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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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To 2:02

In your wildest and most bigoted dreams. She will survive all the hypocrites and liars. Garn was a man she was a child. Big difference. However, You are right though, because Utah, has little narrow-minded people smirking around in every corner.

A. Bennion

Wow, and ovation. Stay classy Utah.

Jennie Richards

As a former Sunday School teacher, I do see where Garn may have felt it was important to secure his standing in the Mormon community.


another ethic reforming politician caught with the package in his hand. GOP & DEM'S ALL THE SAME.Sad times for AMERICA



You should try your hand at diplomacy. The State Department is looking for people just like you who can make make wide uneducated assertions about all the people in Utah and the Muslim world. Curios what you can tell us all about North Korea? You should write a book with all your experience with go ahead and say it "Mormons" and Muslims.

Nobody should be impressed with either of these aforementioned individuals actions. Garn's actions from 25 years ago are inexcusable and Mahers present extortions are equally deplorable. If she wanted to set the record straight, she would not have accepted money in 2002.

May God (or Allah) help them and forgive them both.


Everything he did was wrong I mean everything BUT it was 25 years ago. Right or Left he is human. I did not read it but what made her come out witht he news? Why now? Why not 5, 10 2 years ago?


The FEC is worthless organization comprised of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans. They only investigate the politically expendable and Garn is now in that club. Good luck Garn. See now how that party loyalty thingy works out for you. The only parting gift you will get is that standing ovation. Standing ovations won't keep you out of prison.

How can anybody in good conscience have a temple recommend and affiliate with either party?

Adult and minor

Any and all the comments that point the finger at Cheryl don't make sense to me. Laws, those made by legislators, protect minors. He knew this. I don't know if it was extortion. That is up to the courts. It could have been a contract. He didn't speak up for the sake of ethics. He spoke up to not have to pay out any more money.


can we all leave our egos aside for a moment-- men included-- Utahians have the highest egos in the world== who me?they say how about honesty, telling the truth, doing what is right from the beginning - not years later - plain and simple==


Blackmail is not a recommendation for healing wounds of inappropriate sexual addvances. It seems to me that if Cheryl was really looking for sexual healing she would have reported a crime instead of compounding her "devastation" with a criminal act on her own.


We all make mistakes, Kevin made one twenty five years ago. I know this man, and I know why he gave Cheryl the money. Some people may not understand this, but I know it to be true. He made the payment to help her to get on with her life. How much therapy can you get with $150,000? I have a grandson that is fifteen. In one year, he has lost his mother, his dad remarried, his stepmom did not want him, and he had to move out of his home to live with grandparents. This fifteen year old is much better off than Cheryl. She gets paid that amount of money to help her, and now wants revenge and more money. How can a person be so obsessed with ruining a person’s life? If she would have used the money as it was intended, she would not be in this mental predicament. How many of us tell our spouses, family member, and church leaders of our transgressions? Then Kevin goes to this person’s home with his wife, meets with Cheryl and her husband to try to make amends. Look at the good Kevin has done.


Hey Mr. holier than thou. You must be one perfect son of a gun to through you're stones. Talk about hipocracy.


I can't adequately express how deplorable this situation is. Garn should be in the depths of shame. Oddly though, I find it ironic that in photos he looks like a broken man and she smiles like she's on the cover of a magazine.


Just search "republican offenders"


Did you know right from wrong at 15 years old? Of course - and this pittiful woman did also. Now she needs excuses for all the stupid decisions she has made in her life. Further more she was hoping to extort more money.

The senator was foolish to have become involved with a kid, but all of the accusations and defenses were carried out by mature adults. I can't defend the senator's actions 25 years ago, but what's he been doing since? I do have harsh admonition for the woman who can not forgive him and especially herself. Is not forgivness the premise of every faith excluding Islam?


The brain doesn't fully develop until 25 years old. There are reasons we have laws to protect minors. Teenagers are minors. Garn should be prosecuted and sent to prison.

Layton constituent

First, it makes me ill that members of the legislature gave him a standing ovation for his "honesty." Second, the girl was 15 at the time and no way was she mature enough to understand the ramifications. Sometimes MEN forget that a girl make look like a woman but emotionally she is still a girl. How would you men, and women, who think she encouraged him would like their 15 year old daughter naked in a hot tub with a man almost twice her age. Disgusting.
Third, rumors about him and other women have circulated for years but Garn has had too many people in his pocket.
He needed to resign.

To Ken and Others

Garn broke laws. It is that simple. No 15 yr. old, even when they grow up can say, "It's okay. Your $$$ makes it better." He knew he was in TONS of trouble or he wouldn't have flown to NH to meet with her and then give her $$$. It isn't up to her to move on or to him to pay more $$$. It is up to the prosecutors. He has admitted to acts that would constitute crimes with his words, his rushing to hush things up in 2002, and especially his payoff. No amount of money should be able to buy silence.

His good does NOT erase broken laws. As with any of us, our "good" should be simply "good." Good done to better humanity. Good done because it is... good.


Sooner or later the addict needs to give up his or her story and take responsibiity for their own lives and decisions. At the age of 40, I doubt this was closure for her. So what could be the motive for opening this up to the media 25 years later---AFTER accepting money from him to keep quiet. I doubt it was "closure" or any attempt to heal her past. God knows the truth. About each of them and their respective motives. I guess that's all that matters.

Dee Dee

Don't run for office if you have skeletons in your closet. Duh. Secrets don't stay secret when you're in the public eye.

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