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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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he confessed


Bernick's Bias

You have a US Congressional candidate in your office crying and you don't remember it? I don't buy it.

It's more likely these Desnews reporters and editors were hoping Garn would win and then they'd blow him out of the water and give the election to the Democrat and they would sell a bunch of newspapers.

If I recall Dan Jones did a poll for the Desnews just days before the 2002 Primary election showing it a close race between Bishop and Garn, 39 to 35 and within the margin of error.

Bernick should resign.


You cannot use the argument that it was too close to the election to report. If it had been anything newsworthy, even the night of printing, you would have stopped the presses and reported in order to scoop other news organizations.

Your readers are not stupid. Please do not treat us as though we are. Admit your mistake and move on.


The Deseret News is owned by the LDS Church so, why wouldn't the Deseret News reflect LDS Church values? Let's read a bout Chicago politics or Mitt waffling.

Additional Information in NH

There is more information to this whole story that other parties have withheld for good reasons including the actions/behaviors of Ms Maher.

I have now read the whole set of comments from each article from both newspapers. The articles are reasonable and cover the surface stuff. Yes, it is sad. The average commenter...is clueless. But knowing what has happened between these two parties is paramount in understanding these more recent events. There are clues in the articles but the news reporters are not likely to press any further...and that's probably okay.

I'm much more afraid of what is happening on the national level with the complacency of the news media. Most of the comments here are connected to the cultural issues and biases of SLC and Utah and do little to resolve any damage on the large scale.

To- 8:19 p.m.

What church values are you talking about, Brigham Young's?


What a sad commentary on our society...particularly from a religious society...when is it EVER o.k. to be sexual with a 15 year old? No matter how much time has gone by since then, is it o.k. to pretend it didn't matter?

Deep Throat

There is at least one independent newspaper in Utah that wouldn't have sat on the Garn story like the D-News, the Standard-Examiner in Ogden

John Pack Lambert

The story is more complexed than it might seem at first.
To keep it in perspective we have to remember the full context of the time. On June 5th, 2002 Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped. This was the most gripping story in Utah at the time.
The race for the 1st Congressional District Republican nomination was overshadowed. beyound this it was widely believed that the Suprme Court would rule in favor of Utah getting a fourth congressional district. Many felt that the June primaries would be irrelevant.
On Wednesday, June 19th, 2002 Spangler ran his laudatory article on Garn, telling of his growing up with divorced parents, his beganings as a high school busnessman, how in high school "he didn't chase girls much", his mission in Uruguay and Argentina, his saying he "filed" in 1990 and his brother-in-law at first thinking he meant filed for a divorce, and his election to the state legislature that year and later rise.
That was six days before the election. The election was the coming Tuesday.
On a related note I do not believe Kevin Garn has ever served as an LDS stake president.

John Pack Lambert

One of the odder claims is that Garn comes from a "politically well connected family".
Just because there are other Garns does not mean they are his close relatives. He is not a son of Jake Garn, and I would not be surprised if their last common ancestor died in the 19th century if not earlier.
Garn's parents divorced when he was eight, and his family stuggled to survive on his mother's meagre income. This really makes us wonder why he did such stupid things later after he married.
Still, my searches so far have revealed very little about Garn's private life. One of the things that I would say about Utah papers is on the whole they tell us less of the religion of candidates than do papers in other places.


Albeit belatedly, it is examplary that the Paper finally laid out all the facts--the good, the bad, the ugly. The article names people responsible for the decisions; it seems they didn't hold anything back in the article. The headline is self-depricating if not incriminating. Why don't we see anything like that from the other Salt Lake paper Ms. Maher said she sent her story to? If they didn't receive the story, as the victim alleges, then at least they should say so. If they did, then they should fes up as well!

Bad, Bad, Bad

Hello! J.P.Lambert, "PLEASE" Go to bed you need your rest big boy. Deseret News is going to jail on this one..lol!

Frank Lockwood

Let me get this straight. Deseret News editors say they decided not to print Garn's CONFESSION in 2002 because his accuser was flaky?

As a newspaper reporter and editor for the past 15 years, I'm really amazed that they'd offer that defense with a straight face...

What a mess!

Deseret News,
We have Mitt making strong sensible statements, but its Garn's acts that are getting nationwide headlines--Mormon Republican tells of naked hottubbing with underaged girl and fellow legislature applaud.
Why did you not report this when you were contacted by the woman or at least when Garn called each election and said, "Is there any talk about me?"

This could come back to bite Mormon Republicans big time!


Anyone still defending the choice should be terminated. Those who made the poor decision to not run the story should also be terminated.

To Des-News


Have you noticed?

Hey...have you guys noticed that this story and its corresponding comment board is no longer apart of the "top story" headlines when first arriving to the Deseret News web page?

Interesting that this story has over 136 comments, yet it isn't listed as one of the top stories...

thats all

Fully knowing about this incident — including Garn’s admission — and choosing not to report it, puts the DesNews in a camp I won’t support in any form. The young lady was “flaky?” The incident was “no longer news?” These are attitudes that perpetuate the secrecy of sex abuse.
You made a call and still think it was the right one? My decision will be to not read the DesNews again.

The Rock

Let's think this thing through...

If Bishop wins the primary the story is mute. If Garn wins, the story comes out and the Democrat wins.

Better to come out with the story in the primary and still allow the voters to make the choice.

When Garn lost the DN should have told Garn to keep out of politics or they could be compelled to come out with the story.

They victim could have gone to Garn's political opponent and bypassed the media altogether.

I'm with Boston Cougar

Those who defend the choice to suppress the story or never reported it need to go.

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