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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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let's see

The SL TRIB was also notified and declined to run the story. Also most of you outraged posters saying 'you won't read the desnews anymore, have never subscribed to the paper before anyway.


oh the religious in the valley have a prophecy that the Salt Lake Valley will be one of the most wicked in the last days,,,i guess it starts with the legislature!

I guess

I guess the Deseret News learned quite well from the Pope as told on MSNBC. Keep it secret about pedophiles,don't let others know of these sickos. Or did the Pope learn from them how effective this secret society operates. Talk about the Gadianton Robbers.

An Ongoing Pattern

This isn't the first time our local media has suppressed and failed to report scandalous conduct by an elected official. Recently, another elected official resigned his seat after being caught in the an illicit act with a prostitute. By resigning, it was no longer a "story". It will be interesting to see if this story resurfaces if this person ever runs for office. Who knows how many other situations are not being reported?

Cougar Blue

Vote Republican---it's the party of family values. I've now had my good morning, loud as I can muster, belly laugh. Are the sheeple getting restless? They should be.

Justice for whom?

"It was last-minute – was it coming from the other camp? There wasn't time to verify it," he said. "Should that be the thing on people's minds as they go to the election booth? It's a balancing act that we play every day."

But in this case, where was the balancing act? He came in, CONFESSED, and cried!! At the very minimum, you, Deseret News, had an obligation to expose this wolf in sheep's clothing when he ran AGAIN, let alone the first time!! I'm also appalled by the blatant sexism in immediately caving in to his crocodile tears while assuming she was "flaky." Is she weird and manipulative? No doubt. But had it occurred to you that her downward spiral perhaps had its beginnings with Kevin Garn's disgusting and manipulative behavior?? If this happened today, he would be labeled a pedophile and listed on the sex offenders registry.

I'm ashamed of you, Deseret News.


The Deseret News has done this a lot in other ways, too. I realize that sporting events are not nearly as serious as something like this Garn case. But I've found that if I write pro-Ute, anti-BYU statements, often my comments won't get published. Yet, others can write similar comments, only theirs are pro-BYU, anti-Ute, and they always get published, including the blatantly offensive ones.

We all know that the Deseret News is owned, or at least, affiliated with the LDS Church. But you need to be fair in your news reporting. This also extends to comments that readers write in to your online articles.


It was a cover-up by the DNews...the question is why and who pulled strings. An investigation is warranted. The pursuit of the John Edwards story about his "mistressing" around while running for the Democratic nomination for President is an example why the National Enquirer--unbelievably--is gaining stature while other papers--including this one--engage in censorship (or was it partisanship?) and loose credibility.


Yes, the Deseret News is indeed taking quite a few lumps, on these comment boards, that is!!!!


Yes, the Deseret News was at fault. Maybe the intentions at the time were "noble," but it makes the newspaper come across as definitely bias toward the "majority party" and hurts your credibility.
It was a mistake on your part.


What am I missing here? At 15 one who is mentally stable knows right from wrong. I would ask (if she was my daughter) why this crime wasn't reported for 25 years. Starting to sound more and more like an opportunitst as more information comes to light. No one need think I hold Mr Garn in any regard or not guilty of wrong doing here but there has been more than one crime, selfish act and a bushel full of secrets in this event.

Disgusted at DN

Shouldn't someone investigate the Deseret News as to whether they are complicit in covering up a possible criminal case?

At best this is journalistic malfeasance.

The editor should be hauled into the cop shop for questioning in regard to what he knew and just when he knew it.

There is wrong and right...and journalistic integrity is about clearing up that fine line which separates the two and becomes ever so blurry in the throes of the human dynamic..

What the Deseret News had done - drop the story. Is unacceptable by any measure and the editor needs to understand that...period


Come on folks! I'm saddened that something that old would still be news. The News did the right thing and didn't play into the hands of an extortionist. How many times have unidentified parties claimed wrong-doing by a candidate at such a late date that the candidate has no time (or money in most cases) to reserve an ad which gets out the truth. News is news, not the entertainment most of the above would have us believe is appropriate today. Ask yourself this question, are you better informed today about national and geopolitical events than you were before this story ran. I salute Jerry Spangler for being a newsman that knew the difference between being informed and being entertained. BTW, this has nothing to do with party affiliations.

Dear D News:

I'm an active Mormon which is your target demographic. The Trib infuriates me on a regular basis. I don't buy newspapers, and the primary justification for your existence is to do a public good by reporting exactly this type of story. You failed, and your excuses are worthless. At least you could apologize. Doesn't stop you from becoming irrelevant, and if it wasn't for the church propping you up, you would have been bankrupt already. You failed to report an important story, and for that you will suffer the punishment of irrelevance. You've broken the public trust, which is the only thing an organization like yours can survive on. Hopefully the age of the Internet and blogosphere will do a better job than you did. Good riddance.

Oh, so wonderful

The stuffed shirts like Garn, support one another. They hug and cry and give each other a slap on the back from their fellow stuffed shirts, and then go back to do the same old garbage all over again.


So, let me understand the editor/reporter view; Young woman tells reporter of sexual misconduct by potential state legislator, said candidate admits story to editor (crying). Now says, couldn't run story cause woman was "flakey."

"Flakey" & criminal would be a more accurate description for the editors decision to not run story. If it had been my 15 yr old daughter who had told you this story and you buried it, I would have found you and...


The Deseret Morning News broke the law by not reporting the sexual encounter that was reported to them by the perp. Take the punishment for breaking the law and then start reporting the news accurately and honestly


Hypocrites. He lied to fine, well socially connected friends (who may share similar guilt?). So, what is new?

@ anonymous

I'm disappointed in the fact that you fail to understand or appreciate the gravity of the extent to which this story was covered up by both Former State Sen. Garn as well as the Deseret News.

This is serious as it strikes at the core of the public trust, this is not entertainment, son.

Jennie Richards

Sean Hannity likes to say "journalism is dead". That's an outrageous thing to say, especially when Hannity can barely refrain from bouncing off his seat when the New York Times dug up all the Gov. Patterson allegations.

However, in Utah journalism must be dead. Deseret News is in bed with the LDS church and they have been for generations.

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