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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Funny how republicans and their conservative talk show cronies are always berating so called "mainstream media" as being protective of democrats and their agenda.How's that for hypocracy!


It is a sorry state when one act of initial serious indiscretion perpertrates so many more and ignites all manner of speculation,opinion and bias. Open disclosure and honesty always does prevail and shape what we all have to react to and deal with. It might be wise to consider that we each have to be accountable for our decisions including our opinions and accept that 'leadership', governmental or otherwise, is generally no less human or fallible than ourselves. Be kind, tolerant, understanding but foremost personally forthright,responsible and accountable. Only then can we expect and hold others to that same standard.
Politics and political leadership is only as strong, as the saying goes, as it weakest link; let's ensure it isn't you or I.


Your editor needs to be sacked!


You know what? Could it be that 28yo Garn was tempted, got in the hot tub with her, and then realized he was making a HUGE mistake? Got out and that was that. There apparently was no sexual contact from his comments.

This isn't a jail-able offense. Inappropriate? Absolutely, but not jail-able.

He should step down, but the DN did the right thing by not running a story where the seriousness of what happened has neither been confessed to nor admitted to this day. As far as we know, it ended there.


Unbeleivable! Clothed Mormon Muffins gets you excommunicated and your BYU degree taken away while the actions of Garn and those involved in the cover up at the D-news, which do much greater harm to Mormonism with their actions get what? Nothing that's what.

Goodbye Dnews

Time to swtich over to the CENSORED CENSORED Tribune!

Selective memory?

"Hall, who is still managing editor, said he does not dispute Spangler's version of what happened. While he can't remember it, he also says he thinks the right call was made."

Your turn, DN

It is clear that all the appropriate resignations are not restricted to politicians. Step up, Hall, Bernick, and Hughes. You have betrayed us all.

Hey, Jackson...

I think JAILABLE! She was a minor! It is at least indecent exposure and don't pull the HE WAS TEMPTED lame card! He was the adult!!!! How many arrests are needed before people realize the adult will and should be charged!

A real adult walks away from "temptation." He wasn't tempted. He was grooming her for abuse!

A mom who is furious with all the baloney about it being the underaged girl's fault!

I'm sorry...

but I have to side with the DesNews totally on this one. They would be reporting "gossip." If there had been a police report filed, if there had been a complaint issued then it would have substantiated the story. This girl (now woman...who her own ex-husband has called crazy) should have been (and should be) talking to the police not the paper. In a crime like this (sexual abuse of minors) there is no statute of limitations...why hasn't the criminal court acted? For the same reason the paper didn't!


Jackson, how do you rationalize the $150,000 dollar payoff? Nothing happened but he realized it was a huge mistake so he quietly paid her $150,000 dollars? Funny, funny stuff.

Cheap Paper

They did not run it before the election so people would not vote thinking about that? Meaning if he would've won they would've then?

Feeding Frenzy

As an out-of-stater, it is really interesting to read the comments. Most of you commenting justify your own political bias or religious bigotry by castigating the Mormon religion and Republican party because one guy chooses to go against the philosophies to which he has affiliated himself. Out of compassion for the man (albeit ill-advised) DNews made the mistake of not running the story in '02. Out of sympathy and respect for the man, his family, and his legislative accomplishments, Garn's colleagues applauded the courage to confess and do the right thing by resigning. You know darn well that neither the Mormon Church nor the GOP condone his past indiscretions. So quit the childish generalizations--'since this man was bad, the whole Mormon church is bad' and 'because this man is a hypocrite, all conservatives or Republicans are hypocrites.' The hatred in this state is very palpable.

RE: I'm sorry...

Hey, I'm sorry you don't get it. He made a contract to try to keep it quiet. That to me is a pretty big admission of guilt. Who would pay money if there was nothing to hide? The DNews let it all go. Why?

4th Branch

There is a reason we have freedom of the press- they are to be fre to assist us the voting public know what is going on since we may not have the time or resources to look around as much as we might like- hence the designation the designation fourth branch of government- they should be independent and capable of providing the people with info they otherwise could not get- thanks DN for helping democracy by covering up and deciding for yourself what we should hear- democracy is better for your efforts- as for me you have lost my trust and I will look elsewhere and hope others wiull do the same- a little financial loss may help you rethink your role as a constitutional player in this thing we call democarcy


None of your criteria for this issue not being 'gossip' have been met and yet you are posting on a story in the D-news. The irony...oh the irony.


Disagree entirely mr. feeding frenzy. It is not an isolated incidence, it is systemic misinformation by those in power. It is a standing ovation by your government for admitting that you have conducted yourself in a sexual manner that lands others in jail and on a list. Count yourself lucky that you are an out-of-stater.

Jerry Costley

When I ran prison groups I told the inmates that often it's not the crime its the status of the person who committed it. That certainly seems to be the case here. Many individuals who committed similar acts 17 years previous are still on sex offender registries because we believe we have a current need to know what the people living next door have done. Apparently we have no such need to know what our elected representatives have done. I'm sorry, but this smells of a "good old boys" cover up and brings any confidence in elected officials or the fourth estates is at an all time low at this point.

I would also add, even if you consider the source to be "flaky" how much credibility do you need when the perpetrator confesses?

Finally, I feel there is something very wrong when the perpetrator of a sex crime (which, from the descriptions this clearly was) is given a standing ovation for confessing just ahead of being "outed" while the victim is vilified. Make no mistake, no matter how you feel about someone as an adult, they were a victim at age 15.

RE: I'm sorry 4:54

Once Garn confessed to the reporter & editors of the DesNews in 2002, they had a legal obligation to report what happened. If you have knowledge of sexual exploitation of a minor - including indecent exposure - and you withhold that information, YOU have committed a crime. Also, the acknowledged part of the story tells us that Garn, in addition to taking her into a no-tell commercial hot-tub rental establishment (pay for a private room by the hour!), he also bought her alcohol. Thanks to Garn and the Republican majority, that in itself is darn near a capital offense in Utah.

He took a minor, who trusted him because of TWO levels of authority (as her religious mentor and as her boss at work), liquored her up and got her naked. And I'm supposed to believe that then they just sat and talked? Really?

He kept calling back...

Garn kept calling back to see if it would come up and you never thought this odd? You didn't see it as a possible crime? If he was simply hot-tubbing with a consentual adult, would he need to be worried about a news story?


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