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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Lookin' good for nationals. Keep it up girls!

Creepy 40 year old FRute fans

in Salt Lake are excited to hear about this.

Given free tickets...

Home town facilty....home town judges.....thought OSU deserved better scores for their beam......biggest crowd in the Huntsman Center in five years.....including mens Basketball!


@ Given free tickets... | 12:27 p.m. March 13, 2010

No, the biggest crowd in the Huntsman Center this year was when the Utes faced off against the Georgia Bulldogs about two months ago. That crowd was over 15,000.

Re: Given free Tickets

You are RIGHT!!! Home town facility, home town judges!!! It's really too bad because Oregon State deserved better scores. Come on judges the UTES are BIG girls and they can handle the truth! I think!!! Utah can't compete at the same level as the top schools when they are not competing in SLC. That's why Marsden fights so hard to have Regionals and Nationals at the Huntsman Center. Think about it!!!!

You see Ute fans??

Not all is lost!


Yeah, two judges were from California, one from Texas, and one from Oregon. They have finished 2nd in the entire Nation twice in the last 3 years, and 3rd the other. Each of these meets were not in SLC. And they've won more than any other team in history. You're a genius...


Not only that, but Utah Gymnastics averaged more fans than even BYU men's basketball last year, and they are averaging over 14,000 this year with one more meet left.

Thanks, John

Thanks for pointing out that the judges are assigned by a national distributor. On each event there are 2 judges and only one can be a "home" judge.

More Love

This team is deserving of more love than they are getting. These are great girls on the U gymnastics team. They took time to say hi and talk to my little girls and encourage them to excel in the sport. The Red Rocks are the most successful sports team in the history of sports in the state of Utah. They deserve more credit than they are getting. They are in the mix every single year for a national title. Where's the love?


Go Red Rocks!


Even though I am a BYU alum, I have to say that these girls are awesome. It's hard to create the kind of dynasty that Marsden has, in any sport, but especially in one so unforgiving as gymnastics.

All I can say is. . . good job Red Rocks. You make our state proud. I'm just hoping that BYU can elevate their level to match yours.

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