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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Makes me wonder who else Garn paid off? Maybe the D-News editors at the time?

Also makes me wonder if there are other women? Where there's smoke there's fire.

Lastly, all of this also makes me wonder how many more standing ovations he'll receive from his peers in the legislature--they just don't get it.

Dave in Layton

The D "News" now has zero credibility for me! How do I know when you are reporting the complete story as you know it to be.

Mistakes are correctable, but deciding what your readers should and shouldn't know about a candidate's character is unbelievable.

If you think the character of a person that will be making laws for all us citizens of Utah is not worth reporting, then there is really a problem intrinsic in the D News organization.


You chose what was in our, the electorate's, best interest? How patronizing. You thought she was "flaky", yet you convict yourself because you knew it was true when your wrote in your article that Spangler said "I remember him crying," and confessing what happened. What was there to check out. Also, he paid someone off, no matter how he wants to characterize it. You disgrace the purpose of the first amendment and the role of the press as a check on government. Shame on you! Without a doubt, you would have reported this had it been a Democrat. Your article is full of back peddling.


Not commenting on the incident but on this story, it makes me literally sick to my stomach. Icky. Bernick couldn't have called Spangler for the information? He was a public figure again and it should have been brought up. Ugly. Gross. Icky and I am talking about journalism.


I have a feeling if this had been a Democratic politician, it would have run on the front page.


Since I no longer own a puppy in need of housetraining, from now on I'll get my "news" from the internet, where the citizens who comment on these boards seems to have better journalistic ethics than the 'editors'. Deseret dog-trainer indeed.


I fully understand the need to exercise extreme caution when deciding to publish a salacious story concerning a politician a few days before an election.
But Rep Grant was elected and a few years later became one of the most powerful men in Utah and the editors of the Deseret News still refused to publish this story despite their knowledge and verification of the facts.
Those at the Deseret News responsible for this appalling lack of editorial judgement should join Rep. Garn and resign as they are unfit to hold a position of requiring public trust.


Big time. At best, this represents several instances of shoddy, lazy reporting over the past decade in a story of importance to the citizens of Utah.

I'm sad this will probably taint my perception of the Deseret News for who knows how long, but this is warranted.


The Dnews should be embarrased. They sat on a story even after the guy seems to have confessed in tears in their office..

This isn't journalism, it's editorialism. It's dishonest. It's shameful. The press is supposed to help protect the laws and the people, not shield politicians from scrutiny. I hope that those involved still working for the DNews will have the courage to apologize and resign.

New leadership is needed.

Shame on the DNEWS

you shouldn't even call yourselves journalists.

It really isn't news

Anyone with any degree of intelligence realizes that politics an honest moral behavior are complete opposites. There is no story there.


It was a bad bad decision, but I can't understand the posters saying it was all a D News--Republican coverup, if it had been a Democrat, blah blah blah. They apparently didn't read the article, which clearly stated the Trib passed on publishing this too.

Did D News commit Crime?

I don't know what Utah's laws are or were, but in Idaho, if you know a sexual crime against a minor is committed and you don't report, you can be prosecuted for failure to report. In Idaho, whoever knew about this and didn't report it would be prosecuted, the way I understand the law.


No one still working at the DesNews can remember that a sitting member of the state legislature cried while he told them he'd sat naked in a hot tub with a minor (and maybe done more than just sit)? Really? Really??

And being suspicious of the allegation, not ONE reporter at the DesNews (or according to this, the Trib as wel) chose to follow up on the story after the election? Not one?? Really???

I have to wonder if Garn's checkbook holds more secrets than just one hush money payment. Perhaps we can find an out-of-state reporter with the courage to follow THAT up. Apparently there aren't any in Utah.

Lew Jeppson

You know, D-News, Garn steam-rollered the Democratic opposition in north Davis County. This information would have been mighty useful to them. Did you cover it up to assure Republican victories? I wouldn't be a bit surprsied, and you can drop your so-called neutrality; we've been on to you for years with your extremely Republican stable of syndicated journalists.


Time to cancel my subscription. Real journalists do not cover up stories that allow the acts of sexual predators to remain concealed.

The expert is wrong

"You had it verified and you had the woman talking to you." Actually, the fact that the woman would not talk and give details and corroborate much is one reason why the Dnews is saying it didn't run the story. Sounds to me like this so-called expert thinks she knows more than she does.
Myself, I don't care about something that happened 20 years ago.


Here is another shameful example of how corrupt the Republican Party is.

First, we had Curt Bramble and Pizza-gate and Bramble-gate, then Sheldon Killpack and Killpack-gate, and now we have Garn-gate and this is just the leadership of the Utah Republican Party. We don't even need to get into the details of these and the many other incidents where the Republican leadership has been involved in such shannigans such as Mark Walker and Republican leaders trying to bribe Ellis to not run and Mark Shurtleff and Gary Herbert (whose son worked with Mark Walker) coming to his defense. Who wants to bet that Mark Walker got Gary's son a job and that he helped cover up what had happened between Mark Walker and Ellis?

It is either time for Democrats to be elected on the state level or for Republican voters to attend their Caucuses and take the Republican Party back from the right-wing crazies and their corrupt leaders so that we can have decent representation yet I doubt they will do it.

There is a reason so many Republicans in Utah are jumping ship to the Utah Democrats.

Stan Beale

As a teacher in California where we we were required by law to report suspected sexual abuse, we were made aware that abusers often seek out vulnerable, impressionable and troubled young people. Not only because they would be easier victims but also because they would be less likely to be believed if they spoke out. I wonder if the journalists fell into this trap?


I cannot believe what I just read. Somebody at the Deseret News claimed that this allegation was not verified after Garn admitted before the election that it was true? Not only was it verified, it was undisputed. It is one thing to make a mistake, but to claim it was not a mistake makes your judgment questionable. When just prior to the election a candidate admits to sexual, in my opinion criminal, activity (enticing an underage girl to take her clothes off for your prurient interests) that story is newsworthy. The voters have a right to know if something in the candidate's past brings their judgment or ethics into question. Apparently the Deseret News subscribes to the Clinton standard; if people like you it does not matter what illegal activity you engage in (Clinton's crime was perjury). I would have hoped for more from the Deseret News. In my past I represented clients who sued the Catholic church for covering up childhood sexual abuse. I am sad to learn that the Deseret News takes that kind of abuse as lightly as the Catholic church did. My clients who had been abused were devastated emotionally for many years.

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