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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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both ways

It appears that this young lady has some problems of her own and that this will bring about her repentance fow her own wrongdoing.


No, Garn, your primary concern is how this will affect your political career, not your family. Cynical? Yes, but you people in the Legislature leave us no choice but to think that way based on the politically motivated and self-serving unethical and childish behavior of you and many of your colleagues each session.


While I won't judge him morally, someone else higher than I will do that, I will hope that as citizens we hold our state leaders to high level of good judgement. In this case, Mr. Garn failed multiple times to use good judgement. I am troubled by his participation, his denial, his comment that he agreed with the girl that the money would help her heal, and that he only came clean when he got caught. I for one need someone with a higher degree of good judgement to lead me. He should resign or be voted out! And legal issues should also be looked into.

John Charity Spring

There was a time in this Country when politicians believed in the old fashioned values that made this Country great: honesty, fidelity, loyalty, and chastity. Now, there is an epidemic of politicians who engage in immorality, dishonesty, and substance abuse. Distressingly, they seek to hide this behavior from the public, and yet, when it is revealed they claim that there is nothing wrong with such behavior.


I will judge him morally. He took a vow (well, a couple...) and not only did he abdicate on them, he tried to cover it up. He is a legislator tasked with making laws not breaking them. This is pedophilia and extortion. They both are guilty. She for asking for extorted funds as an adult, he for taking advantage of a minor as an adult. Don't give me the "he repented" nonsense either. He loses his job. He does jail time. You would. I would. Period. Yes, if you run for elected office and have the privilege of influencing and writing laws, you should have to uphold them. Case closed. Nude bathing with a child of 15 at 28 is pedophilia. Pure and simple. He needs to be prosecuted. He's only looking out for his career now and that's clear since the $150K was paid LONG after the offense. He deserves no defense and should resign. Whether the statute of limitations applies I don't know but it shouldn't. Shame on him and her. Where was Mom & Dad 25 years ago btw? Resign Mr. Garn.


What is the statute of limitations here. Should this predator be in prison or to say the least, on the sex offender registry? Our children need to be protected from this man!


Exposing yourself to a minor is a crime.
Tampering with a witness is a crime.


Considering his political career directly impacts his family its pretty much impossible to say that he's trying to protect his political situation purely for its own sake.

People that honestly don't want good things to happen for friends and family are pretty far apart with few inbetween.

He made a mistake, so do most people. Some people view politicians as status symbols who are supposed to be model citizens that can be looked up to and felt proud of, not unlike super heroes.

I view politicians as people whose primary job is "supposed" to be representing the concerns of the voters they are responcible for. I don't expect them to be superhuman with spotless records because in practice essentially NONE of them are. Some are just much better at hiding things than others. It doesn't always make them bad people, it doesn't always make them bad at their job.

I think they should be held accountable legally the same as anyone else, but nothing more. I do believe that if we focused and held politicians more accountable for their jobs than personal lives it would in turn push their focus accordingly. /shrug

Get Real!

Seriously, the only reason he feels bad is that the truth was coming out. I would not be surprised if there are more women that come forward.

Throw the bum out and put him on a sex offender registry for the rest of his life.


Naked in a hot tub with NO sexual contact? I find that very hard to believe. Resign

Galen R.

Sorry Kevin, time for you to re-sign. We all make mistakes but we all don't pay 150,000 dollars hush money. We want our leaders to be more accountable and you are, after all, a public servant.


He should do the honorable thing and resign. But Republicans have no shame, especially in Utah where they are untouchable. I wonder if he has been hiking the Appalachian Trail, too.


This was not an affair, it was a crime.
An affair would require two consenting adults.
The minor child could not consent.
There are men in prison right now for this sort of thing.
How is that he has never been charged?
Was it reported?
The statute of limitations starts when it is discovered/reported to the police.
Right now Roman Polanski is sitting on house arrest waiting to come back to the US for the same sort of thing.
I certainly understand that affairs happen, and no one is perfect.
However this is an entirely different thing all together.
It appears that his behavior has seriously damaged this woman.
The money he paid out, although wrong by both Kevin and the woman. I put 99% of the blaim on Kevin.
He created the problem, when he messed her up mentally in the hot tub.
You can not pay some money, and think that clears you from the legal consequences, of sexual contact with a minor.


Mr Garn needs to take responsiblity for his actions. It was not a mistake that he was naked in the hot tub with a child. It was a diliberate criminal act that he did with purpose and consideration.

John Pack Lambert

To the 2:01 commentator,
Since Senator Kilpack resigned, it is not Utah Republicans who fail to resign. It is in fact South Carolina Republican governors who have Democrats in the state legislature stop impeachment efforts by Republicans.
It was Rep. Livingston who resigned for non-criminal acts to pressure Bill Clinton to do the same for perjury.
I fully think Garn has got to go, but there are many cases of failure to resign in both parties, so do not make it a partisan issue.


Well, he cried and got a standing ovation, therefore he must be the victim in all this. I wonder if my legislator stood up for him? I'm sure he did, thereby condoning bribery and child sexual abuse. How proud we Utahns are.


Don't Bishop's of the LDS Church have to report illegal activities such as these.

Henry Drummond

My head is still spinning over this. I would feel differently if this had been between consenting adults, but this is clearly an adult taking advantage of an underage girl. He was this girl's employer and was also in a position of trust as her Sunday School teacher. I think it is extremely disconcerting under the circumstances that this newspaper would choose to spike a story when they have these facts before them.


What a shame and disgrace that the bigots on Capitol Hill would give a child molester a standing ovation. You all make it look like Mormons don't think anything is wrong with what he did. It makes me sick to my stomach the way these legislators think and act. We can't help the poor they need to fend for themselves. We can't give the gays and lesbians protection from discrimination, but we can give a standing ovation to a child molester because is one of their members. FOR SHAME ON ALL OF YOU>


In Utah there is no statute of limitations on the sexual abuse of a child. He has publicly admitted to sex-crime of sexual abuse of a minor. He should be prosecuted.

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