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Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Henry Drummond

I'm a little confused about the assertion that there wasn't time to verify the story. You seem to be saying in this article that Garn confessed.


Interesting, so if it happened 17 years ago it's not news? So all the catholic priests and molestation and such isn't really news right? I mean, some molested kids years ago, covered it up and acted one way in public, you're right, that's not news... wow, way to lost credibility in one fell swoop.


So why is this news now? No wonder newspapers are dying. Seems it is a miracle the Deseret News deemed their readers could handle reading about Killpack's arrest. Do you not cover stories until you can no longer ignore them?

Very Disappointed

Like most media, it seems the D News is not interested in reporting the truth. Your business depends on the trust of the people of Utah...it sure seems mindless and short sited to have buried this story. Now the D News' integrity has really suffered. How many other stories have you buried that you should have reported? I guess the right of the people to be informed is not that important to you. Shame on the D News.


While it might have been a good call to not go with the story before the Primary, it definitely should have been revisited when Garn got back into politics. Seems like there should have been notes or something from the earlier 2002 conversation that would have been easy to put together into a story. Someone dropped the ball on that one, even if the $150k payout wasn't known.

Then and Now

The DNews and the Trib may have made the right call in not printing that story right before an election,when it first surface, but I don't that excuses their failing to follow up on the story later, especially once Kevin Garn rose to political prominence in Utah. THAT, to my mind, is where they failed in their journalistic duty. They got some 'splainin' to do on that part.


A ridiculous response to irresponsible cover up journalism. These execs should be ashamed of themselves and fess up. If it looks like & walks like a duck . . . it's a duck. They protected this creep so he wouldn't be in danger of losing the election.

The confesses to the paper

and they don't run the story!!!!

And you call yourself a newspaper????
More like the Fox News of newspapers.

I think it's obvious why they didn't run the story: because had they run the story of this guy sexually assaulting a minor, it would have meant that the democrat would have won the election!


Sorry but this is why I rarely read The D news.


THEY DON'T REMEMBER IT? Just how many stories about nude legislators with 15-year olds have they killed over the years?


How in the world could the Deseret News do this?

I can see being circumspect regarding the timing of when the story might be pursued. But, how could it just be dropped?

I predict we haven't seen the end of the story even now.

And, the standing ovation at the legislature was a joke.

Anywhere else in the country a credible newspaper would have followed up on a story like this, the politician's career would be over, and the legislature would not have applauded the confession.

Please Resign

The news paper should have ran the story. The public should have known who they were electing.

I feel sorry for the victim, and for Garn's family. I even feel sorry for him. Why did he wait to grandstand? He could have gone to the news media any time, even during the session. He made the confession among friends. Strange.

Although there is remorse from Mr. Garn, he should experience the consequences of his actions. His actions were child abuse, and should be punished.

Restitution? Was that what all the cash was about, or hush money. She was wrong in asking for it and taking it. She should have taken him to court.She still was a victim, of Garn and everyone who has kept quite.


Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about the D-News's involvement in this. I hope it leads to some journalistic soul-searching though.


As this point, you're about as "fair and balanced" as Fox News is. If a Democrat had done this, it would have been front-page news back in 2002.

Sad, sad, sad.


It was stated that the $150,000 payoff was in 2002. So to claim that because the incident happened 25 years ago it should be ignored is the mentality of our great lawmakers. For the representatives of Utah to stand up and applaude this man is disgusting. People are prosecuted each day for just this type of incident, yet he gets away with it, with the Republican and Morman church's blessing. Shame on Utah. The man not only is what society classifies as a sex offender, but he should be treated as such and he should be on a sex offender list. One only needs to ask, what if it was your daughter? Would you look at him in the same way, would it be okay for him to get away with this?

Feed Up

Garn should resign. He is sorry that the mistake is coming back to bite him, it was a mistake to pay he the hush money now that she is talking, not that he got naked with a 15yr old girl.
The Desert news did not publish because he was resigning. WHY DID THEY NOT PUBLISH 2YRS LATER WHEN HE RAN AND WON FOR THE STATE SENATE.


It didn't come out before but it came out now. The election never should have played a role in when the new came out.

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Just so we're clear, the real driving force behind news media (newspapers, news tv, news or "talk" radio, etc.) is to generate revenue and make a profit. And as much as possible. I don't have a problem with that at all. I also understand that what is considered "newsworthy" is a subjective determination by a reporter or editor. This case is one example. That said, where can the public go for information? Please just report the facts and tell us the Who, What, Where, When, and How. Let us make our own conclusions and let us answer, to ourselves, the Why. We have our own personal prejudices, we realize that. We can be wrong, and often are. So what? But just because we're wrong, don't think we're stupid. Please don't tells us what to think, or try to manipulate our minds and reach conclusions for us. Didn't your parents teach you that?


This is why the D News is viewed by many as biased toward and controlled by the LDS Church. It really isn't a true newspaper but rather a mouthpiece for it's owner. Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave right now. This is how newsapapers in Russia and Iraq were run.

Liberal Media Elite

If the Deseret News had reported this in 2002, would Garn and the Utah republican party lashed out at the "liberal media elite" for playing dirty politics? That would have been good comedy.

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