situation that should indite the LDS church or the Desert News. It is what it is and it is a real shame. One must feel for his family and the young girl. I am sure that in the end justice will take it's toll on Mr. Garn and he will pay a very steep price for his actions. If is painful to watch those we trust to make and uphold our laws do so little to uphold our trust. Unfortunately this has become to common.

Carefully crafted tantrum

Garn's so called apology was more like a carefully crafted tantrum. Because a brief confession was necessary to set himself up as a victim of extortion, he briefly expounded on the original event. Then his carefully chosen words were an adult tantrum that Garn-ered one last standing ovation from duped collegues. He is, or has, a great speech writer!

Re: Deep TX

If you read all of the stories, the LDS Church and the Deseret News have had information that they have not acted on for many years. A money coverup--bribe was supposedly made with a bishop acting as the mediator. I am LDS and an avid Deseret News reader. I feel disgusted because this was not addressed earlier and thus has become a national matter. I do feel for the girl and for Garn's family. I don't feel so much for his wife if indeed she was there when the money for silence was brokered.


You knew since Monday about this and allowed him to make the speech he made? Afterward, you praised him and thereby aiding in the group's standing ovation? Have you no concept of laws regarding minors? No concept of bribing a witness? Have you no daughters or neighbors? Support him privately if you want, but you are the leader and should have acted like one.

Reporting Spouses

If I knew my husband had been sexually inappropriate with a minor I would be on the phone to the police. Depending on the circumstance I might stay married to him. However, as a mother and a woman I would make that call in a heartbeat.

the truth

There are NO victims here,

there are NO criminals here.

Thats the true real fact here.

YOu be total a idiot to believe every teenage girl is a victim.

YOu have be total idiot to belrive every adult male is sexual predator.

funny how regarding a WOMAN at a school grooming 14 year boys, does NOT get the same wrath,

leads me to believe this IS political,

and NO ONE really cares what really happened.

RE: the truth

You are right, this IS political. Garn was an elected official. Not true that "NO ONE really cares what really happened." Do a web search. People are having a field day with Utahns--our seeming double-standard morals, especially the unexplainable applause for a public confession on what most see as child abuse.

Not whole now? I'm puzzled.

Utah needs above-the-law legislators to be whole? Speaker Clark says we are somehow less whole. Are we really worse off because they resigned when scrutiny and laws caught up with them? As a Republican with a strong sense of morals, I am glad they are gone and ask anyone else with skeletons in their closets to resign now.

Thanks, Shirley, Davis GOP

You didn't do a verbal "standing ovation" for the two men you now need to replace. Thank you, Shirley Bouwhuis! I appreciate your 'simply business' approach the Davis GOP faces. "Right now, it's a bit complicated, and we have to figure out the best way to do this," Bouwhuis said. "It's just so weird that this happened at the beginning of the session, and now we're dealing with it again."

DNew you should be ashamed!

I keep reading apologist say that the Tribune had the same exact information and didn't report it, so they're just as much to blame as the DNew, but that's a lie. Garn cried and CONFESSED to the several senoir managers of the DNews. The Trib received no such confession from Garn. DNews, you are a disgrace to journalism.

National Sentiment

I echo one of the national sentiments... Why didn't anyone, especially in his party, demand his resignation, immediately?

Nationally, locally

Nationally, people wonder why no one asked or demanded his resignation. Locally, I want to know whose juristiction it is to prosecute? From what county or city prosecutors should we expect action?

To Dean @ 12:22

I don't blend the party with the man. I can still be a Republican. But Garn, he didn't come up with that much great legislation. He was one of the bunch. We won't miss him and I think people need to quit extending thank yous to him. It makes this state look foolish. Read some of the online posts from across the nation concerning how shocking it is to hear Utahns keep speaking up for this man.

Re: Jill

Great idea, Jill! Good one that the general public can act on. Don't spend money in his businesses!

Ohio, Washington DC, Miami

Stories are everywhere. Mostly about the bizarre clapping....Who would applaud such a speech?

In common

Never thought I'd have something in common with someone who calls themself "gangsta," @ 12;34 but I do. I give a wholehearted thumbs up to everything you said.

Hawaii, Minn., Maryland, too

I expect to see it in Time Magazine this week. Wow, what a way for the state to make news. Big mistake to give him time in such a public forum.

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