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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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to the perverts

anybody who can defend a 28 year old getting naked with a 15 year old as anything but criminal, is a possible pedephile themselves. He should be in Jail.
People who question her story should remember it was 150 thousand dollar story that kept him running for office instead of getting the beating he deserved at the point of the mountain. There is NO defense for this, and 28 is not a Youthful indiscretion. A picture of a naked 15 year old will get you room and board at the point.


Sad story. When will we ever learn? Down with the dogs, up with the fleas. It's always worked to destroy families, it always will. Learn already. The costly price of sinful pleasure. Was it worth it?


Nice to see that the judges are out in full force...

Who has the biggest problem?

Whose soul is being cankered more? The two subjects of the story? Or all the judgmental posters who are so quick to vilify them?


Why would I have believed Clinton when there was the stained blue dress?
I believe the evidence and I believe that yelling "hypocrite" when a Republican does something wrong but silence when a Democrat (John Edwards, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton) does something wrong implies that Democrats are not hypocrites because they have no morals to start with. Frog feathers! These actions are wrong regardless of political stripe. Innocent until proven guilty, like Clinton.

re: re: the law

You may be right. I am not a lawyer.
My understanding is however that the statute of limitations starts when it is discovered or reported.
If it was reported to law enforcement in the past, and they did not prosecute, I think the lady would have a case for a lawsuit.
If it is just being discovered now, then they have 4-5 years to file charges.
Should not be hard to prove, being that he stood up in front of 100+ witnesses (including I am sure several cops) and admitted it.
If he can not be prosecuted,then it is a shame on our justice system.
It is also a shame on all the legislators that voiced support for the man yesterday.
The makers of the law, should not be the supporters of its violation.


A man from the less powerful social strata within our “zero tolerance” culture would have been jailed by now — labeled a sexual predator. Mr. Garn held positions of influence and authority over this young woman at the time of the incident, which indicates a level of force. Given that he was well into his adult years and she still a minor by several years, one should consider the issue one of statutory sexual assault. Look at the legions of such cases filed, and the “no mercy” prosecutions commonly executed on men of lesser stature. Garn’s socio-political stature, weath, and perhaps even religion appear to have given him immunity not available to most.
Why are our lawmakers lining up for condolence photo ops with. For the rest of us, this would be a case of taking indecent liberties with a minor obstruction of justice, and blackmail.


How did this story about Garn stay under wraps while the legislature is in session? Lack of transparency? Who's protecting Garn and why?


Not surprising. When I first read about this, I didn't think Garn was telling the whole story. Based on the track record of a good portion of this characters in the Legislature, I believe little of anything they say.


Yeah he's a real upstanding man. First pays hush money just 8 short years ago then is given an ovation for getting out in front of this before she could . If she hadn't talked would he have done his tearful Mea Culpa last night ? I highly doubt it .

Utah Dem

GoodGuyGary wrote - "The lady first blackmailed the guy decades after the incident, while she herself having a "pill porblem".(sic)

As I read it no one said blackmail. She came forward when he attempted to run for Congress, he and his wife met with her and her LDS bishop (that from another article) and Garn offered the money. No one, even Garn has she that she asked for the money. She didn't turn the money down but she was also facing many personal problems in her life quite possibly from this relationship.

And it truly doesn't matter what your political party affiliation is but it does matter what your personal character is. Garn's personal character, based on what we have been told thus far, is sleazy. He needs to be removed from office. I believe his fellow legislators are jerks for the standing ovation after making his partial confession.

Feed Up

You can say what ever you want about Cheryl, but she is not a state senator (senate leader).
It is a privilege to serve in the state government. Elected representatives should be held to a higher standard (like not getting naked with a 15yr old girl), just like police officers.

Re: Dee | 1:07 p.m. March 12

"The way to look at is this: Kevin Garn, touching or not, should have been on the sex offender registry"

Ok Dee make your case. If Garn never even touched the woman(at that time a teen girl) what justifies him being on the sex offender registry?

From Maher's own quote you would be stretching it to file any charge that would result in mandatory SO registration.

If he was a genuine sex abuse perpetrator, then let the man go to Court and pay for his crimes, but with the eveidence that is currently given, your comments have no merit or foundation other than political bias and bigotry.


I believe Garn has spammed this web site saying lets just forgive him and forget it. I refuse to believe so many D News readers believe that he is fit to remain in office.


A troubled woman
A troubled man
A troubling story


why isn't anyone talking about the fact that a LDS bishop helped mediate extortion?

I'm LDS and I'm pretty disgusted! Will the Deseret News even print my comment? We will see.


He should resign....no question about it.


Resign Tomorrow.


If this ever went to court it would be he said she said. You could never prove anything other than voyuerism took place. Sad story.

Just Don't Understand It

I am a republican and Latter-day Saint. But I believe this matter is independent of political party or religion. It's about judgement.

What I can't understand is how certain politicians actually believe these things will never come out? Arrogance? Incompetence? Come on. You really believed the hush money meant it would never come out? That's a lack of judgement worthy of resignation in and of itself. And that's saying nothing of the original act of sexual abuse of a minor.

Good grief. I'll take a replacement from either side of the isle who actually exercises good judgement.

Oh, and speaking of good judgement, an ovation? Really? He (and she) needs your compassion but certainly not your applause. Embarrassing.

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