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Hush money may have violated election laws

Published: Saturday, March 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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A person is not a registered sex offender until after they are convicted of a sexually-oriented crime. No charges were ever brought against Garn. The statute of limitations has certainly run out, so no charge could be brought now, or even as recently as 2002, in all likelihood. From a religious perspective, Garn should have confessed this and possibly other actions to his bishop. We have no evidence whether he did or did not. Ms. Maher says she has no knowledge of it. She says she has been excommunicated from the LDS Church for adultery unrelated to Garn. She says she has had emotional and drug problems over the years. It's hard to say when her emotional problems began, or whether they were in any way caused by this incident, which never should have happened. I have to think this brings Garn's political career to an end. It's up to him, his family, and his God to sort out any remaining culpability. Ms. Maher is an extortionist, and could be prosecuted, but she has her own demons to deal with. Just leave us out of it, okay?


They both need help. She was 15 when this happened. He was someone in the church, an adult, a former Sunday school teacher, employer, and the one who may have been completely responsible for reaching out to this girl in an inappropriate and illegal way. He will need healing and forgiveness. If he did what he said he did, he made a big moral, ethical, and legal mistake. I think they call them predators today. She on the other hand was a "kid" who was taken advantage of by an "opportunistic" adult. Even though a lot of time has passed, it is possible that event affected the way she has lived her life since then. When a process doesn't work, don't you go back and try to figure out when things were going right, and then figure out where they started going wrong? This may be the story of her life. This experience could have made her feel "unworthy"of a better life, and so she has spent it trying to escape through her drugs, or maybe it forced her to "try to" grow up sooner, making even more mistakes. She needs help and healing also.

what's up with Layton

Killpack and Garn- two Layton peas in a totally corrupt and rotten pod. These idiots wanted Killpack toresign, just like they want Garn to stay.

He sould do the right thing and step down.

But he won't, because in legislative leadership, EGO trumps all.


If this is true, it's disgusting.

I never cease to be amazed at how some individuals think they can actually run and be elected to public office when they have skeletons like this in their closets. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

I feel sorry for his family and the girl--that is, if it's true.

If it is true, he deserves to have the full weight of the law and the Church Court come down on his head, big time.

I fear we are becoming way too influenced by the world. DO YOU SEE WHERE IT GETS YOU, KEVIN?


What and IDIOT!!!! That's all I can say!


It doesn't matter what he is now, or what her intentions are now. The foundation of this whole thing is this man--who was old enough to know better--groomed and abused a minor. If he had any integrity he would have taken care of it in the beginning. He should have dropped out of the race instead of paying hush money. I am republican, I don't know the man, but his actions show me he should not be trusted. She is one of many young girls who have had their lives messed up at the hands of a selfish out of control man. What goes around comes around and it his turn to feel the pain.


Reading some of this is so surprising. Regardless of political party or religion what HE did was wrong. She was 15...he was her boss and her one time Sunday School teacher. Look at the two women teachers who were sexually involved with their jr. high student...was it the boys fault? Afterall it was consensual. That our legislature would react to his admission with thunderous applause and a standing ovation is frankly embarrassing. He should have been charged with a crime, and she with extortion.

If she's lying he's still bribes

John Galt

"Of course, I believe EVERYTHING she has to say. No WAY she would lie about anything that happened. "Let's just say he loves a massage". How about "let's just say you are lying". Just sayin'"

This is what rape and molestation victims have to go through all the time. Constant accusations that they are lying and that if someone pays them $150,000 its not an admission of their guilt. If she is lying he had every opportunity to tell her to get lost and to take a hike and accept any investigations and news stories about her allegations and let investigators vindicate him but he chose not to do so but instead chose to pay her to keep quiet because she's telling the truth.

Can you say that all those young boys who were molested by Catholic priests were lying?

We know they are lying. We know it. So tell the truth or better yet take some money so you don't have to be put through the grinder by faithful Catholics or Mormon Republicans who will defend upstanding Catholic Priests or Mormon Republican legislators. At minimum he bribes people. That's ethical!


