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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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A wyoming observer

The is blackmail, pure and simple. Both knew what they were up to, pure and simple. At least in WY, we use sheep!


Right thing to do, Mr. Garn. Now, I would like to know if you faced church discipline at any point, or will now. As an active member of the LDS church, I am grateful you can now face the consequences of your actions. When we choose such behavior, we can't ignore having to face the consequences, which includes hurting those we truly love. I am sorry for you and your family, but I am also sorry you chose to run for public office, and paying blackmail to keep your past hidden. At least David Letterman came out publicly when blackmailed. This is a sorry tale that I hope teaches a lesson to public office holders and others serving in positions of trust. Forgiveness should not include a standing ovation, from associates, intimating public approval. Offering condolances is appropriate, but not applause. Trust will have to be earned again, Mr. Garn, especially since you served on the ethics committee, and refused to accept standards that so many of us expect, such as contained in the Ethics Initiative now seeking signatures.


Okay, so she should be in just as much trouble for taking the hush money, as he is!!!!!

To 11:27

You are a typical person from this part of the country. Bribes are bribes and tampering with evidence is never good.


The LDS Church doesn't have sunday school for 4th graders or 10 year olds. They don't go to Sunday school for a couple of years after that.


The comments under this article are really disturbing. Does your religion teach you minor victims are to blame for adult actions? Especially if they're female? That doesn't sound very Christian to me.


Actually, Garn committed theft by extortion under U.C.A. 76-8-509


I can count on a lot of stupid comments when I come to these news articles. We don't know the whole story yet. I will reserve judgment until I know all of the facts.

Im LDS too

Garn went to talk to his bishop many years after going to hot tub naked just when he wanted to run for Congress. Sorry but I don't believe on his repentance. Garn was more interested in Congress than forgiveness.
Garn did not admitted to the incident either. He was forced to admit after situation came out. All who are applauding him are HYPOCRITES like him.
I am a latin LDS. We are tired we are fed up with your hypocrisy, racism and other American mormons of Utah. We are fed up with your republicanicracy. Then you pretend to teach us how to live sending, as missionaries, your sons and daughters to our countries and many time forced them because you will be ashamed if they don't go. Come on, they have a lot of work in Utah.



Even if they removed the statute of limitations, that can't be applied retroactively because of the Constitution's ex-post facto clause. They would have to go according to the laws on the books at the time it happened.


As to the matter with Roman Polanski, he was caught and convicted. But then he ran when he saw he was going to have serious jail time.

What a loser.

This woman is just begging for attention. Her picture looks like the pictures teenage girls put on their facebooks. And she's 40. She needs to get the help she needs and stop whining. $150,000 was supposed to help and she mad a deal to drop the issue. I don't think he should get away with it but he's asked for forgivness from his family so it seems he's confronted the problem. If we continue to give her this attention she'll want more and end up on all those reality TV shows. Some people are so pathetic.


Keep your chin up and ignore the holier than tho conservative hypocrites attacking you.

@ WHAT?? 12:36

At the time she was a 4th grader, there would have been Sunday School for kids her age. That's not how it is now, but it was then.


I don't understand what the legislature was applauding?

Garn's confession? That seems inappropriate.

Clark's defense of Garn's character? Yes, people can change, but having not made amends for something like this speaks more to character than serving in the legislature. The applause seems inappropriate.

Were they just relieved that he stepped down so they don't have to investigate?

Really, it seems like a very strange, embarrassing, inappropriate reaction.


I think she just wanted attention. Look at her picture. She made a mistake though because now that she's in the media and people are going to be pretty critical of her and I'm sure that's not going to help with all her drug and alcohol addictions. She'll just get more depressed and more messed up.

The Cap

Were all of you who are so willing to forgive Garn equally willing to forgive President Clinton?

just wondering

I wasn't there so I don't know the mood of the situation but applause does seem highly inappropriate.

And she may seem like an opportunist and a vindictive person now, but remember she was only 15. At that age it's all so new, so unexplored - a very impressionable age and he took advantage of that for his own gratification. The fact that they did not have sex may be just a matter of degrees. He is now in much pain and I hope he comes out the other side of this a better man - but her life is the tragedy.


Garn owns two Spas. one in layton, not for from his office and one in midvale. Make you wonder what was going on there after hours.


I find several things amazing about this story:

1) That she would bring it to light in a public setting. I applaud her for being brave enough to do that.

2) That the legislature would applaud him when it's obvious he is still lying. Like someone else said: Who gets into a hot tub naked and doesn't have sex?

3) That so many comments are attacking her. This article is about whether a prominent elected official was a sex abuser and is being truthful about it. She didn't need to tell me that he was lying--the chances of him going into a hot tub naked after drinking alcohol and not having sex are about 1 in 50 trillion.

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