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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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The paper suppresses a story about a political candidate, waiting to see the outcome of the election? Are you kidding me? Protect the boys in power, not the interests of the voters. Don't ever editorialize again about character in public officials as being important to know.


The News attempts to pass this off as "...hot-tubbing in the nude with a 15-year-old..." but if you dig a bit deeper it gets a whole lot more troubling. Garn knew this person years earlier in his church role, that makes her much younger, 12 or 13, when he first took notice of her. Then, she was an "employee" at 15, the time of the incident. But when was she "hired" - 13, 14? And what kind of real job can a 14 or 15 year old do? Not much. Seems Garn had his hot tub encounters planned out long in advance. And in my opinion, he was (and is) a sexual predator.


So what else is the D-News covering up now? How can we ever trust them. Good-bye

Ohio Paul

Every negative thing I read about Utah blames the Mormon Church. Is the Salt Lake Tribune a church run, or republican newspaper? I gather from the comments that the Tribune didn't publish it either. With some experience in journalism, I wouldn't have printed a unsubstantiated article a few days before the election. I would have investigated the disclosure to see if it were true, however. Both newspapers failed their public responsibilities. In Ohio, we have both Republican and Democrat bias newspapers that would have probably done the same thing. And, newspapers that favor certain religious groups. It's the owner's and editor's choice. The public should know of a newspaper's favoritism.

The public should demand Garn to account for this act. And those who comment, please spell Mormon correctly.

Mad Regular Reader

How could the story have been moot when nobody that was lined up to vote for this snake new the facts?

This is what happens when a newspaper confuses its roll with a Bishop's roll.

You guys are to report the news, and the facts you can verify (including doing the leg work to verify background and circumstances regarding a serious claim by a woman.)

It is the Bishop's roll to take confidential confessions and decide when a past act is moot - it isn't a newspaper's, and I am sickened by your Editor's decisions in the matter.

so the paper made a mistake

because no one's ever done that in their life, right? rep. garn? did any of you calling for editors' resignations or reprimands for reporters even read the story? the woman said she was pitching this story to the tribune, as well. so they knew. you don't think long-time tv reporters like vanocur over at 4 and decker over at 5 or any of ksl's editors didn't know? or other local media, the standard, kued, fox, city weekly? give me a break. yes, deseret was dumb not to follow the story and report. and made a mistake when the editors made their decision. but it wasn't like the mormon paper was the only one in town who knew. everyone else is keeping quiet because they don't want the (rightfully so) backlash associated. think about that.

To: your own private idaho

Of course you care. Otherwise you wouldn't have commented. And i bet you eat potato chips, too.

Phil J.

Plain and simple: Take away the salacious details of this story and Senate Majority Leader Garn has admitted he will circumvent the law for $150,000. Who else will he pay off? How much will it cost to buy his vote? Will he sell political favors ala ABSCAM? Would he hide $90,000 in his freezer like William Jefferson? It's impossible to say, but with this "checkbook mentality" he cannot be trusted to represent Utah.


@Monsieur le prof

You make a good point that there is no 'evidence' that contact occured. She says it did, he says it didn't. Ask yourself, who gets a girl naked behind closed doors and doesn't touch?

As to a crime, if he got her clothes off and found that sexually gratifying, sex abuse of a child occured (UTCode 76-5-401.1) The code doesn't require contact.

As for her motives, it appears that she is clearly still traumatized, her life is falling apart (divorce, excommunication, depression) and she's lashing out at the person she blames. Doesn't make her actions honorable, but at least understandable. She is the victim here, not him.

Salt Lake News

This situation proves the difference between Salt Lake Media and National Media. The times, the post...the would have ran that story. No QUESTION about it. At a time when people question the media anyway readers will forever question both the Des News and the SL Trib and think what are the hiding and for whom? Bernick dropped the ball and I guarantee he is regretting not running that story in 02'!!

Wow DN

Fox News is constantly talking about how people no longer report, they have sides and agendas. They talk about how there is a difference between a reporter and a commentator. They say, a reporter needs to report and not let its personal feelings show, a commentator does not have those boundaries, they are not reporters. So there are times of the day when you can watch Fox News and it is news, and there a specific programs where they share their opinions. Deseret News by not reporting showed a side, and sadly it was a side of indecency, how would they even dare to condone such actions? DN you really made a big mistake on this one. Will I stop reading, no, but will I always wonder what other things you are keeping back, yes.


@American Citizen.

Are you saying that criminal actions by a politician shouldn't be scrutized by the public?

People in glass houses? Politicians knowingly submit themselves to scrutiny. It goes with the job. Garn should resign, and then the legal process should take over.

I agree that hypocrisy is wrong, and we all make mistakes that we wouldn't want public, but exploiting a minor overwhom you hold a position of authority (employer) while you are married isn't your run-of-the-mill mistake. He knew this was in his closet, and chose to run. He knew the risk, and it came back to bite him. Hopefully all involved can put their lives back together, but I want him putting his life back together after his resignation and apology to the good people of Utah.


I can't believe this... I used to hold the D. News to a high standard, but your small town mentality and your political bias is obvious. To have had the man in your office, in tears, and to have withheld the story? You have to be joking! The integrity of your entire organization is in doubt due to your refusal to report the story... not to mention the signals you send to other pedophiles that their misdeeds are not worthing of exposure in the Deseret News. You are a news organization and that was news and remains news... you are supposed to be our watchdogs but you failed us, the citizens of Utah.... I'm disgusted with this and will cancel my subscription to D. News immediately.


One question. After Garn lost the first election, what was to prevent the Deseret News from publishing the story when they then had time to pursue the facts?
The excuse that it was an old story and not relevant doesn't cut it. Whether he was a public official or not, there was a possible crime against a minor there and by someone prominent. Could have saved all of the grief that so many are going through now. We don't expect our elected leaders to be perfect but if we don't have honesty we don't have trust. Would have been nice for the electorate to know who they were voting for, or prevented him from running the next time.


I'm not shocked that the D news knew about this and didn't report it. I'm shocked that they are now admitting that they knew and didn't report it. That a standing ovation was given to his creep is embarassing to the whole state of Utah.


never again will i read this paper. She was 15 years old!!! If that was my fifteen year little girl Id go balistic on all who new about this.

Robert - St. George

Are you kidding me????? What is it with the Trib and the saintly Deseret News? You knew about it and didn't report it??? Wow, this is incredible. I don't get it. What is it with religion (the Deseret News is the voice of Mormonism, right?) and their sticking up for their people and trouncing on those with different viewpoints? This is so disturbing. I really am surprised, well maybe I am not.

Legislators cheering?

What was creepy AND what will "hit" the national and worldwide news, is the applause and cheering of the Utah Legislators following Garn's statement.

The world already thinks Utah is a strange place.

John Stewart, Steven Colbert, SNL, both the liberal AND the conservative media along with the rest of the world are going to eat this up!


Garn just resigned, and so should EVERY Deseret News editor and reporter who was involved in this cover up.

Our own Roman Planski

Garn is our local version of Roman Polanski. The Desert News failed in its duty and made the Church look foolish and hypocritical.

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