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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bill McGugin

The right thing to do? (shaking my head) The Man is a sex offender period..... As for the other legislators applauding him... I'm truly embarrassed by this State I call home.....

Good point.

Although I think this should have been reported earlier, election or not. The news media has a responsibilty to the public at large to make these kinds of things known. Police have made great strides to entrap people for even haveing the thought of encounters with underage minors.

On that point, I think the law on this should be changed to not call minors who voluntary engage in these acts as innocents. They are just as guilty of promoting underage sex as an adult is, it's very common in all the the schools among peers. Parents teach them its okay to have sex if your not married.

This girl and her parents willingly accepted the money and signed a non-disclosure agreement which is also illegal because of her age at the time. A 15 year old who suddenly has $150,000 must have gotten the parents attention. The parents must have looked at this as some restitution that they or the girl would never have gotten by reporting it.

It looks like there has been many crimes involving this single incident. Maybe the law is going too far punishing adults and not children who have become adults.

so typical

Utah is chock full of hypocrites and liars.

Censorship, plain and simple

I'm very troubled that the D-News didn't further investigate this story, even if it was on the eve of the primary election. For Garn to come and actually confess all to D-News editors should have been evidence enough to run the story to let readers and voters decide.

People have a right to know if their government leaders are crooks or child molesters. It was the duty of the D-News to report that, even if he was a good-standing member of the church and a Republican.

What's up?

Hall should step down or be fired. It's as simple as that.

Monsieur le prof

Wow, a lot of vitriol from people with religious and political axes to grind. Do your think they're venting on the Trib website as well? It seems that these people either don't read the entire story, or they just choose to pick out the things they want.

And then all the innuendos! Ooh, he must have done this, or he probably did that, with not an ounce or shred of evidence of any crime, merely wanton misjudgement. If you want to be suspicious, ask yourself about the woman's motives. Is she pouting because she couldn't squeeze any more money out of him. Are the police going to get involved? Is there really a crime here?

It's old news, folks. Really old news. He erred and has paid dearly with his guilt and humiliation for a long time. The Deseret News may or may not have erred in their withholding the story, but that's a chance they take with every story. They had nothing to gain either way. Live and learn.

The DNews is still a very fine newspaper with honest people, good reporting, solid writing, and great photography.

Welcome To The Real Utah

Both major newspapers knew of this disgusting act, and it's long term relationship but BOTH chose to keep quiet? Now if that doesn't give you an inside into why Utah is the reddest state in the union nothing will! How much money and how many other stories are out there left unreported? This is just what I have expected all of my life here and I'm 70 years old. What chance would any other party have here, and especially an independent party? Zero!This isn't just wrong it's a form of communism.


This is why I am more and more disillusioned with the Republican party. It seems to be more and more about hypocrisy.

Cancel my subscription

That's the last straw, I'm tired of being surrounded by immoral, two-faced scum...in the government, the media, and the . I'm going back to China where at least everyone knows the government controls the media and I can see through the haze.


If it had been a Democrat involved, they would have reported it. Guaranteed.

American Citizen

I'll bet Kevin Garn at 28 never dreamed that someday his mistake would be front page news.

Readers think they have a right to know every juicy detail about elected officals. Are they willing to expose their own lives to the same level of invasion of privacy?

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Your Own Private Idaho

To: Did D News commit Crime? | 12:13 a.m.,

That's great about Idaho, but who cares? Nobody pays Idaho any heed and there is a very good reason for that.


Can't complain about the liberal press and Obama. You are just as guilty.

Don't forget the Legislature

Apparently this was a "widely-known secret." How many of them knew?

They applauded Garn when he admitted in public that he had committed an indiscretion with a 15 year old girl!

Two Shoes

So what publication can we read to find the truth?


The DN blew it. By your own admisision. What blows my mind is that you continue to defend what is indefensible. I can't believe it. The story was there, but you refused to print it.

I am speechless, really. Talk about being in bed with the gop. yee gads. Yes, you have lost my faith.

Not because of X, but because your people continue to cover up, make excuses, etc. No mea culpa, eh.

Back to the Trib for me.


I knew it before I even read this article. I said to my husband, "So she went to the news media and yet it wasn't reported. You can bet it was the Deseret News she went to." And then I read this and the previous article with they "hysterical" explanation as to why the story was not reported by the Deseret News. I can assure you, if a non-Mormon had been exposed in such a manner, the story would have made headlines. Let's just call the Deseret News what it is -- "The Mormon Church Owned and Controlled Newspaper." And God bless "Big Love", for showing the craziness of this Mormon mentality." It would be a great scene to show Bill Paxton, newly elected congressmen, admitting to an affair with a 15 year old, paying her off to keep silent, killing the story in the Church newspaper, and yet receiving a standing ovation from his peers and slaps on the back. Ayyy. So glad I escaped that false world.

Worse than Chicago

Who'dathunkit? Journalistic skulduggery in Zion.
I couldn't help compare it to the recent scandal in Chicago over the Lt. Gov. candidate Scott Lee Cohen
It turns out that after Cohen won the primary all sorts of past criminal activity came to light about him. And he stepped down.
There are some differences here:
1) The press reported his transgressions months before, but no one paid any attention.
2) Cohen made no effort to hide his past, answering reporters' questions fully.
3) It was only a primary election under party control.
4) Cohen was never allowed to serve.

So, congrats. You've out-sleezed Chicago.

And that goes for the Trib as well since they were also told the story.

"A man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest."

Now What

What changes are being made at your newspaper? I think you need to let the public know what you will do the next time something like this happens. You as a reporting paper have a responsibility to the community to report these gross behavior action of OUR elected officials. I understand that everyone is not perfect, we all have skeletons, but when people are making decisions that change laws of out state, they need to be exposed for who they really are. You let the community down.

Cry Me A River

So, let me get this straight...all anyone (especially a man in power) needs to do -when having a crime exposed to the public by the Des News and SL Trib- is go into your offices and cry?! And if a woman comes to you trying to help shed some light on the truth...you call her "flaky". I think you owe her a big sincere apology and then one for the community of women you sent this bad message to.
Power corrupts...ABSOLUTELY.

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