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Published: Sunday, March 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Oh those "R's"

Another Republicon goes down. The session began with Kilpack and ends with Garn. More applause from the majority house?

I hope that more people realize that "R" doens't necessarily equate to "good."

Government Man

One more Republican Leader falls from power. It is a good start. We all need to get out and sign the petitions and register as Democrats. Let's take back our state from the One Party Rule!!

just saying

Desert News, do you care to elaborate on WHY you chose to not expose this story in 2002?

Stay classy Desert News, stay classy.

Adam, the first...

For once Garn did the right thing. However, his troubles are likely not over. He has some serious explaining to do.

john shaw

Its quite unfortunate that the Deseret News failed to report the story back in 2002 when it had the opportunity to do so after interviewing the now former state senator. It appears that the Deseret News is guilty of journalistic malfeasance in this case.


Good! That is the right thing to do! Those that make our laws, must to live by the law!


Where did he get the $150,000 to pay off the girl? Campaign funds? "Friends"?

15 years old

She was *15*. That's why I can't believe all those legislators applauding this guy. If she had been of age, I would say this is an old private matter between his wife and him, but 15?

Good for him

I certainly hope the standing O he got was because the legislature supports him as a person and not what he did.

What he did was appalling and I hope he can fix his life.


I thought the incident took place in 1985, not 1995.

Didn't see that coming

What with all the love, the standing ovation, the mea culpa. Come on, forgive and forget. Oh wait, he got nude with a 15-year-old. Never mind. Start an ethics and FEC investigation, and check the statute of limitations for sex with a minor. Allegedly.


When I saw the photo on the front of the newspaper of the legislators all standing up and clapping for Kevin Garn I couldn't believe it. Why should they stand and applaud his outrageous behavior? I also can't believe that this story was hidden for so long. What has happened to journalism bringing out the truth? How many other cases such as this are being hidden and not being reported. We the American people are sick and tired of such trashy behavior of so called "leaders" in our government.


Interesting. Now, let's see what others involved in this dark evolution are going to do. If the woman wrote to Mr. Monson and Garn's bishop and there was no involvement by them, the attorney general needs to investigate whether a crime was covered up.

Then there is the money. Bribing is illegal. Wondering if the Federal Election Commission will get involved.

This is an important story because of what it says about Utah and its culture, keeping in mind the DUI legislator before the legislative session started.


His statement says twice that he is "sorry". He should have just left it there. He is right. Just plain sorry. What a sorry person to have carried this burdon for so long and under such false pretenses. He needs to come all the way clean and then drop out of site. He not only stole an election by lying, but then made laws while he was sitting in a chair of authority. Granted we are not all perfect, but this kind of deception is just plain wrong. When will all these people learn that the truth will catch up to them at some point. Those who lie and cheat and break the law and then run for public office without letting the voting public know about it and win an election, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and serve the maximum amount of time.


How can people in our legislature stand and clap for Kevin Garn after what he has done. His behavior was terrible! Why was this not reported until NOW?
I am just glad he has resigned.

Missed it

D News you missed it again. According to other articles the incident happened in 1985 not 1995.


Now that Mr. Garn has resigned from office, I would hope that the public would now let him handle his situation in a private matter rather than a large public matter as it has the last few days. I am not one who supported Mr. Garn in some of the issues and the way he handled those issues while he was in the Utah legislature, but I do support his right to keep his private life private now that he no longer is a public servant.


He made a mistake by making the abuse laws retroactive.


most expensive message i ever heard of no wonder the polygamous are often given carte blanc also!!

Earl Hamilition

Great Garn is gone. Let's clean out the Legislature of these dirty rotten politicians. The Legislature needs a good fall cleaning. We need to stop electing these criminals.

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