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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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He that is without sin

When these kind of things happen I think of the story in the New Testament about the woman, caught inadultery, who the Jews were going to stone and how Christ said, "he who is without sin cast the first stone". My own feelings are the same. Having said this, I truly believe that the cases, like this, which come to light represent a small fraction of the overall incidents of immorality among us. IOW, it is likely that many, many, good upstanding men (and women) are engaging in similar bad conduct but we just don't find out about it. People who we would never think would do such things are likely doing such things. Examples, abound, we can all think of them, Seminary principles, bishops, stake presidents and others have all been found to be fallible in this sense. We should be under no illusions about anyone, we are all vulnerable to such temptations.


This is a national disgrace to American politics and a insult to the state of Utah. The Desert News covered up the story and kept the information from voters who had the right to know in making their selection. The newspaper should be censored and put on probation, and answer the question: did the newspaper bury the story because Mr. Garn is republican and Mormon, would it have been different otherwise, was the church involved in this at all.


Wow! I am really impressed with the forgiving nature of the DN readers. 25 years is a long time, that's for sure. Though, 2002 isn't that long ago. Certainly their were laws broken. Certainly there were serious moral lapses. Why am I not convinced the reaction would be the same if the politician was a Democrat, or not a white Mormon son of an important Utah family? If he had gone to trial 25 years ago and convicted, he would be a convicted pedophile. He would have had to report his movements as a convicted sex offender. He has admitted to a crime against a child. Why are we so quick to pat this guy on the back and say "all is forgiven?" I believe that he should be forgiven, but the "law and order, a-crime-is-a-crime" crowd just made an about-face that makes my head spin.


Wait a second here. If this guy had been busted for having a nude picture of this girl on his computer he'd be thrown in jail. But he goes hot-tubbing in the nude with her and everyone says "Aw, it's okay pal, thanks for owning up to it."

What's the statute of limitations? What sexually predatory crimes were committed? Will he be entered into the sexual predator database?

Or are we just going to call it good because he's a Republican?

St. George Resident

When David Clark (R-Santa Clara) declares his unfettered support for a married man that got naked in a hot tub with a minor, then years later pays a bribe to keep it quite... it's time for both men to leave state government!


Another Mormon Republican caught with his pants down, so to speak.

I wonder?

What is there about a job that pays 10,000 that makes it worth 150,000 to keep it? And why is it (when there is a problem) the solution to political types always seems to be - throw money at it.


Nice to defend Garn- wonder if this had been a prominant Dem.(local or national)how much love he/she would be shown- he was 28- not a youthful indiscretion- then when running for Congress he agrees to extortion and pays a sum of cash that most could not pay- so when he is much older he is still showing poor judgement that is just as selfish as the first act- where is the integrity in all of this- and remember he is the one that has put himself out in the public eye as an outstanding guy we should support- this is of his own making and speaks to his overall character- he was old enough both times to know better- makes you wonder what else is out there from this fine public servants- and we wonder why these people so oppose ethics reform and claim we do not need it here in Utah where we can trust our public servants becasue they have a "covenant" relationships with "we the people" Give me a break- hope his life is in order but as a "public" servant" he deserves any level of cristicism he gets


The good thing about this is there is no more haunting in his life. This was 25 years ago, no allegations of sexual contact just horrible judgement. And she basically settled the claim for $150,000. Now that this is open both of their personal healings can begin. Like a confession.

What is the age to be married in Utah? Is it still 14?


Something tells me that if a Democrat was in the same position, there would be much less forgiveness among both the Legislature and this comment board.


First problem was getting into that hot tub, second was paying extortion money. If "nothing happened," and the girl hasn't said that it did, it was stupid, but was it criminal? Was it contributing to the delinguency of a minor? Hard to say after 25 years. Certainly it wasn't a send-him-to-prison offense if no sexual contact occurred. It's just hard for people to accept that under the circumstances. Not unheard of, but hard to accept.

Are You Serious

I can't get over how many people are okay, no matter how long ago it happened, with what took place between a grown man and a teenager. Since moving to Utah I've seen the stories from Lone Peak High School to this and each time people are quick to point out how great the person was/is and make the teenagers out to be the bad people. Is this a Utah thing, condoning this kind of behavior? I can't think of another state that I've been in where people talk about how great these kinds of people are.

Maybe somebody could explain to me why so many people are so quick to protect this guy and his image when what he did was so horrible. Hopefully the rest of the posts will prove me wrong.


A 30 year old man exposing himself to a 15 year old has committed a crime.

No excuses.


It is pedophilia to see a young woman naked?
Where but in Utah? Garn is probably a hypocrite who would hang an opponent out to dry for this same kind of contact, but that is the worst you can say about him.

Re: Hmmmm

If a Democrat did something "wrong" it wouldn't be a story. Only Republican indiscretions get reported in Utah by the media so that everyone can scream about hypocrisy. There's no hypocrisy if your morals are so unclear that you can't break them- very convenient Dems. Human nature is human nature and people in both parties make mistakes and poor choices. It's the reporters who control what gets broadcast to the world and those in Utah choose to pick on Republicans. Of course, there are more of them to pick on here, but that doesn't mean there aren't stories that could be told about Democrats.


Unless she's lived as a nun in a convent since that night I doubt very much that she's haunted by a hot tubbing encounter that happened 28 years ago where no sexual contact occurred. Come on! That's not believable. As to Rep. Garn, we're all tempted and make mistakes. There's a difference between a once in a lifetime incident and repeated bad behavior.

DesNews protected pedophile?

This is wrong on so many levels.

Interesting how forgiving the "law and order" crowd is on this. Change the names, and they'd be calling for prison time for both the perpetrator and the news people who made the decision.


Who of us hasn't made a poor decision in our lives? I know I have, and I continue making mistakes. I can forgive Garn and I hope others will also.
I have a hard time believing that he forced this girl, who was 15 at the time to taking off her clothes and getting in the hot tub. She knew what she was doing just as much as he did.


The story sounds fishy. If the only thing that happened was that they were both naked in a hot tub, why would this girl be "haunted" by the whole thing? Doesn't add up one bit. If you are going to come clean you might as well come all the way clean.

All lot of ...

...the folks writing here that are supporting this man (that committed a crime) are writing things eerily similar to some of the things that were said by the supporters of the late Ted Kennedy. please don't use the straw man arguement that the actions of the 2 had different severity levels and consequences. A crime is a crime, right all of you illigal immigrant haters? Ah when the shoe is on the other foot...

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