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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Politicians -- Liars AA has a meeting on the Hill tomorrow ... ALL Attend!


There's plenty of sleeze to go around (regardless of pary). Garn for getting naked and hopping in the tub with a teen (even if she thought she was in love with him, what was *his* motive?), Garn again, for reporting he never touched her (uh sure, that makes sense. He lacked judgment hopping into the tub naked but suddenly has enough sense not to touch...what? he just enjoyed the view?...sure, right). Garn again for burying it to avoid taking any responsibility. Maher for blackmailing Garn in order to *heal* (I doubt she spent the money on badly needed therapy...after all her husband needs money too!)
Maybe Garn can claim being a school teacher or lunch lady and get a slap on the wrist like most female perpertators.
Democrats do worse? When it comes to keeping their pants up, politicians in general lack integrity, self-control (free money anyone?) and require immediate gratification (hands off the teen pages male or female). In the meantime, the country loses its freedoms one executive order at a time. It's all quite pathetic really.


Lies eventually have a way of unraveling themselves. He might as well 'spill the beans' now instead of having it come out by piecemeal.

I wonder what this ladies life, and if she would have ever been excommunicated, etc..., could of been like if it wasn't for the actions of this man.

J from SLC

She voided the contract. Does he get his money back?


He was an adult. He was her employer. He was her sunday school teacher. She may be crazy but if he were caught doing this today. He'd be a convicted felon.

Did He Really Say That?

"I did not want to be publicly judged by one of my life's worst decisions."

One of them? Holy cow!

And all the defenders saying "C'mon, we've all done stuff with naked underage girls.....just forget about it. Why should it ruin his career and marriage?"

You folks are quite possibly crazy. No. Really.


Capital felony, murder, manslaughter, none; other felony or negligent homicide: 4 yrs.; fraud or breach of fiduciary obligation, official misconduct: 3 yrs. max.; rape, sodomy, or sexual abuse of a child: within 4 yrs. of reporting offense; child abuse homicide, aggravated kidnapping, child kidnapping: none; violent felony: none if identity of perpetrator unknown but DNA evidence is collected and would identify the person at a later date (does not apply if statute of limitations has run as of May 5, 2003 without changes filed), once identification made, within one year if statute of limitations has run; misuse of public monies, falsification or alteration of public records, bribery: 2 yrs. after facts reported to prosecutor.



Does the church have a penalty for this kind of behavior or is there a statute of limitations.


Appears Maher has certinaly had some problems and far from being the best charater witness...but...

If sex took place , isn't that Statutory Rape? What's the difference in this case and the Roman Polanski case, where a similar incident took place.

Isn't it a bit absurd to call it a " Indiscretion that took place a long time ago". A indiscretion would be having a affair outside of your marriage with an adult, not sex with a 15 year old when you are 30. Sounds like a pretty serious
" indescretion"!


Typical repressed Republican pervert acting out with children



You misunderstood. He did not give her the 150K when he was 28. He gave that to her in 2002. Just thought I would clear that up.



Being LDS and conservative, I'm surprised at the number of people saying to forget it or are shouting "The Demos are just as bad". Sure, I can forgive him, but that doesn't mean I have to support him as my representative. Sometimes you need to just say things out loud. "A married man naked in a hot tub with a 15-year old girl, physical contact and doing everything he can to cover it up and keep his standing in the church and community". No sir, he doesn't represent me.

Comment to LCP

Kevin Garn paid the $150,000 in 2002, which would have made him 45 years of age at that time and not 28.

There are no winners in this sad story...


Wow, who knew we live in South Carolina?

I am bothered than the Des News hushed it up because it might influence the election. Hello! This is the stuff we should know about BEFORE electing someone. The good old boys protecting each other.


So, is Garn the minority leader or the majority leader? The article seems to have it both ways.

Deomocarts do worse than this?

Really? When Democrats do bad things, Gayle Ruzicka is out with the villagers carrying torches. Wanna bet this fool will get reelected? I have never sat in a hot tub naked with anyone, especially not an employee who as significantly younger, and he was married to boot.


didnt realize cheryl was also the son's babysitter.. even creepier

Sara Bee

Democrats do worse? Worse than nude hot tub massage of a 15 year old, by a 28 year old? Worse than taking advantage of a child who had every reason to think her Sunday School teacher wouldn't do anything so wrong?

Clinton, Edwards and Massa were creepy, but their 'victims' were adults.

No political party, no religion, no nation has a monopoly on virtue or on vice. Vice, when it breaks law, must be handled by our justice system. Our justice system is notoriously unsympathetic with child abusers, as it should be. Garn must stand at the bar of justice.


Glad I don’t live in Utah. Half the population consists of self-righteous judges. Both parties in this mess should be accountable before the law. The rest of you should stand back, take a deep breath and be danged grateful you’re perfect.


If this was someone other than an elected official he would be sitting in a jail cell right now. If he being her boss and former sunday school teacher, as well as her being three years under the legal age of consent, went into a hot tub with her, he should be on the Utah Sex Offenders Website for the rest of his life.

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