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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Glenn Beck is an angry and uncivil man. I am surprised that so many church members love him.

Shaken Testimony

The DN article left out that Glenn Beck encouraged listeners to search their church's web-site and if it contains the words "social justice" to leave.
I is secret code words for "communists".

So, I'm LDS and the LDS church website had nearly a dozen hits.

What should I do NOW!!! (sarcasm)!!!


I like Glenn Beck.


I am somewhat amazed at some of the comments made in this article. As I understand, the term "social justice" doesn't have anything to do with the christian concept of a personal responsibilty to contribute to, help or assist the widow and the poor. Social Justice as I understand it relates more to Satan's plan to "save everyone", where an earthly group of people seek power to right the wrongs of perceived or supposed social injustices. The problem is these groups eventually end up more evil trying to solve the problem than the original problem itself.


Beck is a media clown. Amusing so many of you people take him serious.

Ken Goddard

Religion is a curse upon the earth. Does more harm than good. Just look around at all the problems it creates and causes. The cost of religous strife would pay for all the needs of the needy.


Glenn Beck is not a political or social commentator as much as he is in the entertainment business. If he isn't controversial no one listens to his radio programs or watches his TV shows. As such he always lives close to the edge, and obviously will cross the line on occasion. This would not be the first time he has made enemies, nor will it be the last.

I for one do not care. I can handle is shtick in small doses, but it contains far too much vitriol for my tastes. However, he is a vast improvement over people like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, who preach a gospel of negativity and hate that really grates on me. There is enough of that in the world already, and I don't support it whether it comes from a U.S. based talking head or an Islamic jihadist in Pakistan.


"People endeavor with all of our frailties and shortcomings to love one another and to lift up other people. So if that's Beck's definition of social justice, he and I are definitely not on the same team."
Don't worry. It isn't. Beck just has a problem with government mandated 'charity' which isn't a doctrine of the lds church either. You should only have to report to your own conscious and God in how to use your money, not the government. Individual people may try to twist the doctrine of charity to fit within the socialist ideal, and that is what he is warning against and telling listeners to run from, not any religion as a whole. As any one who listens to him regularly would know, Beck is still a devout Mormon and supports charitable causes all the time.
I think this subject could have been researched a little more instead of basing it so much on the isolated quotes progressive blogs have hyped. Notice most of these originations don't care too much about church rights except when it comes to trying to separate a person with values from their base.


I am offened at those who pretend to know Jesus yet fail to live by his teachings.
Glen Beck and shawn Hannity are two peas in a pod. They both say they believe but
fail to live by. I don't mean in their private lives I mean in their public life.
In fact if you truly believe in Jesus you would not be able to keep the job of
spreading hate around the world. The unconditional love and forgiveness that
christ taught us is all there is. Yes that means providing for your brother.
It doesn't mean you get to pick how much you provide or who you provide it for,
or what you provide.SO as you sit in your easy chair thinking yourself to be godly.
Just remember jesus gave his life so you could be free and you will not even give your
suffering brother health care so they might could live.Shameful Beck you too Hannity
he is watching and only he knows your heart. The book says it is not what goes in to a
man that defiles him.It is what comes out, that comes from the heart.


I heard Glenn warn about promoters of "social justice" and "economic justice". Glenn has a clear point of view. I love that. That BYU Prof KP Jackson defined "social justice" as loving and helping others. Who can argue against that basic charitable Christian ethic? Jackson could have easily distinguished between free will charity and the "compelled giving" that pollutes our tax codes. I hope Glenn continues to speak his mind. By reactions from people like Jackson, I'm more convinced that Glenn is worth listening to.

Yes to RIchard

Richard got it right. WHen the government forces or regulates you to "share wealth..." it is of Lucifer. WHen it provides freedom and incentive to do that it is voluntary. In the context of Becks complete message and my understanding of Becks dialogue was that if a church endorsed this government forcing social justice......."


I agree with Beck! You have to listen to his radio program daily and then you would totally understand what his message is.


I love how Beck followers will now go on to justify how Beck's words are actually a good thing. Here we are in a time when the LDS and many other churches are talking about how religion is under attack, and then Beck comes out and says something like this. Beck is a man who promotes ungodliness through his anger, fear mongering, and support for greed.
You can't be a Christian and listen to Beck.


I must agree with several posters above. It seems to me that those quoted in the article are either uninformed about what Glenn Beck has actually said, or they are deliberately trying to misunderstand him. I suspect the latter.

Anyone who has listened even modestly to Beck knows that he is completely in favor of true charity--meaning kindness offered through the exercise of free will. Charity forced, however, is no kind of charity at all, and this sort of doublespeak has been used throughout history to enable vast and brutal control of society and the forceable redistribution of wealth.

That is what Glenn is referring to when he urges his listeners to avoid "social justice". And even a casual listener, who is not actively trying to promote an alternative agenda would know that.


Perhaps whoever questioned Prof. Jackson should have explained (as Beck has done avidly over the past few days) what he meant by "social justice" as it relates to the separation of Church and State.
I have taken numerous courses from Prof. Jackson and nothing that I have heard from him would counter what Beck has explained. In fact, Prof. Jackson's lecture on the New Testament concerning "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" coincides quite a bit with what Beck has said concerning the correct influence of the Church and Government when it comes to the individual.


It's Simple, if you listen to Glenn for a while, you learn 2 important things:

1) He uses shock/comedy to entertain.

2) He is consistently spreading the news of:

- Forced "charity" by government taxation = bad
- Caring for the poor by personal choice = good

It is that "Forced Charity" at the hands of Government that he is warning against and saying that this often goes by the euphamism of "social justice".

Truth = Love

Beck is not following what Christ has intended for our planet- but then again neither have people on the extreme Left. God's plan is to make sure that Zion returns to this Earth. That can only happen when all people are filled with LOVE towards their fellow man. Just read up on Enoch and see how they did everything they could to help each other and not tear each other down or seek after their own personal gains.
The extremism that has been growing in Politics (and radio/TV talk show hosts on both sides) over the last few years is the opposite of what God would want- Just read the New Testament, Torah, Quran, Rig Veda, Teachings of Buddha, or any history of the world and see what happens when people turn completely against each other with no chance of civil discourse between them.
The LDS church has always said the Gospel is SIMPLE. LOVE is the most SIMPLE thing in the world. Stop the HATE and EXTREMISM on both sides.


Go Glenn Beck. You are right on brother. The bible DOES NOT TEACH SOCIAL JUSTICE. Lame liberals do that and use the good name of Jesus. Shame on them. So many false prophets and misinterpretations of the bible by various and sundy "preachers" its disgusting. I have followed the Social Justice movement for decades, its a guise for socialists, period.


Social justice is the application of the concept of justice on a social scale.

The term "social justice" was coined by the Jesuit Luigi Taparelli in the 1840s. The idea was elaborated by the moral theologian John A. Ryan, who initiated the concept of a living wage. Father Coughlin used the term in his publications in the 1930s and 40s, and the concept was further expanded upon by John Rawls' writing in the 1990s. It is one of the Four Pillars of the Green Party upheld by the worldwide green parties. Some tenets of social justice have been adopted by those on the left of the political spectrum.

Social justice is also a concept that some use to describe the movement towards a socially just world. In this context, social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution, policies aimed toward achieving that which developmental economists refer to as more equality of opportunity and equality of outcome than may currently exist in some societies or are available to some classes in a given society.

I agree with Glenn Beck


Lets keep the government out, and lets put the heart of the people in, of the equation of love. Socialism is a bad counterfeit of true religion.

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