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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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She should pay!

Big deal, he sat in a hot tub with a girl 25 years ago! Extorting $150,000 is the thing that the authorities should be investigating. (and she was not even smart enough to keep her agreement to be quiet for $150,000!) I hope this woman pays with some prison time!


Was he married at the time? Why is this PERVERSION and BRIBERY ok with fellow legislators? Count me as an LDS person who is not condoning this immoral behaviors.

Why is it

. . . if we press hard enough, we find EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN is dirty?

The fact that all the rest "console" and close ranks around Garn indicates they're all the same.

Throw ALL the bums out!

northwest reader

Sad for both Deseret News and Garn. On one side I believe the lack of reporting shows a level of humanity, however the incident should have been reported.

No winners here.

Standing ovation???

I agree that this issue needs to be forgiven. From what I've read and heard Rep. Garn had already taken care of this problem with the woman, his family, and with his church. But should he have received a standing ovation??? That act, led by the Speaker, leads me to wonder about legislative "double standards" once again.


Maher should go to jail! MOVE ON WOMAN. Total cop-out if she blames ANYTHING on this incident. 25 years ago? C'mon. Maher is weak and obviously VERY VERY disturbed and desperate! Go directly to jail!!!


Come to Utah, where women have no rights. The assembly applauds this cretin's behavior. Must have been right after they passed the law that criminalizes miscarriages, they were giddy with success. $150,000 payed for no misconduct with an under-age girl in a hot tub, sure...just like John Ensign paying off his aides husband for no misconduct.

Women's groups should campaign for a total boycott of this state for the way they treat them. What's next, witchcraft revisited....

RE: Who needs Child Protection L

Exactly. A 28 year old man is hardly in his youth or a young man. He is a grown adult. Teenagers are kids.

ER in AF

Pardon me?!!?? Some of you guys are saying pedophile, and sex offender, sexual predator and naked. ????? Did I read the same article? Nowhere does it say he had sexual contact with her, nowhere does it say he molested her, nowhere does it say he got naked.

Now, guess what, there are a lot of beautiful young women, and getting into a hot tub with them is a very poor showing of judgement, but nowhere is it illegal to get into a hot tub with one. Did I say poor judgement? Yes! Very!!! Can a person go to jail for it? Be indicted?? Get on the sex registry? NOOOO!

Now back from LaLaland. It was 25 years ago, his wife knew about it, his kids know about it and now it is public record. It has not been repeated and he has demonstrated a strong record of service since. Good enough for me whether or not he is Dem or Rep.

End of story for me.


This kind of behavior is unacceptable, regardless of when it took place, resign now Mr. Garn, you are a disgrace, if that had been my daughter, look out pal..


Please!! If you have broken the law to the extent that you need to cover it up with bribe money (even if it was 25 years ago) ... Confess,Repent, Get Help, Move On, but DON'T RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE! We need ethical legislators in our House and Senate. One does not need to be perfect to be ethical!!


What was the young girl doing -NAKED in a hot tub where males were about. What kind of establishment
was it? a gym, a private home? These items make a
big difference....

As a law maker he should know:

to an attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation under Section 76-4-101 , 76-4-201 , or 76-4-203 , the person knowingly uses a computer to solicit, seduce, lure, or entice, or attempt to solicit, seduce, lure, or entice a minor or a person the defendant believes to be a minor to engage in any sexual activity which is a violation of state criminal law.

I regret

things I did in my younger years! We ALL do stupid stuff! He didn't rape her or force her to get undressed so it was just bad judgement! I think he should be given his 150,000 back! A contract drawn up by two lawyers is binding I would assume.


She and her Bishop met with Garn in 2002 to discuss this. Doesn't the bishop have a responsibility to report this?


["I just want to tell the truth because it's part of the healing process for me."]

Translation: She's been talking to the news and I have to get out in front and spin before its too late.

[House members gave him thunderous applause for his honesty and embraced him.]

What more needs to be said? The largely Rushpublican Utah House APPLAUDED actions that would make him a low level sex offender AND being involved in extortion!


$150000 for what, sitting and talking in a hot tub? There's more to this story.

Walk in his shoes:

Wonder if Garn has a 15-or-so-year-old-daughter? Wonder how he would react if this 15-year-old daughter was naked in a hot tub with her employer? How many of the men who embraced him have 15-or-so-year-old-daughters? What kind of message were they giving their daughters? "Don't worry, honey, daddy will embrace the guy if he confesses. After all, you are just a girl."


Oh the apologists! I, for one, would never get into a hot tub with a teenage girl, with or without clothes. He made a mistake which has destroyed all confidence in his judgment. Why does he hold onto power. It is because he is intoxicated with all that comes with his position.

Mr. Garn is a pathetic pervert who must resign immediately. What about his comarades who knew about this? He/she is also culpible.

As a registered republican I feel it is time to get rid of these bums. We need change. Republicans have held exclusive power for far to long. This kind of arrogant behavior permeates all levels of government.


Republicans proved in this legislative session that the following are ok by their example:

1. Getting in hotubs with minors nude
2. Bribing said minor.
3. Hiding such behavior.
4. MORAL HYPOCRISY is OK as long as your have an R by your title.

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