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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Pack Lambert

I am all for forgiving people for their actions, but they have to face the consequences. I see no evidence that Garn has ever faced consequences.
Paying hush money to avoid more consequences is not restitution. Restitution would be paying money to help someone whose life you have destroyed AND openly revealing it to the public.

she's not a mess

she's a QT. i can see why a 28-year-old molly would fall for her at what was it? 14? oh, sorry. 15. yeah.

John Pack Lambert

To the 12:48 commentator,
I would say Never go into a hot tob at all if you are married with people of the opposite sex unless your spuse is there and never be alone in a hot tub with a minor.
While violating these rules might not be immoral or criminal, it clearly is stupid. You just open yourself up to all sorts of accusations that you avoid by being in a more public situation.


Do any of the people defending Garn have 15 year old daughters? He had been her Sunday School Teacher?


Quite an impressive list you have there. How many of those women were 14 or 15?

Doug G

Buddy's busted. Doesn't matter his political stripe.


So glad I do not live in Utah where there appears to be a lot of comfort in blaming the victim and using words such as "repentance" as a way to support an elected politician who has a WIFE!! I am wondering, has there been any discussion about his conduct with a young girl--also known as a minor? Will he have to register as a sex offender or has he REPENTED and everyone should look the other way? Are there others? He was this woman's Sunday School teacher and later her employer. Pre-meditated? Grooming her from a young age? A problem with power? This person needs to resign and needs to be investigated.


My childhood friend Kevin Garn should resign now NOW.

the law

Does the law only apply to the poor?
If Garn is not charged, then we need to let every sex offender who commited simular in prison go.
Now I certainly do not want that to happen, so what needs to happen is he needs to go there and join them.
Why would his wife let him around children knowing he is a pedophile?

@I've messed up

Perhaps if you had committed a CRIME against a teenage girl and not an affair with a consenting adult you should consider not running for office. The only thing you should consider at that point is how much longer do I have to sit in ths cell?


Cheryl Maher looks downright giddy in her picture. Must have come back for a 2nd round of extortion money. Not saying that Garn didn't do something wrong...but let's be realistic about why this is coming out now after 25 years. Cheryl Maher is an opportunist. Period.

i love

these comments so funny as if they are going to change anyone's mind!


So many valid points back and forth, though in the end I think some very formal processes will sort this out. Possibly a House Ethics committee hearing, possibly court. Who knows.

All of that aside a good defense attorney would jealously guard his clients image. The first thing he would do is tell her to take down the freakn web cam picture. It harms her image greatly!


They Can't Make this Stuff Up

We blamed Clinton for Lewinsky (who was an adult at the time) but forgive Garn and blame Maher now. Is Utah popping pills? If your minor daughter was nude in the hot tub with her Sunday School teacher, how would you feel. No touching? Really?

To Brian

But didn't you believe Bill when he said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"?

Interesting story, interesting timing for Garn to reveal this "indiscretion," and plenty of blame to go around. Glad I don't have to deal with any of it. But in case you ask, I'd say he needs to resign.


This is not the first and won't be the last surprise we will hear from those we trust. I am sad for both parties. Here's a man who made a horrible mistake and a young woman taken advantage of!!! Is the moral of this don't run for political office or come clean before you do? I hope and pray everyone involved will heal and the community will allow healing. Think of both parties' immediate and extended families. There are definitely more victims then just Mr. Barns and Ms. Maher.

John Galt

Of course, I believe EVERYTHING she has to say. No WAY she would lie about anything that happened. "Let's just say he loves a massage". How about "let's just say you are lying". Just sayin'


Why is everyone applauding this individual? I wonder if he would of kept this incident a secret if it did not surface?

re: the law

The fact is that even IF a crime was committed, the statute of limitations has long since passed. That IS the law whether we agree with it or not.

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