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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Taking lumps

Do you want to just "take lumps" or thoroughly investigating the chain that kept the story quiet?

Sit on it still or new articles

If you decide on action rather than to just sit back and let the news come to you, you could run an article what acts consitute charges in sex related crimes. Some definitions could enlighten the public.

Another possible article...

Utahns seem to need to be educated about reporting abuse. How about an article on that?

Why another name?

Deseret News,
You didn't report this when it was one person, but in your article, "Utah Rep. Kevin Garn Resigns," you name a second possible Garn victim. However, it doesn't seem you have a confirmed source, yet. Now it seems a double standard. The first reports and a $150,000 payout wasn't news, but a second name will now make the pages?

Lumps & hard to prove article...

I'd like a follow up article with some basics on what possible charges could come to bear that may be "hard to prove." Is the money in some way extortion or was it a bribe and witness tampering? If it was tampering, who could be charged?

I question you title ....

Takes lumps sounds like eating poorly made food. How about "Ethics Experts on D News Garn Non-Report"

Bernick's Motives

Why would Bernick put it off on the victim when the perpetrator can't let it go? Garn kept calling? Whose stability should he have questioned?

Thanks JP Lambert @ 9:54

I appreciate your information and perspective. Spangler ran an article of adulation on Garn and all of this became a moot point. Interesting.

Disagree Bernick's Bias 7:34

Bernick's Bias I disagree with the idea that they would have printed it, even if Garn would have won the primary. I think they kept it quiet to ensure a Republican in the US House. Democrats frighten Utahns. Any report about a Republican with an underage girl might skew an election.

Dave B.

He "confessed" and the Dnews didn't think it news worthy?? How many people did he pay money to???

To Dave B.

You mean how many people at the Dereset News did he pay money to, right?

$$$ vs favors

I go with the DNews might have received political favors from Garn. Money to them would have been too obvious.

LuVpacifica, Affair with a Minor

She was a minor
under 18)
He opens the Door
of his own past


Garn is very good with words. Perhaps that is why you didn't report it before. Maybe you were sold by his wording the way the legistlature was.

@Feeding Frenzy

Utah resembles an oligarchy, where political, religious and economic power is concentrated in a group that protects itself. Deseret News and the other major paper are also part of this oligarchy.

Garn was a leader of the "moral party" in Utah, and also a leader in the LDS Church. Garn went out of his way to denounce gays and others for moral lapses. All the while, Garn was involved in an extortion (illegal for both parties) based on sexual harassment of a minor employee who is also his student in Sunday School.

In Utah it's not about hate, it's about holier-than-thou hypocrisy that breeds contempt.


You can run but you cannot hide.

Re:@Feeding Frenzy

Hate/contempt--same thing. No one (Mormon or non-Mormon) denies Garn is a hypocrite. No one denies DNews made a big mistake. But to make the connection like i posted earlier that "because Garn is a hypocrite, then all Mormons are hypocrites," is just ridiculous. The LDS Church does not condone his actions and they never will.
Maybe the Church's "morality" has some influence in Utah politics, but not practicing what you preach is an INDIVIDUAL problem not an indictment on the whole church or its teachings. You may be frustrated by being among the political minority, but that predicament is not peculiar to Utah--it's everywhere.

Troubling . . . .

Having been a DNEWS reader for 30 years I am so disappointed in finding out that "they" feel "they" need to protect the reader before they go into the voting booth. I don't even live in Garn's district, but I DON'T NEED ANYONE THINKING I CAN'T handle the facts. That's the newspapers role to tell us Who, What, When, Where and How! They don't need to do anything else. The editors sudden "forgetfulness" as to the incident is troubling also. Not sure how much longer I can afford to support a newspaper who feels I'm so unintelligent I can't take the news and figure out then what to do.

@ Troubling....

I agree, seems people need to start being a bit more honest around these old neck of the woods. Too much lying, deceit and sneaky stuff being swept under a very dirty carpet.

Mark Herriott

I wonder if Cheryl was the only one who got paid off? Talk about cover-up journalism, here's a great example. This type of selective reporting is not what journalism is about and is a huge disservice to the people of Utah.

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