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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Q Public

It seems too many of Utah citizens are making too many excuses for our elected officials. For personal, political, religious and party reasons they are willing to forget the high honor of trust and service that are infused in our democratic elected offices. Too many have fought and died for these sacared endowments for us to tread on them so lightly. Too many of our elected officials are just not fit for public office.

A Leader

He was the "majority leader". Those that covered up received massive political influence!

The Rock

I just wish that all elected officials would learn this one simple truth:

You can't hide a scandle, Satan will make certain it comes out.

If only Kevin Garn had the brains to drop out of public life then none of this would be news and all parties would have been spared this media circus.

The Deseret News should have told Garn that if he were to run for office again they would go public.

Think about it.

Garn? Ywan.....bla bla bla bla bla.....Lets talk about the Clinton years!

John Kateel

I am a long time progressive liberal Democrat who is also a member of the Unitarian church here in Utah. There is one thing that Unitarians and Latter Day Saints can probably come together and agree on. That one thing is the power of forgiveness. This is probably the greatest contribution that Christianity has to offer humanity. Kevin Garn is a human being who made a mistake a long time ago. I am not sure if paying the woman to help her heal is a mistake in itself but it probably does not look good to those on the outside looking in. I do not agree with his politics but I do feel that us liberal Democrats should not pile on for any political benefit. We should lead by example and show restraint, compassion, humility, and open our hearts to forgiveness for Kevin Garn and be supportive of the young girl who is a woman now in her own healing process.

The selective coverage issue

We are talking about elected public officials...

As a non-LDS Utahn I will forgive the DNews if they bury an "embarrassing" story about an LDS leader...

I will laugh off a case of DNews giving BYU players and coaches a pass when they would expose an embarrassing incident at USU or Utah.

But here we are not talking about "Church New" or Sports, we are talking about Legislators who are making laws that ALL Utahns have to follow. We are talking about spending Tax Dollars that have come from (basically) all Utahns...

If someone at the DNews "buried" this story in 2002 you might as well chain your doors and close up shop... You can never be "Journalists" again.


Garn is not the victim here. Sheryl Maher is the victim. She was 15 and he was 28, and her boss, when this happened. Whatever happened since to her was significantly affected by this trauma. The $150k is what it is, but because of her huge trauma, I'm not willing to condemn her at all for it. No money can really heal her.

As far as the legislature applauding, they should account. Applauding his honesty? Where is his honesty? He was caught, period. He was not the victim, he was the victimizer. Why applaud him?

As for Garn, he says it was a "mistake." What he did was not a mistake. It was not him at 17 or 18 with his 15-year-old girlfriend in that hot tub - that might very well be a mistake. It was not even him with another adult in that hot tub - that might be a mistake, except, of course, he was married to someone else. Of course in these cases, it probably would not even be news. It was him with an underage subordinate in that hot tub. There is no way this was just a mistake.


He should be locked up! He is a sex offender it is discussing what he did! I will never go into a business that he owns.


It is so presumptuous and naive to blame a political party for the actions of an individual, who happens to be Republican in this case. We could write a big book of such indiscetions by politicians of both major parties. Neither party condones or advocates those types of personal actions... period!
Trying to associate a bad personal decision, especially when made decades ago when the person involved wasn't even in political power with their particular party, is at best dumb politics by the accuser, and at worst is a prime example why the best and most capable in our society choose to shun politics altogether. It's the accusers, in their ignorance and desire to cast the first stone, who do the most to give politics a dirty reputation. We should be bright enough to see that a person can have (or had) personal problems, while at the same time being a great politician and making some great political decisions. We should remember that Garn was voted to a political position, not a religious one. There is a difference. Though I wouldn't want him as my church leader, his political contributions are very admirable and have helped Utah.

Disgusted at the DN

the Editor-in-Chief Needs to explain himself and then resign in order to begin healing the rift between the public and its integrity

Re: "Selective coverage"

NEWSFLASH: The Salt Lake Tribune had exactly the same information at the same time as the DesNews, but they also "buried" the story. Care to make the "They-did-it-to-save-a-fellow-Saint" nonsense connection? It was a salacious accusation made at a critical moment in an important campaign. Nasty accusations like this are made all the time in the closing minutes of campaigns to sabotage would-be politicians from both parties, and these tactics should ALWAYS be handled with a strong measure of skepticism until solidly proven. In this case, it did turn out to be true. But that doesn't mean that the original timing wasn't incredibly suspect.


If you consider yourself a Christian, I find it hard to believe you can defend Garn at any level. To any news outlet that chose to ignore this story, your integrity is in question. The church should be ashamed if not legally questioned for covering this up as well. A minor is never guilty in a situation like this.

I've Thought About It

Think about it:

Bill Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman>

Kevin Garn: I did not have sex with that, er, young girl?

separation of work and personal

This isn't any of my business. I am not interested. We have become a nation of gossips and busybodies.

People will pay their prices. It is not our job as the "public" to make that happen unless there is a current legal issue.

There is not in this case. We need to 'BUTT OUT' of his business.

There must be a separation of someone's professional and personal lives. It is simply not our business. If you take issue with how he does his job as a legislator, ok, talk about it. But his private life is no one's business.

His second mistake

Paying $150,000 directly to this woman was his second mistake. No one can seriously believe it was to help her get over her issues. It was hush money to make her go away. And it’s obvious it was extortion on her part because she didn’t remain quiet and obviously didn’t use the money to overcome her additions and other problems.

Offering money would have been perceived differently if he had offered to pay for her drug rehab and any necessary follow up therapy by putting money into a trust fund for her to be paid out by an attorney to facilities and therapists to help this woman overcome any problems that may have resulted in his inappropriate relationship with her.

In truth, he cannot undo what he did and short of trying to help her overcome her current problems by offering to help pay for necessary treatment, there is nothing else he can do to make up for his past mistakes. But, by giving her cash, he did not help her to overcome her problems, but in fact probably enabled her to continue on a downward spiral.


there's a ton more to this story: 15 years old = pedophile, this was not a one time thing with his babysitter/employee, where did the $150,000 come from, we may or may not ever know... people that cover up this sort of thing tend to stick together and shut up... except of course the poor girl that was manipulated when she was a CHILD!


What was Pamela Atkinson doing there hugging the wife? Mrs. Garn was part of the scheme to pay hush money to a woman whom once baby sat for her children.

To paraphrase Seinfeld: No Hugs for you!

To Separation @ 1:01

Ummm... He butted into OUR business! At a legislative meeting in our state he goes public on acts with an underaged girl and hush money, then other legislators applaud. This is national news!!! Utah is being laughed at and for good reason! It is our business and our right to be outraged.

Good choice

Good choice to resign. Horrible decisions in how Garn did it. Horrible choice to ever have run for office. Worst decision, abuse an underaged girl!

To John Kateel @ 11:12

I agree on the power of forgiveness and that this shouldn't be a partisan issue. Garn broke laws and needs to be charged. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, whoever does what he did with an 15 year old girl has commited a crime and the hush money makes it sooooooo much worse! People can forgive. The law needs to prosecute!

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