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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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25 years ago. $150,000 paid in extortion. No sexual contact. Let it go. The only person causing this girl problems is herself. If she wants to get over it, don't bring it up. I'm glad it is out in the open - no more blackmail.

Money Back

To all out there saying go after her for the money- two things you might consider- 1- she was a minor when this happened so this leads to number 2- do you think it is Garns best interest publically and personally to keep this issue alive by going after money he paid someone that was a minor at the time to get naked with him in a hot tub and then years later while running for higher office he paid to keep it quite- from a prof. PR perspective- say thank you and walk away and do nothing to keep this in the news one minute longer and chalk up the 150k as an expensive lesson


If they didn't have sex were any laws broken?

Although he did something that is certainly wrong from a moral standpoint, it looks to me like he is doing the right things now to try to take care of it.

And one more thing... I'm 26, which is close to 28. There are some very old and mature looking 16 year olds out there. I'm not saying I'd get in a hot tub situation with one of them, I just want to point out that at age 28, "nearly half my age" isn't necessarily as nasty as it sounds. I know lots of people who are married with a 10 year age gap. Once women reach the "magical" age of 18, suddenly there's no issue.

And another thing... if he did break the law, he should be prosecuted. That's all I have to say.

Hollywood Promo

I think this is a shameless plug to promote the new movie "Hot Tub Time Machine" coming out later this month.


My only question is "WAS HE MARRIED AT THE TIME?"


This party uses Christians and their principles to cheat the American people of basic needs, all the while breaking the same rules. The hypocrisy and anti-Americanism is deafening.


"I don't know the man you speak of, but I know the man I consider a friend, a leader and an asset to the state of Utah,"

When I read this, I almost shed a tear. then I realized, this person is one of the people on the "Hill" that tell smokers how much to smokers, Drinkers how much to drink, and educators how to educate.

I guess pride goes before the fall.

The rest of you people that love to say the old stone thing, theese legislators spend all day, legislating morality, and throwing stones.

Maybe our legislators, with their false indination, and prideful ways, will consider a little compassion towards others during the next session. Maybe the Garns could get back that $150K and use that to help assure that our teachers live above poverty levels, or to help with the gang issues some of our inner cities are facing.


He's a coward who only after hearing he was going to be exposed for getting naked in a hot with a 15 year old girl! who worked for him! when he was 28! plenty old enough to know better.
She earned the money, because he was selfish enough (and stupid enough) to try and pay off someone blackmailing him to protect a facade of who he represented to the public, a Front put up to sell a candidate.
Then as a bonus the DN covers it up because he's one of theirs.
15 years old being taken advantage of by her boss. Hero huh


Ahhh yes, more of the famous GOP morals.

Can't we all agree now that it doesn't matter whether you're D or R, both parties do horrific things equally?


Something that happens at age 28 is not a youthful indisgression. Youthfull indisgressions happen when you are 16 or 17. Garn just blew his credibility even though it happened many years ago.

Garn needs to resign, regardless.

The now adult girl was paid hush money a few years ago. She should be prosecuted for extortion.

Henry Drummond

This has my head spinning. The D-News decides to keep this quiet? They knew about this 2002? Did they know that he was paying money to the women to keep this quiet? Isn't that extremely relevant? Maybe Garn can't see he's being blackmailed which can certainly compromise his work but I would hope the editors of this paper would realize that.

I Personally

did not get into any nude HOT TUBS! until I was in college with other college students. This did happen a long time ago and she sounds like a money hound . The public can decide to vote for this man or not next time he is up.


This is a major scandal and cover up that must be investigated by the Department of Justice to protect the integrity of the democratic system of government and restore trust to the voters.


Those of you writing this off as a youthful indescretion apparently had much wilder lives in your youth than I did. Also, I didn't know that teen stupidity was allowed to extend into your late 20s.

Sex crime against a minor, plain and simple. Being a nice guy and a Republican doesn't erase that.

St. George Resident

It's troubling that my representative David Clark (R-Santa Clara) gives unfettered support to a man that...
1. got naked in a hot-tub with a minor, and...
2. paid hush money to keep it quiet.

Is this the best that we can do for leaders?

Laugh or Cry?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the general response to this. If Garn was a Democrat, and the newspaper was the Trib, I guarantee that people on here would be rounding up a lynch mob.

How revealing that few people on here are calling for this "30 year old boss" who had a sexual encounter (check the law) with a "15 year subordinate" to register as a sex offender. Instead, he's getting a hero's reception for confessing to the incident only AFTER the victim came forward again.

Very revealing.


Some people need some heavenly guidence and here is some.
"All have sinned and come short of the glory of God"
"Repent and your sins will be as clear as the white of snow"

We have some residents of 'comments' on here who have an axe to grind and their comments are not Christian.

dusgusted voter

I cant believe people are praising him! He is a pedophile who paid to cover this story up for 10 years, then finally came clean when the shady deseret news decided to break the story. I Cant believe colleagues applauded him, this man questioned the need for ethics reform by mocking Utah's For Ethical Government, the fact is he has been lying to voters, the media, his colleagues! The session started with a closet drunk and now ends with a closet pedophile. you have got to be kidding me.


I'm fine if Garn's friends want to voice their support in private.

But to see a fellow public servant voice official support for this liar makes them seem like a club of good-ol-boys.

Forgiveness? Yes.

Personal forgiveness on the floor of the people's house? No. There he should be roundly condemned.


awe come on everyone. i don't throw stones, but this is another example of hiding the truth at the time it wouled hurt him most......election time. yes we all make mistakes, and forgiveness is paramount. But for elected representatives, they should be open at the time of this type of thing. they are NOT above the moral preaching they dish out to the rest of us. he fessed up 25 years later because he had to. what was he doing in that hot tub? blowing bubbles?

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