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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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It is AMAZING to me how many people are falling for Garn's anemic excuses.

You REALLY want us to believe this was just some accident Garn? I am not some fool, I know what a man wants when he gets into a hot tub naked with a female. This was a child, A CHILD.

Garn is the perpetrator, not the victim, he is also a BRIBER and his LIES OF OMISSION will be judged accordingly.

God is not so gullible Mr. Garn, you will not receive thunderous applause in the courts of Heaven.


I can't believe the lack of honesty in the leaders we elect. Disappointing.


I am disgusted in a couple of different ways by all of this. This type of behavior should be condemned and is not acceptable by anyone, let alone an elected official.

Also, those who want to generalize and lump all politicians and all Mormons as evil in this way are going way too far. Saying that no one should be trusted or all are bad is ridiculous. Also, so is assuming that church leaders tried to cover it up when we don't even know if he reported it to church officials.


You bring up a good point; where was the church in all this. If she was a church member why wasn't the church there for her when she needed Christian care and church help.


Where does a dude get $150,000 to buy someone else off and why is a seat in the Utah State Senate worth that much to someone? What did he get in return for his so called "Public Service"?

The only reason why these politicians get into office it seems is to enrich themselves or have power over others. You give these creeps an inch and they'll take a mile.

And who is slimy enough to take $150,000 in "hush" money? Maher, how can you be so easily bought?

The slammer awaits

Garn paid C. Maher a $150,000 to keep her mouth shut. Garn is GUILTY to the hilt. people do not do this kind of stuff unless there are some major issues and secrets to be kept..... GARN IS GUILTIER THAN SIN! And sin it was.


If she was a church member, who knows if she even went to church. It sure sounds like she needed Christian care. She may not have asked for any help, though, or reported anything.

Jack M

There's no winners in this case. I guess we're just trying to figure out how slimmy all the players are.


I am literally sick to my stomach reading these comments that blame the victim. I don't care what she has done after the incident(s)-she is not a legislator or steward of the public trust. She does not work for me. He does. I don't want to see him strung up in public, but sheesh, are we really going to stoop to attacking HER?

Rico A

Kevin is a good man. He made some mistakes, but who hasn’t? Can you blame him for not wanting to be publicly humiliated by this extortionist-drug addict? Hang in there Kevin. There are a lot of people out here that appreciate you and what you have done for our community.


Hey did you hear about Bill Clinton and some girl named Monica Lewinski? Wow! we need to investigate some more into that whole thing! I really believe that there was more to the story and what about the job that she was offered up in NYC from a friend of the Clinton's? Really, we need be to rehash all that again if we are going to keep this thing in the forefront of the news.

Please people, let this alone! Get on with your life!


What i have to say will fall on def ears i am sure, after reading through these comments. Both sides of this Garn paid her off, pill popper, her fault, ya-da-ya-da.. Must be a slow news day for the two papers that make rounds through SLC.
This had nothing to do with Kevin Garn! So please lets not speculate and rehash what was, in my opinion your thoughts are all valid and appreciate those who sincerely pay respects Cheryl. The Garn incident is so much more then what was and being reported, we have put that behind us and hope those who would throw bricks would hold them for another victim you feel is worthy to condemn.
She was murdered, out of her control, her choice to live was taken from her and we truly pray for her and the family of the boy who was most likely dealt with life or life dealt with him... Once again, this is not a Garn story but reality of Sundays tragedy of two people, one being my big sister...

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