To the guy who questioned my statement of: "The way to look at is this: Kevin Garn, touching or not, should have been on the sex offender registry".

You are amazing. Public indecency (which requires no touching) in front of a minor is a Tier ! sex offense and requires registration on the sex offender registry.

The dude got naked with a 15 YO girl! And the legislature, and folks like you want to act like it's nothing.

And by the way, Garn's "nothing happened" is as believable as Clinton's "I didn't inhale."

Proud Republican

This is all Obama's fault! If you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. It was a bad year for Republicans in Utah.


This woman is obviously starving for attention. $150,000 is plenty of money to get counseling and move forward with life, but apparently she wanted more. Wow lady, it happened 25 years ago, GET OVER IT! Like I said before, you had plenty of money to get some good counseling, and apparently you didn't get it! Everyone makes bad choices, sometimes even horrible ones. That is why we are sent here is to learn and move on. Let this poor man move on with his life!


Not everyone is perfect, obviously. I mean listen to all of you guys judging this story when most of you have not even met either person. The fact is, it happened 25 years, long before Rep. Garn was in politics. He broke the law, made a mistake, and now serves this county. He obviously isn't doing it for money because he has plenty. Why does everyone have to be so hard on politicans? He is human just like all of us, helping our country. Yes, if this happened now while he was in politics, then he should resign, but it happened 25 years ago! He is obvously doing a good job too, people voted him in and then other politicians voted him into leadership. Give the guy credit for the good he is doing!

does need

to have touched her, he was naked in front of her, that is all Utah requires for someone to be listed as a sexual preditor and put on its manditory list. Exposure to a minor should put him in prison, but we will see if Utahns are smart enough to get this right. Lately, they can't even get a husband killing his wife right.


Re: Dee

You said: "Ok Dee make your case. If Garn never even touched the woman(at that time a teen girl) what justifies him being on the sex offender registry?"

You're just amazing. Public indecency (no touching) with a minor is a Class I sex offense and requires registration on the sex offender registry.

You folks, and the legislature, who act like this is no big deal are incredible. The dude got naked with a 15 YO girl!

And by the way, Garn's insistence that nothing happened is about as believable as Clinton's "I didn't inhale."


Violating election laws is the least of this man's concerns. He should be more worried about being a registered sex offender. The WHOLE story is now bound to come out. What he has admitted to is strong enough evidence that he should be prosecuted for exposing himself to a minor.

I was rather appauled to see our legislature rally around him. They should be condemning HIS ACTIONS, and respecting only that he is coming forward. Would he be coming forward unless this woman was saying things? He paid her years ago. He should have gone to jail and paid his debt to society back then. He should resign, go and serve his time behind bars like all other criminals, then come back and see if the public will vote him into office.


This whole story is very disturbing. The thing that gave me chills when I saw the video of the confession in the house chamber last Thursday evening was the standing ovation he received from his peers. If they are really his "peers" we are really in trouble. Rep. Garn's behavior in this matter is disturbing. His legislative "peers" behavior is doubly disturbing, amazing and disappointing.

St George

Just resign and and it will all go away. We need moral and just men in the legislatur. Pleas go away.

Re-read story

Suggest many of the commenters here go back and re-read the story regarding his relationship with this CHILD. It is not about a single "incident" in a hot tub. Also note questions about the timing, source, and legality of the hush money.


"Cheryl Maher said Friday that Utah House Majority Leader Kevin Garn is lying about having no physical contact with her when they went hot-tubbing in the nude when she was 15 years old."

Yeah, they probably shook hands or played footsy in the hot tub.

Look, there's a big difference between sexual contact and physical contact.

@anonymous 7:09

one thing for sure - she darned sure is no longer 15. He was wrong to begin with, power, position, advangate - all that is true. But years later you're telling me when someone, in a threatening manner, tries to extort money from a situation the extorter is doing nothing criminal?

Get real!

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