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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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J in Iowa

Eventually our indiscretions will catch up to us and be shouted from the roof top. No matter how hard we try to hide them our acts will eventually be found out. So make sure you make good choices so that you don't have to live with the guilt or fear of being found out. One act can tarnish our reputations and embarrass our families for along time.

He may have "repented" but still the act can have lingering effects as we can see.

Garn's indiscretions made the 10 o'clock news here in Iowa so his acts are not just known in Utah but nation wide.

Sad for him, his family, and the girl (women) involved.


He resigned like he should have. Now tell me why he got a standing ovation? He should have been booed! Deseret News also has a lot of explaining to do. They should have done their job and reported the story.

The entire situation is infuriating!

He or she deserves it & more

The Deseret News message board censor should receive $150,000.

After all the work he or she will have on this topic; it would work out to just a few cents per hour, though.


Everybody is looking for an excuse to explain why their life is devasted.

What are you doing with your life now? Still making excuses.

Get over it!!!!

We applaud abuse?

Apparently some people are so okay with child abuse, the "get over it" mentality posters like Sammy and the Utah legislature, that, maybe, abusers should go free. Perhaps our applauding legislators could save Utah money. Our elected officials could line up at the prisons and applaud and hug the offenders as they walk freely out into society. Afterall, they did it for Garn.



On your claim that Republicans resign when they do something wrong, and Democrats don't. Well, let's see. Gov. Spitzer [D-NY] got caught hiring prostitutes. Resigned within the week. Sen. Vitter [R-Louisiana] got caught hiring prostitutes in DC. He not only refused to resign, he was renominated by his party for re-election and now holds a leadership position in it. Sen. Ensine [R-Nevada] caught having affair with friends wife and campaign worker, and buying hubby's silence with patronage jobs. He refused to resign, sits in the Senate today.

Let's take financial crimes. Rep. Jefferson [D-La], being investigated for graft, forced by Dem House leaders to surrender his committee assignments while investigation continues. C. Wrangle [D-NY], being investigated for corruption, forced to surrender chairmanship of House Ways and Means committee by Dem. House leadership. Tom DeLay [R-Texas], indicted for bribery, and Rep. House leadership suspends rule requiring him to step down so he can remain in leadership position.

Better do a little more research, JMT.

Sensible explanation?

Lots of people are hating on the legislature for applauding this guy and Herbert for hugging him. And I'm confused by it too-but I wasn't there, and neither were any of the people complaining about it, as far as I can tell.

The main reason I can imagine any applause being offered would be as a "thanks for finally doing the right thing, and good luck in straightening up" kind of applause. But I'm not sure that required a standing ovation-a quiet and courteous one if that is typical in the venue perhaps would have been more appropriate? But again, I wasn't there. Everyone there knows how hard it will be for him, to face up to his actions, and I can imagine that they may have wanted to encourage the "coming out" of this guy to a more open telling of the actual events, and encourage him to continue on that path of coming clean.

If that's the case, the applause may make a little more sense, and maybe isn't so reprehensible. Is it possible, or am I dreaming?


The ovation wasn't applauding Garn's previous actions, but rather his confession... there is nothing wrong with encouraging someone to come clean from mistakes he/she has made in the past. We should appalud anytime someone shows signs of trying to change for the better.

Beam and Mote

It is very unfortunate what happened 25 years ago. Such recklessness. I hope both people involved and their families can move beyond this and I hope we can, too.
I think I will focus on the beams and motes in my own eye, rather than castigate anyone is public.

John Pack Lambert

To the 7:25 commentator,
Livingston broke 0 laws but he still resigned. Clinton committed purjury, that is a crime. So stop with the "Clinton committed no crime" rubbish.
Mary Jo Kpeckne is all I need to say.
You do have a point that Sanford is in office, but the Democrats saved him from his fellow Republicans trying to oust him. Larry Craig stayed on despite his fellow Republicans trying to get him to leave.
Vitter and Ensign are disgraces, however no one quite beats Ted Kennedy, committing murder and staying in the senate for 30 more years.
Then there is Massachusetts where they knowingly reelected a man who admitted having sexual relations with an under-age minor, and Illinois where they re-elected a man who was charged with rape.
The fact that Garn stepped down within 48 hours of this going public does say he may have some remorse. On the other hand it may be that he knows he is in even bigger trouble for having been lieing to his ecclesiastical leaders since August of 2008, for not coming fully clean to his wife and for who knows what else.


Hilarious. What a pack of hypocrites you all are. Had a liberal Democrat in congress done the same, you'd want him roasted on a spit and held aloft as an example of liberal degeneration! ROFL!


Sure...the courtroom busts out and applauds criminals who confess...not for their criminal actions, but because they take responsibility. Absolutely insane. Garn has stepped down but until he faces legal ramifications and is on a sex offender list he has NOT taken responsibility.

How humbly humbling!

How very humble of you beam and mote.

Courtroom Trick

I think the applause was the result of a courtroom trick, "recouping the room." A person/lawyer states something that gets everyone thinking one way and then quickly twists it into something else.

Garn started with a confession and then turn into a resolute victor who was not going to be a victim of extortion.

People like victors! Yea! Cheer! Go! Stop extortion!

Garn didn't seem contrite. He only briefly spoke of the incident and then jumped to his own pain and victory.
Great trick and the legislature fell for it.


How did this story get public? Maher should have resolved her differences with Garn privately. And why did she wait 30 years to say something? And why did she get in the hot tub? She made her own choices, even at 15. I am not impressed with Maher. I hope Garn is not the same man today as he was 30 years ago. People can repent -I hope he did, or is.

Miranda Rights or Just Tired

Hey Rep. Clark and all other legislators,

I know you had been meeting a long time, days, but didn't it occur to any of you to speak up and say something, anything, when one of your own starts with a confession to a crime in a legislative session?

Some of you knew about this since Monday and didn't say, "This isn't the time, nor the place. In other words, 'Hey, not in this House!'"

And for those who didn't know, none of you dared speak up, Democrat or Republican, and say, "Rep. Garn, is this the place? Perhaps you need to talk with an officer or an attorney? Do you know your Miranda Rights?"


Crimes aren't repent and "resolve your differences privately" matters.
Garn's words of being naked with a 15 year old and his actions of paying money to a witness, open a case for prosecution.
It is public because (1) for years, the people Cheryl spoke with or wrote to, did not do their job in reporting possible child abuse. Cheryl refused to let the abuse go unaddressed and I thank her for her persistence! (2)Garn made it national news by announcing it in a legislative session where his collegues applauded.
It isn't just public, it's national and embarrassing!


Bill Clinton got off without a hitch?

The man was impeached!

If Republicans had 60 votes in the Senate he would have been the first president ever thrown out of office.

That is the problem with our country,
people think history is something that happened last week.

You said it

I think this girl didn't get the new installment of $150,000.00.
That's all I can think of why she would go to the media after signing a non disclosure agreement. Too bad she spent the money on drugs and not on therapy where it was needed. No winners here but we apparently have one sore loser.

most of them are clowns

Politicians... Applauding, after something like that? Only clowns.

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