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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Legal misconceptions

Many people here have no clue about the laws which govern their daily lives. Which is frightening, in a way.

First, there is no criminal liability: The statute of limitations for any crime committed in this incident expired long ago, even before Rep. Garn paid her the "hush money". The standard limitation on misdemeanors is two years; four for most felonies.

Second, the girl in question was a minor, but not a child, under Utah law -- which means this wasn't child abuse under any definition in the Utah Code. The term "child" in Utah law is reserved for children less than 14 years of age.

Third, simply getting into a hot tub naked with a 15 year-old girl was at worst Lewdness -- a Class B misdemeanor (UCA 76-9-702).

So, under Utah law, Representative Garn is no longer a criminal.

Shortsighted? Yes. Stupid? Absolutely. Unfit for office? That's for the voters in his district to decide.

But a "child abuser" he is not. And for what it's worth I'm not a lawyer, either -- just someone who has a basic understanding of Utah law.


You know, I'm kind of sick of amoral people throwing it in the face of people trying to be moral everytime one of them messes up. Just because we are far from perfect doesn't mean we should stop professing living the values and qualities of a moral life. Personal actions that are immoral in no way make morality any less valuable. In fact just the opposite is true. Garn's case is a perfect example of the importance of living a moral life.


I have always wanted to run for political office JUST to see what the media would dig up one me. Would they dig up that I was late coming in from recess once while in the 2nd grade?


So, according to Republicans in the legialatire, DUI and bathing nude with a minor are just fine and dandy if you are a "good person". I get it now.


There's really only one way to properly respond to this incident: A MESSAGE BILL.

So sad !!

I once saw a bumper sticker which stated " any leader who would cheat on his spouse and children-would cheat on the people he leads". Why, can we have leaders who are morally clean?


Did you hear the news? The dictionary is changing the term Hypocrisy to: Republican.


This was 25 years ago. Move on! Who cares?


Does the fact that Mr Garn is Mormon and that he was with an underage girl make it so much different than if he were a Catholic clergyman getting into a hottub with an underage boy?


When Jesus was confronted with the woman taken in adultery he asked that he who was without sin cast the first stone. That fits this issue.

Garn seems to have followed the admonition Jesus gave to the woman. Go and sin no more.


Mr. Garn claims there was no sexual contact and all he did was enter a hot tub. While there's nothing illegal in that, it certainly begs more questions. What was the venue? In the context of a family-oriented nudist facility where clothing is optional for everyone, there would be nothing untoward about it. Otherwise though, why was he naked? Moreover, why was she naked? (or how did they become naked?)

The biggest question is, if the encounter was as innocent as Mr. Garn described, why was he willing to pay $150,000.00 to cover it up? He sounds like very guilt-ridden person with a highly twisted and mixed-up set of ethics. Either that, or just a big phony who's been playing to voters that only will elect someone they perceive to be "morally perfect". Probably both.


I love this, he got in the tub NUDE but didn't expect anything to happen sexually? Of course it was sexual. Just because there was not intercourse doesn't mean it was not sexual and not a crime. This wasn't innocent, he was freaking 28 years old.

Too Funny

All the Democrat sheep on here giving holier than thou and intolerant comments.

In your book all of this stuff is good.

We are always asked to look the other way when Democrats do this stuff.

Now that a republican made a mistake 25 years ago we need to make big deal out of it.

You pathetic Liberals are so transparent and duplicitous.


Why does this stuff always happen to the innocent and good guys?


Blaming the girl for wanting a settlement... Start blaming Garn for the first offense. If he would have said no, then she wouldn't have demanded settlement money. Go back to the very beginning and you will find Garn is the catalyst of this whole thing.


Kevin was wrong 2 times, but his wife was very wrong also. Are these adults who think one can do wrong, wife helps you cover this up and life goes on. come one scary as it seened lying to us all these years as an upstanding family is worst Slink away


If Garn's allegation that there was no physical contact is true, then it may be difficult to prove that there was a law broken. It looks like it is a he said/she said 25 years after the fact and while his story sounds a little shaky, he is apparently the more believable person.

I'd bet dollars to donuts this woman will be on every talk show around in the next few weeks and may even be able to make a short term career out of this ala Anita Hill.

Kinda sad and tragic all the way around.

Sad for all involved

Most of all for the woman. I hope that she is able to work out her issues and get her life in order.

Oh Please

This upright gentleman has been the primary opponent of the legislative ethics initiative.
Well, now we know why....


Almost as shocking is the Deseret News decision to assist Rep Garn with his attempt to cover-up this incident. Did those responsible for this terrible decision think a public official paying off a blackmailer was not newsworthy? Sorry, that doesn't even begin to pass the smell test...

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