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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Only in Utah. Reading these comments disgusts me. The Deseret News hid a CRIME, a CRIME against a child because the preditor was a powerful Mormon politician. If it were Joe Non-LDS/brown man down the street you would want him castorated and put on a the preditor list for assaulting a young mormon girl. Your "Family Values" are filthy.


25 years is a long time ago, 15 yr old girl hmmmmm, 100,000 20 odd years later hmmmmmm, thats alot of money for a skinny dip. Should of just owned up then. Hope thats all there was to it if not then we are back to a round of tiger.


Dude's in the hot tub w/ a young hottie and NO SEX?
THIS, my fellow citizens, is what's wrong in the State House!


Give him a break. It's been 25 years!

Hey Satan,

Just remember your old buddy Slick Willy. LDS Republicans will never top that one.


According to the Standard Examiner article, the woman says there was more to this than just hot tubbing. I don't know what the truth is, but I'm surprised the Deseret News didn't talk to the woman before publishing the article, in order to present both sides.

I am not without sin. I'm also not a leader in our state's house of representatives.


I agree with "he that lives by the sword dies by the sword." The child abuse laws are ridiculous.

Extortion Pays

Evidently extortion pays. She got paid $150,000 (pretty pricey to not talk about a dip in a hot tub) and got to talk to the media about it and ruin his reputation to boot. Seems like she got her cake and ate it too.

I don't approve of the man's extortion payment OR the hot tub incident, but two willing parties were involved, is there no accountablity for the other party involved? Nobody forced the girl involved into the tub, or forced her to demand the money, or forced her to then go to the press to see what more she could get out of this incident that happend so many years ago.

How could it still be haunting her this many years later? I mean what was so traumatic about it? She sat in a hot tub with a naked guy?


Morals and family values, in action..


Everyone is human and prone to mistakes.

Not everyone claims to have the moral authority to be a public leader, however.

Nor do most of our, ahem, "youthful indiscretions" involve children. I don't think Mr. Garn is some sort of child predator, but all of you in the "forgive and forget" must not be parents.

All that being said: 14 year old girls who fool around with 28 year old men often grow up to be blackmailling gold-diggers.

Uh huh

If a non-Mormon Democrat admitted this, would the applause have been so thunderous and the tears so flowing? Hypocrites.


"Certainly it wasn't a send-him-to-prison offense if no sexual contact occurred."


He'd be thrown in jail if he had a nude picture of a 14 year old on his computer, but if he sees the same thing in person he gets off with a slap on the hand and some public brow-furrowing?


Wow! 25 years ago. Who cares!

get over it......

First of all, she needs to give the money back. If she expects him to confess to all his sins in public and remain on the chopping block, she needs to confess hers and give the money back.

Secondly, I would hope that I don't have to stand at a jury and discuss everything I have done wrong. I would hope that I could go through the forgiveness process, never do it again, and have all of you forget it just like the Savior forgets it! If not, we all need to be convicted.....


Hate the sin, love the sinner?

or how do you guys phrase it?

It's ok for people to break teen's lives, whether it is today, yesterday, a year ago, 10 or 20 --- it's breaking the law....

Is morality not universal?


I can't believe people are defending him, calling him a hero, and turning the victim of this into the bad guy. You're just as disgusting as he is!


Everyone wants to to make mountains out of molehills. Give it up. Move on.

I hope that now it is public he will stop worrying about it.

The TRUTH will set you FREE!!!!

Term Limits

If there were term limits, he would have been out of politics years ago, and no one would care about this.

The girl extorted this man out of a huge sum of money. If she was traumatized shouldn't she be getting help from therapists rather than going to newspapers and publishing how embarrased she is? Doesn't make sense to go public....Either way creepy situation all around.

I agree...

Forgiveness is one thing but there is more to this story that needs to come out. It truly was extortion and could easily have been reported to the police. I believe that the authorities in 2002 would have sided with Garn. It will be interesting to hear the other side of the story now that it has come out publicly. I'll reserve final judgement till all of the facts are out.


Reminds me of a certain Person who says he didn't inhale. lol Same thing. If you did something stupid when you where young then move past it. I really don't think that woman was haunted her whole life from a single naked hot tub session. If she was then she has emotional issues that don't stem from one isolated incident.

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