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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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The guy gave a 15 year old a massage in a hot tub. He was here former Sunday School teacher. Have some of you missed that part?

Cactus Thorns

"So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." John 8:7

It seems that the fellow has spent a lot of his time and his life repenting for his sin.

There seems to be those who believe that once a sinner always a sinner.

We know that can't be so. Everyone, even you and I have the chance for redemption, both biblically and secularly, otherwise what is the use in doing good works? Why even try?

This might be the dumbest story I've ever read.


@Democrats do worse: Any person who identifies themself as a party member is a Traitor to America. Your post slamming Dems, probably means your a Repub- Guess what - both (ALL)parties should be tried for treason. So why not treat this correctly. Garn deserves everything he gets and Maher is no victom at this stage of the game. 150K and 25 years - get real.

Dixie Dan

"Democrats do worse than this..." Yup and so do Republicans, Independents, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Christians and even Mormons. As for running the country into a Socialist country, it is too late for that as Bush did this with all of his policies, ie. T.A.R.P and Medicare Part D.

Why is this important now?

Man, must have been a heck of a massage to have cost him $150,000 and his political career.

What I don't understand is this: The guy was in a hot tub with a minor and presumably, not even allegedly, something happened. Don't know that the statute of limitatins is in Utah for statutary rape, or gross imposition or any other potentially applicable charge, however, I would assume, based upon other jurisdictions, that statute of limitation is probably less than 25 years. That being the case, why the heck are we putting this guy through this?


Boys and Girls, it's called statutory rape. She was 15 he was a grown, married politician. Young girls are impressionable and people in authority are oftimes attractive. Political parties aside, this guy is trouble and he will get his just due.
Why oh why do we have to reduce really bad things down to political parties? Stop supporting these
people, they don't need or want or value your support. What do you think they think of you? Huh? Look at his wife's face in the photo. Tears, hurt, embarrassment, humiliation and oh, he loves her and is so sorry for his "indiscretion". And that business of "democrats do worse", what BS, rape is rape and lies are lies and fools remain fools.


Sounds like one and the legislature removed any statute of limitations.


Being LDS and conservative, I'm surprised at the number of people saying to forget it or are shouting "The Demos are just as bad". Sure, I can forgive him, but that doesn't mean I have to support him as my representative. Sometimes you need to just say things out loud. "A married man naked in a hot tub with a 15-year old girl, physical contact and doing everything he can to cover it up and keep his standing in the church and community". No sir, he doesn't represent me.


This is all so one sided and sexist that it could only happen in Utah or a Muslim state.

Spanish Fork

I'm rather tired of having everybody's dirty laundry shoved in my face every time I read the news. Maybe it's time to stop reading th news all together and being highly selective about what i watch on TV news! I'll include all the worthless comments as well!

Holier than thou

Kevin dude, the veil is lifted. You're not so lilly white after all. Get off your high horse and join the unwashed masses. OK, enough metaphors. It sure it nice to see another right winger drown in their own hypocracy.

Garn was her employer

He can call it extorition, but that doesn't make it so. He was her employer. She was a minor. It is a classic case of power and coersion. She had cause for a tort action, but they came to a settlement prior to filing suit. What is telling is that in his mind it was extortion and hush money, not settlement of a legal action. His judgement is very bad indeed and based on his statement of events it hasn't gotten better with time.

Let him Stay in office

Happened a long time ago, he is sorry. I have tons of sins too, i would want others to forgive me...

give me a break!!

Motto of the day

"Hit it, Hide it, Deny it."


RE: Dave in FL

Well done. Couldn't have said it better myself.


Sounds pretty juicy...


Did the Mahers claim the $150K on their 2002 Fed Taxes? They just may be in some real deep IRS trouble if they didn't. Unless of course they are in like with Tim Geithner or Charlie Rangel and in that case, I guess they'll be ready for gov't appointments.


It appears to me he has admitted to this. SO..he needs to be charged because he committed a crime and if convicted, then immediately registered as a sex offender! NOBODY is above the law.


The Mormon culture seems to amp the comments here much like Islamic culture in the Mid East. In my opinion Garn is a creep and desperate, which is NOT a partisian characteristic but a lack of character. Not being the Lord Jesus Christ I can't judge him, but I wouldn't want him representing me.

Kathy in Florida

He was 28, she was 15. He was her boss. He, according to the law, sexually harassed a minor. Nobody gets into a hot tub naked with another person and does nothing. He is disgusting. He needs to be put in the sexual offender database.

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