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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I cannot believe the excuses my fellow conservatives are making for Garn. Just because some Democrats have done the same or worse does not justify the behavior no matter how long it has been. The facts are: he had an inappropriate relationship with a minor, and he paid money to try and cover it up. Anyone who does these things is not fit for public office, whether they are Democrat or Republican.
Cheryl made some comments that she was upset that she was excommunicated for an extra-marital affair but Garn wasn't. Unfortunately, there isn't much a bishop can do if the sinner doesn't come foward and confess. If he has evidence he can present it to the person, but if they do not confess, there is nothing he can do. Also, Church discipline is there to help someone along in the repentence process, not to punish.


Betcha those legislators who stood to applaud and support Mr. Garn will be backpedaling pretty fast once we learn more details about Mr. Garn's "indiscretion(s)." There seems to be a lot more to this story than a slip-up.

And to the "Dear, dear Cheryl" letter writers, you must be Mr. Garn's PR team. Stop trying to smear a victim of sexual abuse. Shame!

Laughing out LOUD!

Re: Dee | 1:07 p.m. March 12 | 8:11 p.m. March 12, 2010

Ok Dee make your case. If Garn never even touched the woman(at that time a teen girl) what justifies him being on the sex offender registry?

Buddy. Think about what you're saying here. You really think this guy picks up a 6-pack of beer, induces this girl to get naked in a hot tub with him, and then they just sit there and have a nice chat? Think about that for just a second.

A Standing Ovation?

What an indictment on those legislators!

Ethics Reform

First the drunk driver legislator and now the naked in the hot tub with a child legislator???

It makes you wonder what other types of criminals we have representing us in the Utah legislature.

I guess this explains why legislators do not want any ethics reform.

Utah's turn

Nevada has John Ensign and our Luv Gov Jim Gibbons.

Republican idiots that say and supposedly believe one thing and do another.

Idaho has Larry Craig the bible and floor thumper.

Nevada did not applaud Ensign.
Idaho did not applaud Craig.

Utah, the state with the most morally upright state in the union, applauds Garn!


ask a psychologist

Repentance and forgiveness are not the problem. The problem is a young woman who was sexually abused by a trusted male adult. An entire life CAN be ruined, especially when she is left to flounder on her own. HE started her on her downward path. Her self-esteem, self worth, and views on morality have all been seriously affected/altered by a relationship with this married man. There are countless women whose lives have been irrevocably changed by sexual abuse. The men go on, repent, and are forgiven. But the young women are forgotten or told to "get over it." They often don’t get therapy to fully heal and sometimes make one bad choice after another. Brothers rape sisters and families act if the girl should just shrug it off and move on. Marriages without true physical bonding end in divorce because of sexual abuse in the wife's earlier life by step/fathers who are still married to and accepted by the mothers! No matter how penitent a person is, some things can never be put together again. His wife and children are innocent victims. There are no winners here.


HUH? "He wrapped me up and infected me." ?????
WHAT does that mean???? Did she get an STD from this jerk?


Another one bites the dust...


$150,000 in 2002? ..Republicans are cheap.

Edwards, D-NC would have paid her millions or married her.

And please don't ever tell Obama the number that comes after a trillion.

Double Standard?

It's funny that, around here, when a man makes a mistake we should forgive. But when a woman makes a mistake, she's just a terrible person.


I was especially disturbed to see on the news the Utah Legislature applauding Mr. Garn for his confession. Some weren't, however. Good for them! That was clearly the right thing to do!

I feel most sorry for Garn's wife! How much did she know? How much suffering has she endured over the years? She must have known if big money is going out the door!


I just wonder where her parents were through all of this since she said they had had a relationship for awhile. If a 15 year old daughter of mine was spending time with an older man I would have gone right to the police. Also why was this not reported to the police when it happened. There are some unanswered questions. I am not saying what he did was right, because it wasn't. But this needs to be looked into. He should have been punished back when it happened. Also she may have had all these problems when she was young. No one seems to know her background, as no one has checked her out thoroughly. I am sorry for everyone involved. This woman needs real help, something that $150,000 does not cure. Also by her picture she appears to be happy. That makes me question her stability. What is her reason for bringing this out now.

The Law

Hasn't the statute of limitations ran out on this matter? Is there even a statute of limitations in Utah in regards to this? Can Garn still be punished? Before we all assume he will possibly be charged it would be helpful to know if he can be charged or not?


I feel sick to my stomach looking at the picture of nearly everyone applauding him. For what? For showing the "courage" to confess? He was FORCED to confess because she was about to "out" him.

No matter what really happened, no matter how this all plays out, the right thing to do is resign. NOW.

Both guilty...

him of criminal stupidity with a minor, and her of extorting money and taking advantage of someone's stupid mistake.

One might feel sorry for her but she accepted a large sum of money to buy her silence. But years later the original sum is still not enough - her attempts to get more money are criminal.

Just the facts.

She was 15, he was a 30 yr. old married man, her boss and in a position of religious influence. Sure she was infatuated with him, but he should have NEVER taken her to a spa! He committed a crime, period! I don't care about her checkered past, it is irrelavent to the crime that took place, THEN. He should resign NOW. He NEVER should have been elected to office. Let the courts and legal system decide about the money.

So typical of the religious

This is so typical of religious politicians!

His wife and son sent emails urging her to be quiet?

He was 28 and she was 15? I would call that rape!


You couldn't make this stuff up.

Politician admits he played in a hot tub with a 15 year old, then adds that he paid her $150k hush money, now she wants more money so she exposes him, then we find out the newspapers knew this eight years ago and kept quiet, now we find out that he probably broke election laws and the Legislature gave him a standing ovation...and he can't figure out whether he should resign or not????

It's easy - he should resign, and so should every one of those dolts that applauded him. If for no other reason than that they all make us look like complete fools for allowing them to represent us and make our laws.

Isn't there anyone with half a brain up on the hill?


i can't believe people on here are attacking the victim, WHO IS MAHER, NOT GARN! seriously, what is wrong with you people? sounds like your church needs to have a good long talk with you about what constitutes right and wrong.

the ADULT MAN was hot-tubbing naked with a 15 yr ld GIRL. only in utah and fundamental Islamic society would this turn into "the girl's fault".

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