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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Just to clear up a few things

1. Kevin Garn was not a politician at 28 - he was obviously an out-of-control 20 something male...lots of those around but it still doesn't make it right

2. He should not have been in the hot tub with a 15 year old young lady, whether he was 15, 20, 30 or 50 years old himself.

3. If he did not have sex with the young lady, that is not rape...whatever he did was still wrong, wrong, wrong!

4. Should he resign? It would probably be the best thing all the way around for Ms. Maher, Mr. Garn's family, Mr. Garn and his constituents


Keep your clothes on and keep your affections to your wife Mr. Hypocrite! You deserve what's happening to you. I just feel sorry for your poor wife. She deserves so much better than you. So does the state. So do youth who believe their Sunday School teachers practice what they preach. Shame on you Kevin Garn! Perhaps maybe you should be excommunicated as well.

VFW Dude

Mr. Garn should step down. We should eliminate such titles of nobility as 'Majority Leader' by removing party caucuses from inside legislative branches so we are not confused into thinking these folks are leaders. They are public servants, humans, flawed and we must stop doing more than electing representatives every two years that will represent only. End majority/minority traditions inside because it is not necessary to operate our legislature.

Mr. Garn and Ms. Mahers have some challenges to work out, preferrably not in the public eye. The victim in all this today is the public who simply need representatives to deal with the issues we must have dealt with and then go back to civilian life. Instead we get 'leaders' like Mr. Garn. The victim 25 years ago was Ms. Mahers. There is no rationalization that can make it Mr. Garn as the victim of anything beyond the greed of Ms. Mahers' husband if the report is at all accurate(of course the report called him 'minority' leader so who knows). Politics is dirty, this is yet another example...are there any statesmen in Utah?


What's the big deal? Everybody in D.C. has something to hide. They're all pigs filled with greed and self absorption.


He's got that Utah Toad look. Like the manager at Walmart, or some assistant boys' dean at a high school. I'm guessing he would use any power or authority he could summon to get a young girl naked, even now. Balding toad.


As a non-native living in Utah, I'm stunned by many of these comments. 30 year old man in hot tub nude with 15 year old girl. That's a crime regardless of when it happened! Where are the family values and morals this state is supposed to represent?

This from the SL Trib: "After Garn publicly acknowledged the incident and payments to Maher, Clark praised his colleague. I know not of the man you speak of, but I know the man I consider a friend, a leader and an asset to the State of Utah and I would ask our fellow colleagues that our hearts might be open," Clark said. "We hope you would remain with us," Clark said, to a standing ovation from the representatives and applause and shouts from those in the gallery. Afterward, dozens of lawmakers lined up to embrace Garn, his wife and various family members."



Was she 14 or 15? I guess it doesn't matter, because in either case she's a minor and he's a 30-year old married father and also her boss. It sounds like this incident was devastating to her life so far. Why are most people trying to attack the victim here? A woman claiming to be the victims sister alleges that there was at least one other teenage victim. Did that victim receive a similar payout?

I'm shocked that Garn was called as a Bishop. Wouldn't his membership record be tagged with a note that he had confessed to a sexual deviance with a minor? I also wonder how much the Deseret News knew back in 2002 and why nothing was mentioned when Garn announced he was running again in 2006 and intended to become the speaker of the House?


He (or she) who is without sin, let him (or her) cast the first stone - at either party involved.


Live your life as though your actions may some day come back and bite you in the rear end. It is that simple.

Garn gets a standing

ovation, and hugs all around, from the state legislature after bearing his testimony in this.

What does this tell you?

It tells me that he would get re-elected in a heartbeat, if his opponent were a Democrat.

Garn's age

Actually he was born in 1955, so he was 47 when he paid her off.

And according to the reports, of this happened in 1985, he was a 30 year old man.


She was only 15 years old. Then they went to her LDS Bishop and he didn't report this crime to the authorities, (Police)?

Is this guy so powerful that he gets to keep serving good honest citizens?

I think he should have his name listed on the National sex predator list.


This was not an affair, it was a crime.
An affair would require two consenting adults
This child could not consent
There are men in prison right now for this sort of thing.
How is that he has never been charged?
Was it reported?
The statute of limitations starts when it is discovered/reported to the police.
Right now Roman Polanski is sitting on house arrest waiting to come back to the US for the same sort of thing.
I certainly understand that affairs happen, and no one is perfect.
However this is an entirely different thing all together.
It appears that his behavior has seriously damaged this woman.
The money he paid out, although wrong by both Kevin and the woman.
I put 99% of the blame on Kevin
He created the problem when he messed her up mentally in the hot tub.
You can not pay some money and think that clears you from the legal consequences of sexual behavior with a minor.


Forget about this man for a second, and look up at the picture of his wife... She looks truly devastated.

Look at her face and imagine she was your wife, sister, mother or even yourself standing where she stands. Tough shoes to be in. So painful looking that I wouldn't want to wish this on my worst enemy.

Well, my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family and I hope she can pull a Jenny Sanford or better yet, a Hillary Clinton, and get through this heartache.


It dosen't matter that he was high up in the church because as Glenn Beck explained churchs should not be involved in social justice. And he is active, and she is excomunicated, so the whole thing should be dropped and she needs to give the money back.


This isn't about which party has the most sex scandals-seems to me they're all running around doing what they're not supposed to.

Forget the party, what's bothersome in this case is that he had sex with a 15 year old when he was 30. He was married, old enough to know better, & here he has this little 15 year old, high school love sick puppy who has a crush on him & he acts on it?

There's a reason there is a law called statutory rape & I don't care if it was 25 years ago or 25 minutes ago, can anyone guarantee that this hasn't happened before or since then? It was horrendous enough to send her over the edge.

And BTW the hush money was HIS ATTORNEY'S idea, so if she ever decided to tell what really happened he'd yell extortion. What kind of a low life attorney, an officer of the court, tries to hide a sex crime w/a minor by bribing her?


It's not about Republican vs. Democrats in scandal counts. It's about a person who places themselves on a moral high horse and then falls. Most readers of the DNews would find me a very immoral person, but I'm not trying to pass laws about who can sleep with who. Republicans often are and that is why, when they turn about to be just like the rest of us, it stands out in our minds.

It's Dawning On Them

I think some of the CONservatives are starting to realize that maybe they shouldn't have lionized and defended this clown. They're just a tad slow on this kind of stuff (see Larry Craig, Trent Lott, Mark Foley, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, etc), but I sense that some folks are starting to think "Oh, wait....this is actually embarrassing. He's technically a sex offender and we all ran over and embraced him like a hero."

(slap to forehead)

Endless Republican

sex scandals...

when will it end?

I totally believe Garn that

he just sat there with a naked 15 year old girl.

After all, he cried when he told his story...

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