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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I applaud Garn's finally coming forward. But I do not applaud that he came forward only under threat of exposure, that he covered a very serious crime for 25 years, that he claims he was "scared" and trying to make "amends" by paying hush money (which one might call witness tampering), that he accepted posts as lawmaker and leader and ethics committee member knowing he had violated very serious laws, and that he sexually abused a child and harmed his wife, his family, and Utah . . . And I especially do not applaud a congressional leadership that ignores the federal and state crimes, the coverups, the lies, the hush money . . . and Applauds the man who did those things! Does congress and its leadership really not get what this man did? Ivory tower. Old boys' club. Back room deals. Corruption. Power. Prestige. We need not throw the first stone. We need only follow ancient and modern scriptures and ethics. We should have full investigation, disclosure, and justice. Only then we should apply the principles of clemency and mercy.

From WA

If this really was a one time incident 28 years ago, and no other act occurred later, what good does putting him on a list really do other than brand him? If other offenses have occured,


Nice to see most on here realize people make "mistakes." So the next time it's a Democrat in this position, as inevitably there will be, we all expect the same amount of empathy and forgiveness.


which is the greater transgression of the law for a 28 year old to be inappropriate with a 15 year old or for an undocumented immigrant to try to care for his family by crossing the border to earn enough money to feed his family. I think this was a long time ago and I have done stupid things in my life. Not this one though. But we are to quick to judge others "the law is the law".


It's not like Garn is working for Obama so, Utahns should overlook his past and forgive him.


The biggest mistake Garn made was paying the extortion money. It makes it look like he had something to hide. He needs to sue this woman for every penny. She is dishonest to the core. Only in Utah would a 22 year old hot tubbing incident be a scandal. Most newspapers would never print this had he not made the public statement. I am a Dem and usually not a Garn fan but today I back him 100%.

Lew Jeppson

Well, Garn has held one of those many Republican lock tight districts (Demos won't even run in it), because LDS believe only Republicans are sufficiently righteous to hold positions in the legislature. That belief will no doubt continue.


So, she says she took $150,000, promised to never make it public and then said she never wanted to make it public, and then makes it public.

Both people made mistakes in judgment, one is a liar, and now let's move on.


25 years ago is long enough to live with guilt. 'Let you without sin cast the first stone' comes to mind. As for paying the girl and the newspaper keeping it quite I am surprised at these things and they are my real concern in reading this story. 'dumb and dumber' seems to be what I have to say about that!

Once again...

Living a chaste life at all times and in all places will save you from so much trouble! We can learn from others' mistakes for sure. "Choose the right...There's safety for the soul!" Indeed!

Who needs Child Protection Laws?

It's incredible to see all the comments attacking the woman in this case. Particularly the "14-year-olds know what they're doing" crowd. Are 13-year-olds that much different from 14-year-old? 10-year-olds are now dressing like teenagers, so they should be held responsible for what happens to them. TEENAGE BRAINS ARE NOT FULLY DEVELOPED!!! They do not fully understand consequences to their actions. In fact, our brains continue to develop well into our 20s. There are reasons that we have child-protection laws.


It's funny to me all of the "forgiveness" and "mistake" comments on this board. It seems that when someone is Mormon these are the feelings people have, but when they are not Mormon, or heaven forbid Democrat, it seems the comments are not as nice and forgiving.


Give Garn a break! The man made some mistakes. Who hasn't? Life isn't perfect. I can't believe the Deseret News would even print a story like this. It's time to move forward.


I wonder what nonsexual conduct could be $150,000 worth of harm to her.

Re: Re: Hmmmm

"It's the reporters who control what gets broadcast to the world and those in Utah choose to pick on Republicans. Of course, there are more of them to pick on here, but that doesn't mean there aren't stories that could be told about Democrats."

Ridiculous... do you for one moment truly believe any newspaper, particularly the Deseret News, wouldn't salivate at the chance of uncovering credible political scandal regardless of the person's politics. As they say, if you want to sell a paper put "sex", "murder", or "sports" in the headline. You seem to either be suggesting that the DesNews is above reporting on scandal (nope, just read that article) or is left-leaning in who they expose (hold on... I'm still laughing on this one). The only thing I will agree with is there are many more Republicans in the Utah House/Senate, hence it's more likely Utah political scandal will come from Republicans--this is obviously true.

People are imperfect on both sides of the aisle, but lets not kid ourselves here--the right has had a particularly bad showing over the past few years, both locally and nationally.


Wait! I thought only DEMOCRATS had no morals and yet people are willing to forgive a REPUBLICAN very quickly.

Only in Utah...

...does a man have to say "I am ashamed" and every one else has to say "I am saddened" when someone is the victim of extortion for something repented of long, long ago.

And James: The "claim" was a payment for confidentiality. This woman now has to live with her dishonesty for the rest of her life. Garn has nothing to be ashamed of at this point except his poor judgment in paying the $$.


There doesn't have to be sex to be SEXUAL. It was wrong and immoral. Then he bribed someone with $150,000? Even more wrong to hide this.

What is with Republicans and their sexual deviancy in positions of power legislating morality for the rest of us?


So a married adult hopping nude into a hot tub with a nude teenager is O.K. for future state legislators? How about a future teacher?

Double standards... hypocrisy... Utah politics!

Hopefully this

and Kilpacks DUI will humble the GOP members a bit on the hill and make them hold their tongue a bit longer when the feel the need to judge others through there speeches and sometime inane laws. I for one hope this leads some people to realize having one party control is bad for everyone as only the views of the radical right are fairly represented at the moment. The rest of the arrogant GOP legislators, I hope you humble yourselves or it will likely be done for you. You're not better than anyone else.

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