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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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@Mark Herriott

Welcome to Utah, where the LDS elite protect each other by any means necessary.

shocked at Des News

I always knew that reporters and politicians scratch each others backs, and that it goes with the job. But I never imagined that a respectable newspaper would sit on a politician's confession of infidelity, indecency and submitting to extortion.

All along the Des News knew that the majority leader in the Utah house was at best a hypocrite, and at worse a party to extortion and child abuse. Why on earth would hush up such serious allegations that were confessed by Garn to your editors?

DNews Complicit

I want to point out that in the state of Utah; we have a reporting law, that is covered under House Bill 265. In addition to protecting minors from abuse this law also legally requires the reporting of known incidents of child abuse. In addition, Title 62A, Chapter 4a, Section 411 states that “any person, official, or institution required to report a case of suspected abuse,… who willfully fails to do so is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.” I understand that the greater "sin" is with Mr. Garn here, but, in this instance, I am wondering if the Deseret News, which obviously learned of this act of child sexual abuse some years ago, is not also legally culpable, under our state laws, for failure to take action by reporting Mr. Garn to appropriate authorities. I am very saddened to think that a newspaper that I have trusted and read for 30+ years could be complicit in hiding the actions of an admitted child abuser, choosing it seems political expediency over a much greater moral right as well as the legal rights of the victim.


I was a professional journalist for 30+ years. For them to defend their decision as the "right choice then... and now" is inexcusable. Obviously, it was a mistake not to do the story then. And the way they're handling it right now is not much better.


I am outraged! Where is the accountability? Let us hold out elected officials and news media to the same standard that we are held to. Enough of this Hypocrisy for crying out loud! WE NEED TO ACT SWIFTLY on this! We demand accountability!


And now they've published a story attacking Maher's credibility, extensively quoting her ex husband. They're attacking the victim in order to justify covering this up in 2002. I agree we need to demand accountability from the DesNews editors!


So let's see if I get this right. First they don't publish the story because they don't want to influence the election. Then after the guy loses election they don't publish the story because it doesn't matter. If that isn't a mental and ethical short-circuit, I don't know what is, except maybe the Utah legislature giving a standing ovation to a man who as a married, 30 year old adult went nude hot-tubbing with a disturbed 15 year old daughter of his business partner, and oh, yeah, he had been her Sunday School teacher at church, too. Yep, clap away. And once again the Deseret News proves it is scared of the public knowing the facts. Well, at least it did not take $150,000 to keep the "free" press at Des-News quiet.


Everyone know there are lots of secrets..it's only a matter of time until they are all divulged.

They can't remember?

Garn comes in crying crocodile tears about being in a hot tub nude with a 15 year-old and 17 years later they can't remember it? What else have they conveniently forgot?

Shame on the Desecrated News!

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